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Nowadays not only new four-wheeled vehicles are the choice for people who want to buy a car. But buying a used four-wheeled vehicle is also a mistake one alternative option that is worth trying. Although including used goods, but not all used four-wheeled vehicles have poor quality. Still poly used four-wheeled vehicles using the best quality that is sold at a fairly oblique price.

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Of course, this will save your expenses to buy a car. Just like a new car, of course, used four-wheeled vehicles require perfect maintenance or avoid according to the risks of damage that can occur. Starting from the engine, electrical components, and others you need to pay attention to using a routine so that the condition is permanently primed and maintained. Then how to take care of a good and correct used car? Here’s the explanation. (also read: Tips for Buying a Used Car)

1. Check Car Components Regularly

The first thing you need to do is to use regular viewing of the components in your four-wheeled vehicle. Starting according to the legs of the car such as tires, pretentious, brakes, & siil, make sure if the components sellau in good condition. In addition, regular inspections can also avoid damage to your car components. (also read: Good Used Matic Car)

two. Routinely Changing Vehicle Oil

As you know, oil is a lubricant that has a crucial function in your car. For this reason, the condition must be ensured to remain good and awake as a result of the performance of your four-wheeled vehicle permanently primed. For that, do a periodic oil change. Oil conditions that have been worn out or a little will certainly create friction-carving between components that cause engine components as quickly damaged. For this reason, make periodic changes in mount oil based on the needs according to the engine of the four-wheeled vehicle and the distance that has been traveled by the mount. (also read: Advantages & Disadvantages of APV Cars)

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Another component that you need to pay attention to is the car radiator. This component has the function of being a vehicle engine cooler. If the performance is not maximal, then of course it will cause the four-wheeled vehicle can be as hot as fast. So that in the exclusive usage period, it is necessary to change the radiator water. In addition, to avoid damage, of course, you must do a patterned examination so that you can anticipate if there is a leak in the radiator of your four-wheeled vehicle. (also read: Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobilio)

4. Ensure Full Radiator Water Condition

Not only the radiator, the water that fills the radiator also needs to be considered its condition. Make sure if the radiator water is always in full condition & work according to its benefits. The condition of this radiator water will be very related to the mount engine so that it does not heat up quickly.

Don’t forget to update your timing belt in a smooth manner. This component has a function to continue the rotation on the gears connected on the inside of the engine. The age of use according to this timing belt is 40,000 km. So do tune up one to 2 times for one month. So that you can ensure the conditions on your components are in good condition. (also read: Difference between Mobilio and BRV)

6. Adjusting Tire Condition With Routine

The condition of used car tires is certainly not as good as in new car four-wheeled vehicles. For this reason, it is important to check rutn to ensure that the tire conditions are good when they want to be used. Check wind pressure & tire thickness. Bad conditions can of course lead to accidents when on the road. (Also read:

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7. Cleaning the Carbureburization Filter

Sometimes not a few used cars that are difficult when turned on, this is generally due to the dirty filter blur of four-wheeled vehicles. For that, clean your escape filter regularly. You can use a toothbrush to brush the dirt that is attached. But avoid using compressors or hairdryers when cleaning this filter.

Wipers will be very useful when you are using a mount when the rain trend. To support your calmness & safety in driving a vehicle, the condition of the wipers must be very concerned. If the wipers work not well, of course, it will be very dangerous because the windshield of the car is disturbed by rain grains. If the wiper rubber has been bad, then make an immediate replacement. Do not forget to also make a routine to clean the wipers.

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9. Heat The Car Engine Before Use

Do not forget to always heat the engine of your four-wheeled vehicle when it will be used. At least do this 15 mins before the four-wheeled vehicle is driven. So that later your four-wheeled vehicle engine will not be surprised to be used. Especially if your vehicle is not driven for a long time. (also read: How to Fix a Car Jack)

10. Take Good Care of Car Paint

To keep the appearance of a permanent four-wheeled vehicle in attractive conditions, of course you must take care of the paint your car uses properly. The method is also very easy, avoid parking the vehicle in private solar light. This will make your car paint as dull. Try not to close the four-wheeled vehicle with a cover when the condition is still wet. In addition, wash your four-wheeled vehicle using a routine and authentic. (also read: How to Paint the Right Car to Make It Shiny)

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11. Avoid Using Cars On Potholes

Avoid your four-wheeled vehicles passing potholed roads at high speeds. This habit for example will shorten the suspension life of your car, even able to damage the tie rod and ball joint on your four-wheeled vehicle. In addition, this habit will also make the tire as quickly bare. (also read: Characteristics of Damaged Shocbreaker)

How to take care of another used car is to always drive your vehicle through the car’s gas stampede. This is done so that the crust contained in the engine can escape through the exhaust channel. The use of outdated machines can produce crusts that will inhibit components. Also, remember to pay attention to the safety of your time spurring at high speeds.

So those are some ways to take care of a good and correct used car. Of course, the important thing based on having a used four-wheeled vehicle is to pay attention to its condition when you buy it. In addition, it takes a little accuracy and caution on caring for this used four-wheeled vehicle. Hopefully, the facts above can be useful to you.

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