27 Tips for Buying a New Car for Beginners!

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Nowadays, having a mount is already a necessity. Especially for those who live and work remotely. High mobility is the reason to buy a mount, both motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles.

In terms of calm driving a vehicle, using considerations will not rain & overheat, four-wheeled vehicles are immediately more comfortable, yes. However, buying a new car is not easy because the price is expensive. Therefore, used four-wheeled vehicles are often an option.

Well there are two options, yes, new four-wheeled vehicles and used cars. Usually people tend to prefer a new car. The quality is certainly more guaranteed and much based on fraud. Then, how to use the cheap used four-wheeled vehicles?

Many also decide to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle.

If you are a beginner in buying a four-wheeled vehicle, relax. You will be given 27 Tips to Buy a New Car for Beginners! Preparation Before Buying1. Check the Market Price

Nowadays, information is easily obtained through the internet, including car price coverage. Find out in advance the market price of four-wheeled vehicles that will be purchased on the internet. The goal, of course, is that we do not buy a four-wheeled vehicle at a higher price than the price on the market.

In addition, also read reviews or reviews of cars that will be purchased on the internet. Testimonials are generally from car users and automotive lovers about the pluses and minuses of a type of four-wheeled vehicle.

Understand what the advantages and disadvantages of the car, so that you are not disappointed after buying. Opinion according to them, of course, can be a reference, because they undoubtedly already have experience trying the vehicle.

Before making the decision to go to a car dealer, determine from the beginning which dealer you are going to. Because in big cities, many dealers of four-wheeled vehicles, you know. Later, many choices can make you nervous, especially if it is still common.

Choose a trusted four-wheeled vehicle dealer. Recommendations according to friends or family will be very helpful. Especially if they have a relationship with the owner or employee of the dealer of the four-wheeled vehicle. Typical prices and attractive incentives will certainly await.

4. Choose a Car As Needed

When you get to the destination dealer or showroom, personally ask about the car you want to buy. Usually sales at the dealer will also give another car, do not be fascinated. Stay within your options, adjusting the choice of car to your needs.

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Do not choose a four-wheeled vehicle using free features. For example, you live in an urban area, you should not determine a jeep-type four-wheeled vehicle. Jeep cars are more suitable for use in high altitudes, such as mountains.

5. Determine the Right Time to Buy a Car

You know, there is a good time to buy a car.

According to the survey, the best time is the end of year & car show time.

Because, buying a car at that two times, generally sellers of four-wheeled vehicles can provide many promos & discounts.6. Be Careful in Choosing a Vehicle

Not a few buyers end up with the wrong car.

Not carefully checking the specifications of the four-wheeled vehicle was the answer.

Usually for beginners, buying a four-wheeled vehicle only investigates the body & engine. Most importantly, yes, it’s a matter of price.

Usually price is indeed one of the crucial quality considerations.

Steps prevent it from incorrectly determining the specifications of the car, as follows:Choose the type of synchronous four-wheeled vehicle needs (city car, SUV, family car, and others)What are the specifications & quality? Is it just launched or has it been proven quality in the market?Is the price worth using the quality? Is there another alternative that is more commensurate?Is the price in accordance with the capabilities of the wallet?Also pay attention to the cost of service & spare parts, taxes, & others.

Don’t be careless because of the rush, then we regret it later.7. Who is the Vehicle Intended for?

For example, if you are still alone, you undoubtedly need a car that is not in sync using a household. Family cars are generally larger in size. If you make it yourself, of course there is no need for a big -akbar, dong?8. Safety & Comfort should Take Precedence

If you have a family, of course, the mount is not only limited to protecting yourself according to the rain and scorching sun. The vehicle chosen must be proven safety & comfort.

For example, a four-wheeled vehicle must be able to accommodate the number of passengers and luggage that is usually carried.

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Some of the main characteristics of multi-functional vehicles that are often used as family cars include the following:Large passenger capacity Spacious cabin sizeComfortable, conducive, & functional for the familyThe existence of entertainment features (radio or TV) for your baby9. Fuel Consumption (Irit or Not Car)

To be honest, fuel must have been a mistake in one primary load on having a mount.

Fuel costs are getting worn out and more and more, plus using the traffic jams lately, of course, the use of fuel is increasingly wasteful.

That’s because why we need to check the fuel consumption of a four-wheeled vehicle, before making a buying decision.

It’s true, anyway, a car using large energy definitely requires more fuel as well. But, check back your needs. Do not let you choose the wrong super-powered four-wheeled vehicle when energy needs are not too needed.10. Choosing a Good Design

In addition to its usefulness, the car must also be beautiful to see. However, generally people’s tastes about vehicles are different. Some like elegant and luxurious types, some like cute & compact designs.

For those of you who are still upset with what kind of vehicle is suitable for you, try to ask what type of person you are. Consider also, yes, choose a relatively generic four-wheeled vehicle design, so that in the future it can be sold again at a fairly high price. Has Security and Safety Features

It doesn’t matter who the four-wheeled vehicle is used for. Alone or using the family, of course, security and safety as the main thing. No parent wants their child to have an accident, right?

Thus, try to check some of the safety features of driving a vehicle into the following:Dual SRS Airbags Feature (Two Supplementary Restraint System Airbags & Driver’s Knee Airbags)Seat belt fittingThe auto-lock feature prevents children from being able to open doors / windows carelessly.Brake features (Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) & Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD))

With complete and guaranteed safety and security features, you can drive a vehicle using the family without confusion and fear. If it’s Credit, Look for a Low Down Payment

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Cars are an expensive necessity. The price generally ranges from hundreds of millions of rupiah, but not sporadically there are also four-wheeled vehicles that are worth billions of rupiah.

Therefore, there are motor vehicle loan (KKB) products to facilitate those who are still limited in income.

Well, car loans also need a down payment that must be paid at the beginning of the credit.

Thus, always check your financial ability first and choose a car with a reasonable down payment. Do not let you add debt to pay the down payment of credit. Choose whose Selling Price is Stable

Vehicles are generally out of sync with the home, where the service life is not too outdated. Vehicles are generally used for 5 to 10 years. But it is not sporadic for those who change their cars only in the period when 2-3 years.

The car can drop in price by up to 50% when its status becomes a used car. So it is highly recommended to look for a common four-wheeled vehicle with a fairly high selling price. The goal, of course, is to minimize losses later.

A stable selling price also means, four-wheeled vehicles are commonly used and poly is sought after by people, making it easier for you to show used four-wheeled vehicles.14. Find one that is easy to find the Official Workshop

Certain vehicles, perhaps because of the slight interest, resulted in a little bit of official workshops.

Well, if you choose a four-wheeled vehicle, also consider the ease of reaching the official workshop. Because you certainly don’t want to have trouble when things are desperate, right? For example, a car breaks down or the engine breaks down.

Hmm, suppose using a mepet budget, cheap cars are okay. But this workshop is mandatory as a concern and consideration, yes.

With so many official workshops, then you are also easier to reach it in a desperate state. In addition, official workshops are certainly safer than ordinary workshops that are not necessarily guaranteed.

Especially those who live in the city, the car air conditioning workshop must be a concern. The air conditioner of the car is cold, smelly, & noisy will be very annoying.

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