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Matic car is one type based on the vehicle that will put a sense of comfort to the owner. Because the time when driving a four-wheeled vehicle for beginners is actually very difficult. In manual four-wheeled vehicles that have been completed with automatic transmission, so it can make it easier for you lovers of four-wheeled vehicles. In Indonesia has a level of sales that greatly increased significantly in the sales of matic four-wheeled vehicles.

For the time being poly is using and many are determining matic cars because matic four-wheeled vehicles are one of the very simple four-wheeled vehicles and operation that is not difficult compared to manual four-wheeled vehicles. A Car Suitable for Beginners

The matic car has indeed put evidence that the donation means improving performance on driving. Very simple when on appeal will use a vehicle or four-wheeled vehicle that transmits manually. If you look at it from the other side that using the increasing number of motir cyclists who are not balanced with the growth of road segments, so as to have an impact on road users that are very dense, then here is the advantages of matic cars. Matic Car Driving tips

It should be known that you can receive calmness and ease in driving a vehicle, then you also have to know what treatments you must take to maintain safety and tranquility.

Car service is a very important mistake. Because of the comfort and safety we can get using the service of the four-wheeled vehicle earlier. For four-wheeled vehicles, Matic service is a very preferred thing because it is also to follow the producer who put regulations for periodic service. Mibil matic is in dire need of up – det about mounts that are very mandatory by the manufacturer for every rider.

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For four-wheeled matic vehicles, in addition to the service of four-wheeled vehicles, engine oil changes must also be considered. Engine oil is also very important for your four-wheeled vehicle because of the safety & comfort of not only through scheduled services but also using engine oil changes then you are able to get safety and tranquility.

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In the maintenance of the matic car maintains the state of its automatic transmission oil, then you matic vehicle owners must change the transmission oil periodically and regularly, because it is known that the matic car is at least 25,000 km and is at aporisma number 50,000 km then it is required to change the transmission oil. You can use transmission lubricants that have been recommended by manufacturers of four-wheeled vehicles. The type of lubricant that you often use, heavy or light when you do the mount then this is one of the lubricating oil change times that can be used.

4. Valve Checking & Transmission Oil

Matic cars often experience damage in transmission gaskets such as transmission gasket leaks or transmission gasket damage. Therefore, you become the owner of the vehicle must check early. Vehicles that have a manual type are very out of sync with the matic mount. For matic cars can experience damaged velve and leaking velve, then this can happen when moving a hard lever and a jolt of gas.

five. Transmission Oil Change When Matic Is Flooded

If you are at a time of conditions that are difficult to avoid such as floods and heavy rains then you have to renew the transmission oil to avoid things that you do not want, because of heavy rain or a big flood then the water can enter the gearbox. Your matic car is able to experience bad things if you ignore for example gear stagnation or transmission.

Checking how the transmission performance can be on your own check the owner of the matic car vehicle. Then you can place it in the transmission lever in the D or R position, then you are able to remove the car brakes. If the vehicle has a case of transmission system then your matic four-wheeled vehicle will personally take part.

You become the owner of the vehicle, especially the matic mount then you have to be diligent for road testing, the way is relatively easy like you want to run your matic car, then make the maintenance of the next matic four-wheeled vehicle then try to move the gears of your four-wheeled vehicle. You as a driver must be able to taste that the gears move using carefully.

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If you listen to strange sounds when you do gear switches such as noisy sounds and the car is slightly shaken then you must know that your car’s transmission is experiencing problems. If you are having problems in your matic four-wheeled vehicle like that then you immediately take your matic car to a workshop that you already trust. Because if there is a problem with the transmission of the car it is a fatal matter, because the transmission is a vital part of your matic four-wheeled vehicle.

You should also pay attention if you want to travel by car then you must pay attention to your matic four-wheeled vehicle so warm up on your four-wheeled vehicle before walking far. Because heating the car before traveling or before using is a trivial mistake, but many people who have a matic four-wheeled vehicle but even ignore trivial things.

Though you must know if you are too often negligent in heating the car it will cause fatal, but if once or twice it will cause fatality, you will feel a disturbance in the engine of your matic four-wheeled vehicle. So based on that do not forget to heat your matic car and need to remember on heating the vehicle matic four-wheeled then the state of the transmission lever is in the N (Neutral) position.

The next matic car maintenance is you as the owner of the car should research on the use of gears, you as a user of four-wheeled vehicles then avoid the use of gears “P” if your matic car is in a state of stopping. If you use it continuously then your matic car is able to experience damage to the persnelin. If you want to estimate your matic four-wheeled vehicle then you do not use gear D, because if you use gear D matic four-wheeled vehicle you will experience damage. To be more conducive to your matic four-wheeled vehicle is to only use moving the matic car transmission lever to the “P” position if you want to park a four-wheeled vehicle.

Often not compact per turn of the engine of your matic four-wheeled vehicle with the speed of a matic four-wheeled vehicle then it is mandatory note that the damage to the matic transmission that often occurs is a clutch slip, the sound of the engine is rough when used running at a very high rate but the speed of the four-wheeled vehicle is not balanced, the pounding of gear teeth when you want to move.

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So when you first buy a car with a matoic engine then you should pay attention to & read the matic car guidebook, the guidebook has benefits that are poly for you because in the poly guide book put a news about how to care for a matic four-wheeled vehicle properly & well, besides that the guidebook also tells you about the warranty of a matic four-wheeled vehicle.

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