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Wagon is a type of body style of four-wheeled vehicles consisting of 2 boxes. The first box is the engine room and the second box is the rest, according to the driver’s windshield to the back. Almost like with a hatchback four-wheeled vehicle that also consists of 2 boxes. However, in the wagon, the main character is that the rear roof is longer.

If you still don’t imagine, googling aja deh hehe.

This car model is often also called by the word estate or station wagon.

Well, in his time this type of four-wheeled vehicle included a famous four-wheeled vehicle which as an option became a family car. Of course, because the design allows for a free passenger and baggage area. But in the new year 2000 came the era of SUVs that later created wagons now there are only a handful.

Although known as a family car or a frugal car, some of them turned out to have a fierce spec. The manufacturers immersed their flagship performance engine into this family car. Not only that, other specs such as suspension, handling, even to steering wheel are designed for speeding aka racing!

In this review we will discuss 10 JDM wagons using savage specs like performance sports four-wheeled vehicles. Not only according to specs, the design of the car that is now increasingly sporadic aka rare is certainly an alluring visual plus according to these cars.

Because the number of four-wheeled vehicles that we will discuss there are quite poly, so we will not be too detailed to discuss it one by one. Tar stands for article hehe.

Are you ready for coffee? Let’s just get started. Nissan Avenir GT4

Avenir is originally according to the French language which is the future. In 1990, Nissan made this car to continue the Bluebird Wagon that had long been produced. Unlike most other wagons that are generally variants based on sedans, the Avenir is made specifically for the example of a wagon.

The most popular variant of the Avenir is the GT4 which is equipped with an SR20DET 2.0L turbo engine using 210 hp of energy! In addition, the GT4 also has an AWD layout equipped with Nissan’s flagship AWD system, ATTESA. Toyota Crown Wagon

Must have known using a luxury sedan based on this Toyota. Crown has long had a wagon variant based on the beginning of the first generation.

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The highest engine specs belonged to the Crown Wagon in the 11th generation produced from 1998 to 2003. JZ’s magic engine as a luxury family car race kitchen which is also called Crown Estate Athlete.

Not only in the primary variant of the sedan, Toyota also immersed the 6-cylinder 2.5L 1JZ-GTE engine in the Crown Wagon. As a result, this glamorous family car with RWD has a power of 280 hp! Mitsubishi Legnum VR4

Legnum is a variant of the wagon according to the 8th generation Galant produced from 1996 to 2006. This car replaces the 5-door liftback variant that was present in the previous two generations. Legnum’s own name is from according to Latin which is “Royal power”.

Unmitigated, Mitsubishi issued a VR4 variant on this Legnum. The 6A13 DOHC 2.L V6 24 Valve engine equipped with twin-turbo can spit out 280 hp in stock conditions aka limited by government rules. This car can go 0-100km/h for five.9 sk using a top speed of up to 240km/h!

In addition, the AWD layout of this car is equipped using the same Active Yaw Control (AYC) as the Evo IV. AYC is the same function using LSD, which is the regulation of torque transfer in the tire but electronically controlled. The Super VR4 Legnum version also features Recaro front seats & Momo racing steering. Waduh, the family car is ready for racing! Toyota Altezza Gita

The Altezza is a JDM variant based on the first-generation Lexus IS produced from 1998 to 2005. Like Lexus, this four-wheeled vehicle has a compact car concept using an executive display.

Gita is a variant of the wagon that exists only in this first generation Altezza. At Lexus, Gita is marketed as Lexus IS Sportcross. The 2JZ-GE engine is the kitchen of the Altezza Gita. Although not a turbo version, the 2JZ-GE with a capacity of 3.0L permanently has a fairly large power of 220 hp! Honda Accord Wagon SiR

The sixth generation Honda Accord has a family car variant called accord wagon SiR. Initially in 1999-2001, this four-wheeled vehicle was only marketed using the FWD layout. Honda then issued the AWD variant in 2000-2001.

The engine used in this family car is a rare engine. The H23A DOHC VTEC engine belongs to it only used exclusively for this car. No other Honda car uses the same engine. The H23A belonging to the Accord Wagon SiR can spew energy as much as 200 hp. Subaru Legacy

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Since 1989 until now, the Subaru Legacy has been produced in 6 generations with the example of a sedan or wagon. Despite this time, the wagon variant has been replaced with a crossover SUV model.

This car is the fault of a family car with a savage spec. Since the beginning of its birth, according to the first generation it has had a capable wagon variant. The EJ20 boxer engine equipped with turbo has an energy of 200 hp. In addition, this four-wheeled vehicle is also equipped with water suspension.

In the 2nd & third generation, the Subaru Legacy wagon was upgraded with a twin-turbo system that made its power to 276 hp! Even that is actually still a condition of detune stock. The 4th generation has 282 hp of power with a 6 speed transmission and 6-pot Brembo brakes. The 5th generation, the power is still the same, but this family car is now equipped with Bilstein suspension, STi Exhaust, & BBS alloy wheels. It’s delicious isn’t it?! Toyota Caldina

Caldina was produced in 1992-2007 using 3 generations. Continuing the Toyota Carina and Toyota Corona Wagon, this four-wheeled vehicle is produced with only 1 type of model, namely wagons.

Toyota is not fooling around in creating this family of four-wheeled vehicles. The specs are savage!

In the second generation, the Toyota Caldina is equipped with a 3S-GTE turbo engine with 260 hp of energy! The drive system also uses the same AWD system as the legendary Celica GT-Four car.

Although still using the same machine, in the 3rd generation Caldina appeared a special edition called N (Naruse) Edition. Caldina N-Edition is equipped with a variety of performance racing parts such as ABS sport, suspension upgrades, strut bars, LSD, & recaro racing seats.

To rival the Subaru Legacy which is a wagon with a powerful energy spec, Nissan presents stagea. This car consists of 2 generations where both have engines like sports cars!

The entire generation based on the family car produced in 1996-2007 is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine using of course a turbocharger variant. In its first generation, Nissan immersed the engine according to the Nissan Skyline on stagea. Rb25DET with a capacity of two.5L with this turbo can spew power 230-276 hp!

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A Japanese company of nissan car tuning specialists named Autech then made a variant called Stagea 260RS Autech. This car uses a Nissan GTR engine, RB26DETT twin-turbo! The 260RS also has a five-speed manual transmission and an AWD ATTESA E-TS system from the GTR R33. Not only that, Autech equipped it also using LSD, Brembo brakes, 17-inch BBS alloy wheels, and upgrades to handling & suspension. Real horror!

Nissan Stagea is often on the swap of its front body (bumper, hood etc.) with the Nissan GTR R34. As a result, it becomes a Nissan GTR R34 Wagon hehe.

The second generation based on Stagea is no less great. The engine is V6 using a grand capacity starting based on two.5L, 3.0L, & three.5L. The VQ25DET V6 Turbo engine variant has an energy of 276 hp which is a spec restriction (detuned). The variant using the VQ35DE engine with a capacity of 3.5L has an aporisma energy of 300 hp! Lancer Evo IX Wagon

Lancer Evolution, a name that has been synonymous with speed, toughness and alluring handling. This car has long been known for its 4-door sedan four-wheeled vehicles that were bred in world rally competitions. Well, based on the entire Evo generation, there is the only variant that is not aligned, namely the wagon variant. That’s right, Lancer Evolution Wagon!

Evo Wagon is present in the 9th generation aka Evo 9 in 2006-2007. This car consists of 2 types of transmissions, namely matic and manual. In the manual version comes the Evolution 4G63 MIVEC engine using a turbocharger that spews out 276 hp! As usual, this energy is a version of restriction aka detuned. The matic version uses a 4G63 Non MIVEC engine using a smaller turbo size. It is intended to heighten the elaboration in the lower rounds. Toyota Mark ll Blit

The car is a wagon version based on the 9th generation Toyota Mark II (X110). Although it looks geeky, especially the front, but this car has a strong spec! Similar to the RWD sedan version, the Mark II Blit also has a variant using the 1JZ-GTE engine. The power of this machine reaches 276 hp in stock condition! For the drive layout there are 2 options, namely RWD and AWD.

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