12 Tips to Buy a Used Car So As Not to Be Fooled!

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Tips on buying a used car is not as easy as imagined, because it must go through the right process. There are poly advantages of buying a used car compared to a new four-wheeled vehicle. One of them is that you can exclusively use it. And the most important thing is that the selling price of used four-wheeled vehicles is certainly cheaper & no need to worry about the price of taxes that are so expensive. Because every year there is a possibility that the annual tax can be reduced depending on how much the new vehicle tax price is owned.

Especially for those of you who have a money deposit is not so poly, maybe buying a used car is an option rather than having to buy a new car using more expensive. But is it perfect if you want to buy a used car in terms of this time?

Keep in mind, although it can save expenses, there are a number of challenges when buying a used car. Of course, buying a used car must certainly be full of caution. The rush in buying can cause losses in the future. Especially for those of you who still don’t understand about choosing a used car for beginners or how to check the used car engine itself.

There are several things that are of concern when you want to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle. The goal is that not financial remains conducive. Here Qoala will tell you things that must be considered when deciding to buy the most comfortable used car. 1. Adjust to Your BudgetSource:Khongtham Via Shutterstock

Before choosing a used four-wheeled vehicle that you will want to buy, tips on buying a used matic or manual wheeled vehicle first is to know how much the four-wheeled vehicle you want to buy. So that you have been able to plan the payment scheme from the beginning & nir will interfere with your finances in the future. There are 2 ways that can be done, including:Used Car Loans

Tips to buy a used car online is also offline using credit that you must pay attention to is how much interest is charged. Generally, buying a used car tends to have a higher interest rate can reach 6% compared to new four-wheeled vehicles generally only three%.

For that you better pay a relatively large down payment or be able to choose a term when installments are relatively long. However, porto like this will be covered by tax costs that each year tend to be stable and can even decrease depending on the year of output of the car product.

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However, there is something to note and not as the main choice if you buy a used four-wheeled vehicle on credit. There is a strong reason why it is not recommended to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle in installments or credit, namely monthly expenses can swell.

There are two ways to measure the ability to buy a car. First, make sure the emergency fund is not used to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle earlier, and 2 make sure the time to buy it in cash, the amount of current assets is still in the range of 15% to 20 percent based on hygienic wealth.

The emergency fund here is a deposit cash that can be used only in emergencies, for example, if there is a termination of employment or mistakenly one family member has an accident or is seriously ill.

Also pay attention to the monthly installments. Make sure that monthly installments do not exceed 35 percent based on monthly income, and the total debt in arrears does not exceed 50 percent based on the total value of assets.Over Car Loans

Over used car loans can be done with a record of not making transactions without any financial forum that becomes an extension of the hand. Generally, in the past when carrying it out without the knowledge of the authorities, the difficulty found is that the time of management of vulnerable documents will experience obstacles.

Over credit under the hand does look faster, but it is still weak in terms of the law. This action is actually an act that is stopped in the law. This car loan over law is bound by the Fiduciary guarantee agreement in Law No. 42 of 1999 concerning Fiduciary Guarantee (Fiduciary Law).

In Article 23 paragraph (two) of the Fiduciary Law states that the Fiduciary Giver is prohibited from transferring, pawning, or renting to other parties objects that as objects of Fiduciary Guarantee that are not inventory objects, except with the prior written consent of the Fiduciary Recipient. 2. Conduct a Survey Directly Before Buying

Tips for buying used four-wheeled vehicles online are the most crucial is to do the field information of the site. Survey places can be done to offline dealers. This will make it easier for you to receive quality used vehicles. Conversely, if you only investigate availability via the website or online, there is a potential for fraud in the condition of a relatively high car. For that, it’s good to check online and offline to verify the availability of existing cars. 3. Research Who the Seller Is Before the Transaction

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Buyers of used cars, generally not stoic and tend to rush on looking for cars that have been glimpsed, when the good is looking for using stoic and conscientious. This is so that buyers receive a healthy and excellent used car. Not only that, buyers are also required to be careful about the identity of the seller before making a transaction. Because, there is a possibility of fraud whether money is taken away or other crimes.

If you really feel suitable to use a four-wheeled vehicle that is targeted, it’s a good idea to establish a relationship using the seller to verify the information of the car you are looking for. Because, there are several four-wheeled vehicles that are sold by depositing at dealers. Therefore, try to check & ricek why this car is sold, why four-wheeled vehicles are sold using the way it is deposited. Many also personally negotiate with the seller. But it’s good to see first the car you are looking for, and then just make an offer. 4. Tips for Buying a Used Car, Check the Exterior Condition of the Car

Not only the seller, the thing that needs to receive the next check is in the body and exterior of the four-wheeled vehicle. You need to pay attention to every component of the car body, whether it is still visible and can function using well. Do not forget, also pay attention if there are former restorations or uneven paint quality. Make sure all body components are still in a complete state. Other details that are generally missed are checking in the body gap and the condition of the engine room and cavities under the four-wheeled vehicle house.

Here are some of the more obvious components that you must check before buying your targeted four-wheeled vehicle:Car Body

Make sure the car does not undergo hyperbole modifications in the structure, color or engine on it. Also avoid choosing a car that has been modified if you are interested in using it for your mobility. It’s good to check the newly repaired components, because it can be a scratch mark or beret a sign of negligence.Car Engine

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Open the hood & try to pay attention if the engine is not maintained generally the residue of dust will be visible. then, sound the engine 5-10 min & open the hood to hear whether the engine sound is smooth or choked. If it falters, then there is a possibility that the engine of a four-wheeled vehicle does not function properly. You can also see it by checking the color of the smoke of the four-wheeled vehicle spewed out.Battery & Liquid Car

Batteries that serve to supply electrical power for the components in the car. Tips for buying used four-wheeled vehicles online this time is to make sure that the car you want to buy is not soaked. Usually marked by the lights of four-wheeled vehicles whose flame is not as bright as generally. Similarly, the sound of the horn seems to be starting to fade.Suspension

The suspension of the problem car is seen according to the car that is not balanced aka tilted. Generally, it is caused because the car often lifts heavy loads. And it can also steer four-wheeled vehicles to tend to be more difficult to drive at low conditions.

Another thing that can be considered is when closing the rear trunk of a four-wheeled vehicle. When trying to close it, you see the car tends to swing around, then this could be caused because of the suspension of the car that is being damaged.Car Tires

The problem of deflated four-wheeled vehicle tires seems trivial, but if it is too often ignored can hamper the suspension of the car. Moreover, it is indicated that it can endanger the safety of drivers and passengers, especially when passing through potholes. So, if you find a four-wheeled vehicle tire that is not operating well, then reconsider to buy a used car earlier. Because after that, of course you will need spooring to fix it.Car Brake Pads

The car’s handbrake and all the brake parts in a four-wheeled vehicle are the most important things to recognize how it works. If you feel that the car brakes are not too tight, it is possible that the problems that arise are brake pads that begin to decrease. So, tips on buying a used car online or offline this time is to check the service book & maintenance history that has been or has been done.

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