4 Types of Car Wheel Drive, Must Know!

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Type of Car Wheel Drive – Broadly speaking, conventional engine cars have four drive systems. Some use rear wheels (RWD), front wheels (FWD), four wheel drive (4WD), and all wheel drive (AWD).

The difference certainly lies in the driving wheel. Each type of mover also has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the type of car wheel drive on a four-wheeled mount also has an impact on its selling price. Types of car wheel drive

Then what are the disparities according to each of the car’s wheel drive systems? Is it true that one of them is superior according to the other?

In this discussion, we will thoroughly explore the advantages and disadvantages of each. Curious? Check out the following discussion: 1. Rear Wheel Motion System Type of wheel drive of a four-wheeled vehicle

The first and most generic car wheel drive used is RWD. As the name implies, the energy generated by the engine will be delivered to the rear wheels.

The advantages of the resulting RWD character, tend to be more subtle. The reason is, the engine in front produces power that does not personally come out to drive the wheels at the back.

However, the power was channeled first through the axle and axle to get to the rear wheels. That’s where there’s a collision that reduces engine energy. As a result, the performance has become smooth.

The rear-wheel drive engine also makes the steering wheel lighter. Therefore, the symptoms of oversteer are quite easy to occur when cornering.

The disadvantage is that machine efficiency is hard to come by. Especially if the power of the engine is mediocre or cubication is small, the collision loss from the axle, can weaken the overall performance of the four-wheeled vehicle.

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Cars with RWD include Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Wuling Confero, and others. All of them are hard-hitting cars aka ready to be invited to work hard. In fact, many are relied on as the company’s operational mounts.

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The next type of wheel drive of four-wheeled vehicles is FWD. As the name implies, engine power is channeled to the front wheels. Generally this system is combined using a transverse front engine.

The advantages of engine power are directly channeled to the front wheels using immediately. As a result, acceleration is better. Then the weight is also lighter than RWD, because there is no gardan. As a result, fuel efficiency can be better.

Therefore, FWD is also widely used by the latest urban four-wheeled vehicle. Especially those who want economical fuel consumption.

Another advantage, this type of wheel drive of four-wheeled vehicles can create a wider cabin. There is no tunnel on the floor. As a result, many used four-wheeled vehicles with small dimensions such as Daihatsu Ayla, Toyota Agya, Suzuki Karimun Wagon R, so that the cabin feels more relieved.

It’s just that the weakness of this type of four-wheel drive is the front wheel that has a dual function. ¬†As a driver while controlling the direction of the four-wheeled vehicle. So the components can wear out faster, because the work is heavier.

Unlike RWD which divides the benefits. The front wheels control the four-wheeled vehicle. While the rear wheels move the car. Therefore, RWD cars are generally more durable. 4WD Or Four Wheel Drive Type of wheel drive of a four-wheeled vehicle

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The next car’s wheel drive is the 4WD. Unlike using RWD and FWD which only rely on two wheels, 4WD drives all four wheels.

The engine will channel energy to the transmission using a transfer case. The 4WD system is divided as part time 4WD & full time 4WD.

Part Time 4WD means that this system can be activated synchronously using needs, so it can be 2WD, capable of 4WD. Generally, 2WD is activated when driving on highways. While 4WD when passing the offroad road.

Then Full Time 4WD, this system does not have 2WD mode. There is only 4H (High Range) or 4L (Low Range) or Differential Lock.

Cars that embed a 4WD drive system generally have an adventure character. The advantage can bulldoze extreme offroad terrain. Therefore, SUV products such as Toyota Hi-Lux, Mitsubishi Triton, to Jeep Wrangler often have it.

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Similar to using 4WD, the AWD system also drives all four wheels. It’s just more complex, because this system divides the energy distribution of the engine to each wheel that has the most traction automatically.

Generally, AWD systems are widely used by sports four-wheeled vehicles. Use this technology to increase driving safety. Then it also gives a sense of driving a fun vehicle.

The next differentiator of AWD is the presence of the middle axle component. This is the task of dividing energy into all wheels.

Therefore, components using this mobility system must be treated properly. One easy way is not to use the same wheel size. Then it is recommended to replace four tires at the same time.

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Generally, cars with AWD are expensive. Widely used by premium brands such as BMW, Mini, Subaru, and others.

Those are the types of car wheelers that are commonly used. Then which is the best? One thing is clear is that everything is good according to the intended.

For example, FWD drives are suitable for urban four-wheeled vehicles using demanding efficiency. While RWD is widely used for four-wheeled vehicles that are resilient and long-lived. Then 4WD, perfect for those of you who often drive in extreme terrain. While the poly AWD is used by high-performance four-wheeled vehicles.

So, based on the type of wheel drive the car wants to try which one?

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