10+ Inspirational Katana Car Modification Ideas, Simple Yet Elegant!

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This year, the trend of 90s-era cars coming home exists, the only error in suzuki’s four-wheeled SUV vehicle, the Katana. This off-road car was first released in Indonesia in 1983 and achieved its golden age in the 1990s to 2000s.

Suzuki Katana is a brother based on the Suzuki Jimny. The biggest difference is in the wheel drive system. The Suzuki Jimny wears a 4×4 setting. While suzuki Katana uses a 4×2 setting. That is why this one four-wheeled vehicle is often referred to as “Jimny Sissy”.

For the runway kitchen, Suzuki Katana is powered by a 1,000cc 4 cylinder engine. In its day, a 1,000cc engine size was the standard capacity for a compact off-road SUV. This is in line with the small dimensions of katana which has a length of three,100 mm, a width of 1,460 mm, and a height of 1,800 mm. With this size, Katana is only able to fit 4 people including 1 driver.

Although the size is relatively small, Katana has a tall and spacious headroom. So that the cabin in nir feels narrow. Then, because this car is a production output from the 1990s, so the model is relatively simple. Katana looks more like an urban SUV than off-road. So poly people who modify the Suzuki Katana to look more reliable and cool.

So according to that on this occasion we will review some modified images of Katana four-wheeled vehicles along with tips, see! Suzuki Katana Modified Inspiration Images

Starting from Katana DX to GX, here are modified images of Katana cars that are certainly cooler and modern based on the original look. Examples of Catna Car Modifications Jimny Display Suzuki Katana Offroad Latest PhotoContracting Images Of Catna Car ModificationsContoh Photos Of Catna Jimny Car Modifications

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Modifications to the Suzuki Katana nir must always appear off-road to look cool. This compact SUV form is more flexible to modify because it has less features and the price is more affordable based on the Suzuki Jimny. Then here is an example of a modification of a Katana four-wheeled vehicle that you can choose along with tips! OEM Look

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM Look) on suzuki katana modifications prioritize originality based on the car parts. Car lovers used to call it using restoration. First, the original color based on the body and components must be maintained. As for the decal sticker that must be installed on the body to maintain the distinctive characteristics based on the Suzuki Katana itself. For the interior also install the original components according to Suzuki Jimny or Katana.

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Because the basic Katana four-wheeled vehicle is an off-road SUV, it is not sporadic to find Katana cars using more off-road models. So that it looks more sangar & cool. The first way is to update the foot-drive system according to 4× as 4×4. Next change the tire as an off road type.

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The last is to change the aftermarket suspension that serves to hit damaged roads. The point according to this modification is to make Katana more resilient when playing mud and driving vehicles on contoured roads. Modifications can also be done by installing safety on the right and left of the four-wheeled vehicle aka additional bumpers. JDM

If you determine the modified model of this Suzuki Katana, generally the display will be in the Jimny JA11. The outdated Jimny was marketed in Japan. In addition, components based on JDM modifications must be considered because generally the components are only still in Japan and you have to import them yourself. Basically, the components that need to be replaced to change the Katana as jimny JA11 is in the grill, bumper, rearview mirror, roof trepes & alloy wheels. Daily and Simple Modifications

This modification is suitable for those who want the Katana to look cool but permanently maintain the functionality of the car. Because of the modifications for daily, then nir needs to be too poly change in the components. For example, by renewing new components or aftermarket components so that drivers can easily use them for mobility.

In addition, on the tire, replace it into an H / T type tire because most of the rider’s activities are on the highway and not damaged roads. So of course, four-wheeled vehicles will be much more comfortable than wearing off road tires.

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Suzuki Katana has a cheaper price according to Suzuki Jimny. But most lovers of four-wheeled vehicles complain about some shortcomings of this Katana four-wheeled vehicle. Especially in its very appearance such as urban and rigid SUVs. So using the cheaper price, lovers of modifications replace suzuki katana by using components based on Suzuki Jimny.

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