10 Easy Steps to Buy a Car, even if The Salary Is Only Rp 3 Million

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A car, a transportation that is of the level of need can no longer be ignored. In addition to being able to be filled with more poly people, rather than 2-wheeled mounts, the car is also able to help us avoid the heat of the sun and rain. Who wouldn’t want to buy a car, especially if you have a big family.

However, everyone’s sustenance is different. Well, for those of you whose salary is Rp 3 million per month, don’t worry! You can also buy a four-wheeled vehicle, using the cicil technique. DP expensive four-wheeled vehicles?

Reporting from mobilwow.com, a number of sales of four-wheeled vehicles gave a dp benchmark starting based on Rp 20 million. Then, the repayment time can be at five to six years. Why is mandatory DP expensive or high? This is so that those of us who do four-wheeled vehicle credits are not too heavy anymore every month. 2. Save! Set aside your salary and save

Well, with a salary of Rp 3 million, maybe you feel it will be difficult to save. However, you can start with 25% of your salary in the first to third month.

Rp three,000,000 x 25% = 750,000 x 3 = Rp 2,250,000

Rp 2.25 million has been collected during the first 3 months. After that, you will get used to saving. From there, you can try to find consistent numbers for money that you will save. Consistency of your savings amount

Entering the middle of the second month, convince yourself to really save. You can start deducting Rp 1 million from your salary to save in the fourth month and so on. Well, this Rp 1 million will be your consistent savings for dp four-wheeled vehicles. Saving for DP is necessary when it is obsolete

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Indeed, you must be patient if you have this for example. It takes 3 to four years to reach a big number. However, who understands in the past few years, you can actually get the car you dream of. Do you have more sustenance? Tube!

Saving is the simplest activity using grand benefits. So do not hesitate when you get more sustenance from your project or work you must save.

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Let’s say that in the last 3 years you have consistently saved at rp 1 million.

Rp 2,250,000 (first 3 months) + (IDR 1,000,000 x 33 months two years 9 months)

IDR 3,000,000 + IDR 33,000,000 = IDR 36,000,000

Wow, big! You have Rp 36 million to make DP. After the DP is collected & you have been sure to use this money, it means that you are ready to go to the following terms. Research dealers and four-wheeled vehicles that are in sync with your capabilities

You can start based on online research, pay attention to the price of the four-wheeled vehicle you want. Then, how many poly DP can be started for the four-car wheeled vehicle that is your target.

After that, you can go to dealers who you think are able to put a good price. Maybe, there is a friend of yours who as a sales person at one of the dealers, then your profit will be greater.

Find out what are the time advantages of doing credit. Ask if there is cashback when the credit is settled. Well, this is when your lobbying skills are needed. You can try to establish interaction either using the dealer owner or the error of one sales that serves you.

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With good communication and interaction, you can get a good price for your car and credit. Cars do not be picky, the most important thing is that you have first

Do not be embarrassed if finally you have to choose a car that is “less cool” based on the judgment of you or your friends. The most important thing is your ability to use your own biological porto and hard business on getting the car.

It doesn’t matter if you have to buy a mini four-wheeled vehicle such as Brio, Jazz, Agya, or Ayla. All types are still included in the category of four-wheeled mounts that are very helpful. The price of a car is only the main price, usually the dealer has his own policy

As discussed earlier, establishing good interaction with dealers and sales of the four-wheeled vehicle you are after becomes important. When the price you find burdensome, you are able to negotiate. For example, you bought Ayla for Rp 96 million.

In the cicil process, there is usually an interest rate based on each dealer to be paid to the bank where your installments are deposited, with a range of 6-8 percent. In addition, coverage is also offered for the installment process of four-wheeled vehicles which range from 9.5 percent.

IDN Times recommends that you give a DP of Rp 30 million. Why? The remaining RP 6 million can be used as additional savings for your installments later. Then, the length of the installments do not you mind, although it is mandatory to be six years. Here’s the calculation:

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(IDR 96,000,000 x 8%) + (IDR 96,000,000 x 9.5%) + IDR 96,000,000 – IDR 30,000,000

(IDR 7,680,000 + IDR 8,640,000 + IDR 96,000,000) – IDR 30,000,000

Rp 112,320,000 – Rp 30,000,000 = Rp 82,320,00010. Take into account your monthly budget, expenses & installments

The remaining Rp 82,320,000 is as a porto that you must shrink. Then, you managed to convince the dealer to give installments for six years. So:

IDR 82,320,000/72 months (6 years) = IDR 1,143,333 – IDR 1,140,000

Well, porto cicilmu is in the range of Rp 1.2 million per month. Pretty light isn’t it?

With a deposit of Rp 6,000,000 from saving for 3 years ago, you have been relatively quiet for the first five months. However, during those five months, you can start saving Rp 1.2 million according to honor every month. This fund is to meet your installments in the sixth month and beyond.

How? This calculation will certainly not be too burdensome for your pocket. You yourself must also be steadfast & diligent in saving in dp preparation. Do not hesitate also in determining the type of four-wheeled vehicle. So ready to start?

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