4 Tips for Buying a New Car in Cash If You Don’t Want Credit

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Are there any tips on buying a new car in cash? The answer is, there is. Nowadays many people are reluctant to buy a car on credit.

Of course, the reasons why they are reluctant to buy four-wheeled vehicles on credit vary, it can be because the porto paid will be much higher or do not want their lives to continue to be overshadowed by debt.

Buying a car in cash is also the wish of some people, but in making it happen it is not as beautiful as imagined. Is the price of a four-wheeled vehicle a problem? LCGC cars can be an option to buy in cash

The price of the car is varied. However, the price is cheap or expensive depending on one’s ability to pay for it.

Since the rules came out in 2013, the presence of Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) vehicles provides an opportunity for some people who want to have a four-wheeled vehicle. The presence of LCGC four-wheeled vehicles can be warmly welcomed because the selling price starts based on Rp 100 million.

Data from the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry Association (Gaikindo) said the number of LCGC four-wheeled vehicles sold from January to September 2019 reached 156,642 units.

With the price starting from Rp 100 million, LCGC cars are very suitable as an option for those who want to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash. Still upset to buy cash or not at a price like that? Check out the tips below. Tips for buying a new car in cash

Buying a new four-wheeled vehicle needs to be based on a number of considerations. Wrong decisions can be fatal to finances.

As you understand, owning a four-wheeled vehicle is not a financial goal to be achieved. There are still other financial goals that include needs and must be considered.

Well, if you already want to have a car, but pay for cash, the following tips who know can help.  1. For a year separate 50 percent based on monthly income

Do you set aside 50 percent of your relative income to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash? It’s quite easy & the way is really easy.

Set aside Rp 10 million per month to save as capital to buy a four-wheeled vehicle. Tube Rp 10 million every month? It’s so big!

Setting aside Rp 10 million per month is not a problem for those with an honor of Rp 20 million. So, if the salary is not as high as the number, it’s time to find another job that gives you that much income. two. As long as you are steadfast, set aside Rp 3 million per month

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Because the income per month is not up to Rp 20 million, you should not be pessimistic first. There are other tips you can try.

Another tip is to set aside Rp three million every month. Saving Rp three million per month can realize your dream of buying a new four-wheeled vehicle as long as you patiently set aside Rp 3 million earlier for more than 3 years.

You must continue to have an honor above Rp 10 million and stop taking credit (no longer have a mortgage) for more than three years. Because Rp three million is set aside by 30% based on your monthly income. three. Set aside Rp 1 million every month is also enough you know the origin…

If Rp three million is still considered heavy, you can afford to set aside Rp 1 million per month to be able to buy a new car in cash. Still think it’s impossible? Nothing is impossible.

Any tube for buying a cash car actually depends on how worn you set it aside. Saving Rp 10 million takes a year for funds to be collected. While saving Rp three million takes more than 3 years.

Then, how long to use savings of Rp 1 million per month? Counting, you need time for 10 years. That means you, who are 30 years old at this time, can only have a four-wheeled vehicle once you are 40 years old. (Don’t forget to count inflation!). 4. Don’t need to nabung, tips on buying a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash are guaranteed to be empowered

Got poly heritage assets? Sell it if you feel the four-wheeled vehicle is a necessity that can no longer be delayed.

Assets sold can be land or residence. However, this does not mean that the house that is now occupied is now for sale. Sell land or building assets that have not been taken care of.

Before selling, look for understanding the selling price of land or buildings by using NJOP as the basis for calculation. For example, the assets sold do not penetrate Rp 100 million, inevitably must be patient waiting for the selling value to rise. Money has been collected, this is the procedure of buying a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash

After understanding how tips to buy a new car in cash, then you can go to the dealer. It turns out that buying a new four-wheeled vehicle in permanent cash is mandatory through several stages, you know!

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Especially if the four-wheeled vehicle that you want to buy with the status of indent alias the car is not yet available at the dealer & you are still obliged to wait for the arrival of new stock based on the factory.

Here is the process of purchasing a new four-wheeled vehicle cash that must be passed for those who want to buy a four-wheeled vehicle cash: Prepare booking money or DP

Who says buying a four-wheeled cash vehicle doesn’t need a down payment? In fact, buyers of four-wheeled vehicles that pay cash are also obliged to prepare a certain amount of down payment, especially if the vehicle is four-wheeled in indent status.

Or maybe you are only required to pay the teak fee aka booking fee only. With a sign of being the purchase of this car, the dealer is able to personally process your order. Usually, the booking fee costs range from Rp 1 to five million.

Provide the best protection for your finances using TLO four-wheeled vehicle premiums. TLO four-wheeled vehicle insurance puts damage compensation for four-wheeled vehicles above 75% & loss due to theft. Get the best TLO coverage dues at Lifepal.


Provide the best protection for your finances using TLO car insurance. TLO four-wheeled vehicle insurance provides car damage compensation above 75% & loss due to theft. Get the best TLO coverage dues on Lifepal. Prepare documents to buy a four-wheeled vehicle cash

The documents or conditions for buying a cash car that needs to be prepared are simpler than if you buy a four-wheeled vehicle on credit. According to the facts quoted according to GridOto, you only need a Vehicle Booking Letter and ID card.

Meanwhile, if you do credit, you need other documents such as spousal ID card, Family Card, NPWP, proof of ownership of residence, and bank statement for the last 3 months. Receiving a Vehicle Booking Letter (SPK)

Furthermore, you will get a Vehicle Booking Letter (SPK) obtained after paying the finished sign money. In this SPK will be listed a number of coverage related to the mount to be purchased for example: Synchronous mount booking dates using the finished money payment date. The price of the car adapted to the deal price. During the booking fee payment process, you can negotiate the final price related to the purchase of a four-wheeled vehicle in cash, lhio! Car colors & accessories to be obtained

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If the SPK has been formed, as a consumer you must read using details before signing it. Ask about cancellation because there is a possibility that you will not buy the car. Unit delivery

After you pay the price of the car in cash, usually paid by transfer to the dealer, you just have to prepare for the arrival of the four-wheeled vehicle unit.

Usually, if the four-wheeled vehicle is in a ready stock state, it will be sent immediately after the payment process is completed.

For the indent unit, you have to wait 7-30 days until the car comes to the garage of the house. Make sure, when the four-wheeled vehicle comes, you have checked it more clearly, yes!

The last process based on buying a four-wheeled vehicle is the submission of documents or mount papers. First, the consumer signs the receipt of the unit, and then receives the Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK).

For this STNK, it is usually only able to be submitted approximately 1 month since the receipt of the unit. If the manufacture of new STNK in Samsat is crowded, it is likely to be even more outdated.

That’s the discussion about how to buy a new car cash. Good luck to you, yes.

Tips according to Lifepal! When you buy a car, also take into account the porto-porto that you will bear, yes. These costs include the cost of maintaining and repairing four-wheeled vehicles, taxes, to gasoline and tolls. Do not let, having a four-wheeled vehicle even burdens your finances.

For those of you who live in the East Java area, find out how to check vehicle taxes and at the same time how to pay correctly on Lifepal! New car delivery procedures

New car delivery has a mechanism that you must pay attention to, yes. This is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid errors.

Ideally, the delivery mechanism of a new four-wheeled vehicle is the following: Checking the mount (quality control) several times before reaching the branch. Check back the H-1 four-wheeled vehicle before being delivered to the customer’s residence. The car is delivered to the customer along with the sales. Sales revealed a lot of features contained in the new car earlier. It’s hard to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash, don’t forget this crucial thing!