10+ New Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Car Modification Ideas 2022

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The Mitsubishi Colt L300 is a four-wheeled vehicle that is as popular as the Suzuki Carry. Because, the car with another name Mitsubishi Delica has been marketed in Indonesia since 1981 and has a long history in the Indonesian commercial car category.

L300 is present in Indonesia with two examples, namely L300 minibus and L300 pick up. Both use 1,400 – two,500cc engines using a 5-speed transmission. In addition, the Mitsubishi L300 engine is famously wayward and quite economical for its size.

On the exterior, the body of this mini truck has a sturdy and classic impression. During its four decades of production, Mitsubishi did not make any significant changes to the exterior design of the L300 and is still permanently consistent with the example of a boxy body.

This is why the owners make modifications in their L300 pick up four-wheeled vehicles to keep it interesting and stay cool on the road. In fact, this four-wheeled vehicle is recorded to have been found in several modification events in the country. In addition to the pick up model, Mitsubishi also issued an example of the L300 minibus.

If you also want to make modifications to the Mitsubishi L300 pick up, here is an example of a modified L 300 image along with tips. Hopefully it can be an inspiration and reference that wants to create a modification of the Mitsubishi L300 pick up yes.

*Disclaimer: none of the images below we claim ownership, watermarked only aims to make the image more unique. thank youIde Modification Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Simple

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Here are the image variations based on mitsubishi L300 modifications, including with simple stickers, for contests and modif that are in season in 2021, see yuk! Modified Image L300 Orange Ceper Modification in L300 Pickup Car Image of the coolest L300 car modification full subwooferAirbrush in Pickup Car L300 Picture Modification of special L300 pick up Modification Concepts L300 modified modified pick up L300Modification Mitsubishi pick up latest purple L300Contoh modification Pick up L300 wheels grand

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Here are tips for modifying the L300 pick up car to make it more cool and cool, see!1. Modern L300 pick up modification cost

The price of modifications is relatively varied depending on the flow to be used for the L300 pick up. Because the dimensions based on the Mitsubishi L300 are relatively large, as a result the cost of modifying the L300 pick up will be slightly more expensive than the modification of the Suzuki Carry pick up.

The cost of modifying the L300 four-wheeled vehicle starts from 10,000 rupiah to one hundred thousand more to just install a cutting sticker, or a simple L300 modification. But when it comes to body kits, alloy wheels and interior remodeling, the cost of modifications can penetrate up to tens of millions. L300 Body Kit Modification

The model according to the L300 pick up car has a box design that is not as varied as the Suzuki Carry. However, it is able to change the time to install an additional body kit on the L300 pick up to make it look more different according to the factory’s original model. Of course, this can add variety of L300 four-wheeled vehicles on the streets with its body kit.

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There are several variations of body kit materials to choose from. Among them are carbon, polyurethane (plastic) & fiberglass. The L300 Pick Up

In modifying the L300 pick up car ceper, the level of body humility & how fast must be very concerned. Because, the modification of the ceper will have an effect on the load capacity that can be carried in the future.

Modification of the ceper on the L300 car can be done by cutting the synchronous per thread need. The more poly per thread that is cut, the faster the car will be. In addition, per original can also be replaced with a per aftermarket that is suitable for L300.4 four-wheeled vehicles. Install colorful Cutting Stickers on the L300

Choose one that is in sync with taste. Of course, the installation of stickers in the Mitsubishi L300 pick up will make the car more lively and anti-mainstream! Especially in the four-wheeled vehicles that were changed as a modification of the L300 pick up contest. But the installation of stickers can also apply to owners who want to make L300 modif stickers practically so that it looks not too eccentric.

Themes that can be chosen include animations, cartoons, original motifs or stickers according to the L300 car. The image above can serve as a description of the time you want to create an L300 sticker modification. Replacing the L300 Pick Up Alloy Wheels

Under standard conditions, Mitsubishi l300 pick up alloy wheels use iron type alloy wheels with 14 rings. To look more dashing, wear alloy wheels with a 16/17 ring.

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Replacement of alloy wheels also requires adjustments to the theme of modifications to stay cool when on the highway. For example, in alto models, able to use canned alloy wheels. If you want sporty & ceper modifications, use sporty four-wheeled vehicle wheels.

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Install seats that match the exterior hue, audio system & neon lights in the glass, for example, the example of the L300 car modification image above. As a result, the interior of the L300 pick up vehicle at night undoubtedly looks much cooler.

The installation of air conditioning on the L300 car can also add calmness when driving a vehicle. In addition to interior modifications, seat leather is a very crucial thing. Because every day, motorists need a comfortable seat to drive their car.



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