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Modified Daihatsu Xenia? Could? Who doesn’t know Xenia? This Daihatsu product is so famous among Indonesian car users. Since its introduction on December 11, 2003, the example of Xenia has been warmly welcomed by MPV car enhancers. Avanza’s twin looks, the economical price, and the capacity does not disappoint, is an extraordinary magnet. So it is not strange if this family car is recorded as the best-selling MPV in its time. Together using Avanza, his twin brother, Xenia to get the nickname of a million people’s car because of his solubility.

Xenia’s price is very competitive and fuel efficient, making this mobi selling well in Indonesia. In addition, Xenia is very possible for its users to make synchronous modifications of desires. Daihatsu Xenia modifications are capable of light weight, or heavy modifications. Daihatsu Xenia modified images for all Xenia hues and types in the Indonesian market :Latest Daihatsu Xenia Modified Images

One note before modifying a four-wheeled vehicle, make sure in advance the modified model that you will do. Modifications will look optimal results when done systematically and always pay attention to holistic balance of beauty. It’s not fun if our modified output even makes the car miserable? Therefore, the initial picture or initial design should exist. Do you want a sporty, macho, ceper, or other style? You can describe it on sketch form, computer design, or even hand it over in its experts. Do you intend to make modifications to the Daihatsu Xenia? The following are some modified inspirations that may be able to arouse your imagination.

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Maybe you want your Daihatsu Xenia modification to look macho. With a little touch, Roof Rail Decoration in to the 2 sides of the roof, Xenia you also look manly. As an alloy, you can increase the size of Xenia raw alloy wheels. Relative diameter plus 1-three inches, plus suitable tire replacement, your Xenia will be even more macho.

The young soul is found in Xenia ceper. Some like to raise the body of a four-wheeled vehicle, some are happy to shorten it until the ceper. Usually what is checked is a sedan-type four-wheeled vehicle, but there is no harm if xenia is also checked. Not very short, lower your Xenia suspension by a few centimeters at your favorite modification workshop. You can also lower it using its refurbished suspension using the shorter suspension of other four-wheeled vehicles. What needs to be considered, choose a more powerful and large four-wheeled vehicle suspension to optimally support Xenia.

The alloy wheels have been, the suspension has been fast, now it’s the turn of the Xenia body we pay attention to. Built-in paint feels boring? Why not just get a sticker? Or don’t we just paint all of them using the airbrush technique? Nowadays we can use easy to find motifs or design our own for our beloved Xenia. You can print and at the same time pair it in the subscription modification workshop. Similarly, if you want to do an air brush on your car. On the outside of this you can also update the rear LED lights. This built-in lamp can be replaced using more colorful LED lights and moving forward.

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Don’t forget to use your Xenia exhaust channel on making modifications to the Daihatsu Xenia. Try replacing the car’s built-in exhaust with a more stylish one. Everything has to be in sync, right? Between the new rimmed body, large alloy wheels, suspension that has been fast, and the exhaust must be suitable. You just have to choose the type of exhaust that is in sync. The last thing we need to pay attention to is the interior. You are able to renew the seat & interior using leather materials, change the carpet you can do as well. Don’t forget also the ceiling, and navigation & entertainment system. With all those changes, Xenia you are ready to be invited to show off.

So some new views to modify your favorite Xenia. Actually, the step of modifying a four-wheeled vehicle is unlimited in nature, depending on your preferences.  This Xenia car that is fun to modify comes out on three types. Mi type is the most basic type, has a capacity of 1000cc and has not used power steering. While the Li type, although both 1000cc 3 cylinders, has more complete features. This type uses power steering. Meanwhile, the Xi type has the same features using the Li type, it’s just more powerful, 1300cc. This type also has an automatic transmission version. To date, Xenia has gone through two generations of examples, including the all-new model. The price ranges based on 100-190 million. How, ready to make modifications to your Daihatsu Xenia?

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