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The market competition for used four-wheeled vehicles and new four-wheeled vehicles is now almost the same number.

Used cars are only in the form of cars that are old and the condition is not feasible, but used cars whose condition is still amazing and still very worthy of use.

The reason owners of four-wheeled vehicles sell used four-wheeled vehicles is usually because they want to change to use other types of four-wheeled vehicles or just need money.

Some people think buying a new four-wheeled vehicle may be a waste of money especially if there is a used car that has not been worn out used by the owner and then sold.

The price of a used car is cheaper than a new four-wheeled vehicle even though the condition is close to a new car.

So it’s not a mistake if the business of buying and selling used four-wheeled vehicles is now mushrooming along with the increasing number of sellers & buyers of used four-wheeled vehicles. How and Tricks to Sell Used Cars

A car owner generally has his own reasons for selling used cars even though it is still on amazing terms.

To sell a car can not be careless just need to pay attention to several things so that the selling price of a four-wheeled vehicle can be high and the buyer is also satisfied.

Here are the ways and tricks to sell used four-wheeled vehicles:Pay attention to the history and contributions of car coverageCars that are serviced regularly and officially will have a higher selling value.Scheduled tune up before sellingTune up on a scheduled basis at a time of a few months before you sell a used car.Ensure maximum car performance when soldMake sure the interior & exterior of four-wheeled vehicles in beautiful and normal conditions to add value to the selling value of used four-wheeled vehicles.Answer all buyer questions reliably for everything about your four-wheeled vehicle.Do the washing or cleaning before your car is soldDetermine the best price by doing market research so that the price you offer can be perfect.How & Tricks to Buy a Used Car

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Buying a used car needs to be careful and careful so as not to be disappointed and get a used car whose engine condition is normal.

As an inexperienced buyer, you should need to know how and tricks to determine the used four-wheeled vehicle to be purchased.

The following will be explained how and tricks to buy a used car, here is an explanation. Choose a four-wheeled vehicle that is still under warranty period

The warranty of a four-wheeled vehicle provided by the dealer is generally valid for up to 5 years.

If it is still under warranty, damage to the four-wheeled vehicle will be replaced by the dealer using the applicable terms and conditions.

Make sure the age of use of the car since purchased based on the dealer is still left the warranty period, to make sure you can contact the dealer of the car site on the purchase. Choose a car with a low odometer number.

Make sure the four-wheeled vehicle you buy has covered a distance of 12,000-24,000 km for one year. While for the city car the normal distance is five,000-10,000km per year.

Mileage checking can also be reviewed according to the service book of the four-wheeled vehicle earlier. Buy a used four-wheeled vehicle from a used car showroom that has a warranty

Choose a used four-wheeled vehicle showroom that gives money to go home if the vehicle has problems or provides a repair guarantee if the car experiences problems. Choose the manufacturer’s standard four-wheeled vehicle instead of modifications

Cars that have not undergone modifications usually have conditions that are still amazing and normal because they have not undergone many changes.

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The dealer will also put a warranty for cars that have never been modified. Avoid buying used cars according to flood-prone areas

Cars that are original according to flood-prone areas generally have a higher risk of damage although from the outside of the car is still very beautiful. Make sure all the data in the service book by contacting the dealer

To further convince you the requirements of a real four-wheeled vehicle then you can contact the car dealer. Choose a car that is serviced in the official synchronization of the service book recommendations

The used car you buy is always serviced at the official workshop by the previous owner.

The goal is so that if the production stigma is found, the warranty based on the dealer can still be used. Do a drive test

By doing a drive test you are able to feel the condition of the four-wheeled vehicle whether it is still normal & approaching using new conditions or not.

That’s how and tricks to buy and sell used four-wheeled vehicles that you can try if you want to sell or buy a used car.

As a seller & buyer you must be smart & careful so as not to lose when selling or buying a used car.

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