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Mobil Avanza is a four-wheeled vehicle that has many registrants in Indonesia. This car has a design that is in sync with the needs of the people of Indonesia. has a large cabin space, unique design, satisfactory performance for its users.

But when the owners have begun to get bored, can raise back using how to modify the car or make the appearance of a four-wheeled vehicle become more unequal. To modify this Avanza car can also be in various ways.Also Read:five Ways to Paint Your Own Scratched Car to Be Shiny5 Raffi Ahmad’s Super Luxurious Car CollectionSelling Portable Car Mattresses For Sleeping Children & Families On The Go

The price of this modification of four-wheeled vehicles is also quite expensive, some are up to millions of rupiah using standard class. This modification is done mostly to show off creativity based on a few people, but there are also some people who make modifications just because they are bored with the constant design. Complete Information About Avanza1 Car Modifications. How to Modify an Avanza Car

The purpose based on modifying the four-wheeled vehicle itself is one way to renew the look based on four-wheeled vehicles or accelerate according to four-wheeled vehicles to be faster. One of the most poly modifications in demand uses to create the appearance of a four-wheeled vehicle as more ceper.

Not a few owners of four-wheeled vehicles are more decisive to modify the car in this way, because there are many avanza cars that can be found on the streets with various kinds of modification changes.

To modify the four-wheeled vehicle on the engine, the owner must find some spare parts for the four-wheeled vehicle earlier. With this spare part, four-wheeled vehicles will receive more beautiful performance in their engine parts.

To receive the results aporisma or carefully the owner must prepare several specifications such as power torque, intake carbon cahrger, pivolt volt stablizer, cyclone two pcs and oil catch.

Also add headers, front pipe & brake pad elig that can be used to increase the performance of Avanza four-wheeled vehicles.

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For modification of the display part, it can be done starting according to adding a body kit on the front & rear bumper. With this body kit will put the car was a sporty impression of the car & much younger or cool of course.

In addition to the body kit, it can also be selected using stickers to display characters based on the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle and the car will appear more attractive. The selection of strikers can be adjusted to the tastes of the owner.

In addition, the owner can also replace the car wheels, the choice of alloy wheels also depends on the preference according to the car owner. Alloy wheels are also available in various shades and sizes, but to choose wheels, choose quality ones and those that will not create obstacles when driving.

For the interior also need to be considered during the modification of the avanza. Because this part also affects calmness & safety according to the rider earlier.

After the safety and tranquility is completed, just adjust the needs for the interior of the car or add sophisticated senses that can be paired in the car.

Owners can also add seats using a soft sofa to receive the best tranquility.

Owners can also install an amazing quality sound system, can design the interior in such a way that it is delicious to review. Sticker Installation Concept

One of the concepts for the use of stickers is the concept of racing style. There is also a concept with a body kit or cutting sticker that at this time has become a fever of modern issues and makes it easier for owners of four-wheeled vehicles to modify their favorite cars without re-tightening.

To cut the sticker itself is cheaper, it is not necessary to change the basic and efficient hue at the turn of it when the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle is bored with the previous designs again.

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How to modify the avanza car by cutting this sticker has been around since it was obsolete, but nowadays sticker cutting carries more concepts with the warm modification method on the body. This method uses the implementation of digital printing that can produce more varied motifs ranging from color to unique motifs.

The application of this sticker cutting concept is not only in the exclusive part of the four-wheeled vehicle but also in the entire body of the four-wheeled vehicle & placement depends on the preferences of the owner of the four-wheeled vehicle.

In addition, there are also funny car stickers such as actors in animated films or others. With the installation of this sticker will create the appearance of a four-wheeled vehicle becomes cooler, fresh & owners will be more confident when driving it.

With the addition of this sticker already as a trend, the installation can also be done instantly without having to tighten permanently.

For how to modify the avanza car in the installation section is done using graphic models, eccentric stickers and full block stickers. In addition, the installation of stickers is also time-consuming, easy, efficient & flexible.

How to install it using determines the concept to be used such as a graphic game, a style based on sticker images in sync with the tastes of the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle. Owners of four-wheeled vehicles are also required to look for certificates based on magazines, other origins or search the internet to determine the concept.

Before the sticker is installed in a four-wheeled vehicle, it’s a good idea to recheck in the size of the image to be installed in a four-wheeled vehicle. Also choose the type of sticker with beautiful quality.

For sticker installation you should determine a sticker that has beautiful quality and choose a sticker installation expert even though it is mandatory to pay a little expensive but you will receive satisfactory results. Before buying a sticker must pay attention to the age of use of the sticker. Tips for Caring for a Car Body with Stickers

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When a four-wheeled vehicle is given a sticker, of course, a four-wheeled vehicle can not be separated from maintenance. With this sticker, car maintenance must be further improved because the material from the sticker is also made based on the same material.

For the use of glossy hue stickers, when there is a little dirt, the owner can wash it using ordinary water and avoid using a rough washcloth so that the sticker remains awesome.

The use of doff or mate color stickers, do not be exposed to the polishing fluid of the mount. This will make it difficult for the owner to remove fluid from the four-wheeled vehicle, especially the patches will be more durable and cannot be removed back.

The use of chrome stickers requires special care when washing. To wash a four-wheeled vehicle using this sticker try to use synthetic fabric, spray the car body using running water so that dirt is also carried away. But avoid washing four-wheeled vehicles using water that flows profusely because it can interfere with the adhesive in the sticker.

When there is dirt that is difficult to remove, use car shampoo to clean the body with stickers and let the water dry using itself. Owners can also use microfiber cloth to dry the cars. Avanza Modified Sticker Price

If the car owner chooses the concept of cutting stickers, cutting stickers full body avanza cars are priced at Rp. three.1 million, medium Rp. 3.5 million, large Rp. 3.9 million & hatchback at a price of Rp. 2.9 million.

Cutting stickers of small size Roof parts are priced at Rp. 550,000, medium sized Rp. 650,000, large size Rp. 750,000.

For 3D carbon motifs in Avanza four-wheeled vehicles using small sizes have a price of Rp. 650,000, medium Rp. 750,000 & large size Rp. 850,000. in addition, it is still poly again the price of cutting stickers for glossy or doff motifs and using various sizes.

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