10 Ways to Take Care of Matic Cars to Stay In Top Shape

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Public interest in matic four-wheeled vehicles in recent years began to surge. Indeed, in big cities, the use of matic four-wheeled vehicles is considered more perfect because of the road requirements and ways of driving that are not in sync using traffic in cities that are not too crowded. Even some users say driving a vehicle using a matic car is more comfortable than using a manual four-wheeled vehicle. Of course, this shifting trend is also supported by the response of car manufacturers who compete to present modern matic cars using various models and advanced features. But of course the difference in transmission between matic and manual will also affect the way it is maintained. How to care for a matic car is not in harmony with a manual car.

This time Qoala will mention how to take care of the matic car so that the vehicle remains excellent. Also pay attention to some things that are often in matic mounts that do not occur in manual vehicles so that unwanted damage occurs in your favorite matic four-wheeled vehicle. Photo: Nopphon_1987 Via Shutterstock

Automatic or matic transmission car is a mount using a transmission displacement system that is regulated without having to step on the clutch pedal and the driver. In the market today, there are two types of matic systems issued by manufacturers of four-wheeled vehicles, namely semi-automatic and automatic. Simply put, the transmission gear shift in the matic car is carried out by the gearbox that will respond to the transmission displacement of the speed and speed pattern of the mount. In matic vehicles, the transmission lever contains an array of features such as P-R-N-D-D3-D2-L. This clutch arrangement is sometimes not the same between semi-automatic and automatic. Difference Between Matic VS Manual Transmission Cars

Of course, there are many differences between matic four-wheeled vehicles and manual four-wheeled vehicles. The first thing that is most striking is the number of pedals that are not in sync between the two. If the pedals on the manual car amount to 3 consisting of gas, brakes, and clutch, then the matic car only has two pedals, namely the gas pedal and brake only. The next difference is that fuel consumption is more wasteful in matic transmission cars compared to manual transmission four-wheeled vehicles. This is because the engine in the matic car works harder compared to manual four-wheeled vehicles. On the acceleration side, manual four-wheeled vehicles have a more responsive transmission as a result of which it affects speed. While the matic four-wheeled vehicle is designed to drive using medium speed in urban areas that do not require agile acceleration. But some automakers today have shared CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) technology that will make the acceleration of matic cars more aggressive. Advantages of Matic Cars

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When comparing with manual four-wheeled vehicles, there are several advantages of matic four-wheeled vehicles that make the drivers feel comfortable and more decisive for matic four-wheeled vehicles. Some of the advantages of matic cars include:Use is easier because the way to drive is simpler. Matic cars can be driven just by stepping on the accelerator without having to think about shifting transmission gears when encountering the right terrain.The feet are more relaxed because there is no clutch pedal that must be stepped on along with using the transmission displacement. Riders only use one foot to step on the gas and brakes alternately.Safe for uphill terrain because matic four-wheeled vehicles are not prone to retreat like manual four-wheeled vehicles. There is also a specific transmission for steep climbs so that it can be ascertained that matic four-wheeled vehicles can go through the steep terrain passed.Comfortable on the road jam because the driver does not have to move the transmission too often because of the slow speed of the vehicle. Motorists also don’t have to bother holding the clutch pedal when congested roads creep up.Disadvantages of Matic Cars

It has many advantages, of course, matic four-wheeled vehicles also have several lists of shortcomings that must be considered by its users. If you want to have a matic four-wheeled vehicle with all its advantages, then you also have to pay attention to the shortcomings of this matic car as a consequence that you will face when caring or driving.Wasteful of fuel because the engine rotation is more often and has been set automatically so that it cannot be adjusted when driving a vehicle. This is influenced by the Torque Converter feature which is the cause of the high RPM level of matic four-wheeled vehicles and hypnotizes its fuel consumption.Maintenance costs are quite expensive because matic four-wheeled vehicles must be changed with synchronous oil using a schedule that is affected using a fairly high intensity. This is due to the engine rotation more often as a result of the durability of the oil is not too durable. In addition to oil changes that are more often uncommon, parts based on matic cars are also more expensive compared to manual four-wheeled vehicles. Moreover, none of the technicians understand how matic machines work which sometimes always experience updates according to different manufacturers.Risky on the road decreases because there is no brake engine like in manual four-wheeled vehicles. The matic car will drive without a brake engine and only rely on the brakes to hold the speed of the car.The selling price is low because of the expensive service costs so that poly prospective buyers are reluctant to buy a used matic car. The lack of interest in buying a used matic car makes the price fall, even though the price of the new matic is more expensive than the price of a new manual four-wheeled vehicle.How to Care for a Matic CarSource:Kartinkin77 Via Shutterstock

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After understanding the ins and outs of the matic car, then you need to know how to care for a matic four-wheeled vehicle so that the permanent engine is durable & permanently comfortable to use. Here are some ways to take care of a new and old matic four-wheeled vehicle that you can do, easy! Heat the Car Every Day

Heating the car every day is indeed a maintenance activity that must be done on manual four-wheeled vehicles and matic cars. Although it seems trivial, but matic four-wheeled vehicles are more fussy for the business of heating this engine. Matic cars that are heated every day will have a prime engine and rarely experience interference. By routinely heating the matic engine every day, the oil will be permanently evenly distributed to all engine components. Make sure the heating time of the matic engine, the transmission is in a neutral position and ignore it to turn on without air conditioning. Change Engine Oil Periodically

How to care for matic cars of various types such as CVT and diesel and various brands such as Avanza, Brio, and Ayla are usually the same. Make sure you change the oil in a planned manner. In matic engines, engine maintenance depends on the health of the car oil & transmission oil. Pay attention to the transmission oil change schedule specifically determined by the car’s travel break. Ideally, matic four-wheeled vehicles should replace four-wheeled vehicles if they have taken a gap of 25 thousand km & a maximum of 50 thousand km. Choose good quality oil & always check the oil requirements through the dipstick. If the oil position is in normal condition, then the oil conditions are in good condition. But if the oil position is at the lowest line, it means that there is an oil leak and must be handled immediately. Pay Attention to the Transmission Condition of the Matic Car

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How to care for the next matic four-wheeled vehicle is to pay attention to the transmission condition of the matic car. Make sure you know the history of the entire four-wheeled vehicle from the beginning until now, even if you buy it without a new state. So that the condition of your car transmission is permanently maintained, there are 2 ways of maintaining a matic four-wheeled vehicle that you can try. Change Transmission Oil Regularly

In matic engines, oil changes are not only in engine oil, but also transmission oil that this maintenance is not found in manual engines. Engine lubricants can be renewed if the four-wheeled vehicle has traveled a distance of 80 thousand to 100 thousand km. Make sure to use quality transmission oil so that the performance produced is also optimal.b. Use Gears using Precise

The matic car makes it easy for the driver to move the transmission as a result of which the transmission lever has several different settings. For users who are familiar with manual cars, of course, the use of the matic transmission lever is quite confusing because each feature choice has a function that is not the same and must be properly used. If the use of this transmission gear lever is not in sync using the function it should, then damage to the gearbox part is able to quickly occur. Make sure you know every function according to the given features such as the “P” transmission used for parking or moving the transmission to the N position stop time at the red light. Do a Road Test

Matic cars should be used regularly every day for daily activities. If indeed you do not use the car in a relatively obsolete time, make sure you drive it every few months to detect if there are significant changes to the condition of the engine. Pay attention to unusual shocks when moving transmissions or other uncomfortable changes. This is very crucial to do because it is related to using the health of the gearbox when four-wheeled vehicles are rarely used so that the transmission oil thickens. Valve Condition Control

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