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There is one simple question, what the hell is a wheel & what does it do? The answer that is most often given is so that four-wheeled vehicles can run perfectly. But actually not only that. There are still compounds of other functions of the wheel.

Previously, we had to admit that the wheel was the most genius invention in the field of transportation. Yes, without wheels, no vehicles. According to its history, the wheel was first used by the Sumerians approximately 3500 years BC. The evidence is found in the sumerian heritage temple. On the walls of the temple there is a relief depicting people riding a wheeled train. The Sumerians were a people living in Mesopotamia. Now the region is called Iraq.

In Mesopotamia also found a round object using a shaft in the middle. It is estimated that it is a tray for making pottery. This shows that at that time the Sumerians knew the working principle of round motion. With the wheeled train, the Sumerians returned everywhere, to the land of other nations. As a result, nations such as Egypt, India, China, and Rome, helped create wheeled trains. Likewise, the Assyrians who conquered Mesopotamia in 2500 BC.

In the modern era, in 1845, a British engineer named Thomson, invented the living tire. The living tire is a hollow tire and contains air until the tire becomes “soft.” The tires installed around the wheel are made of animal skin. Then in 1870, Dunlop renewed the biological tire using rubber. Wheels with rubber tires are what is used until now.

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Here’s the function of the wheel:

The first function of the wheel is to support all the weight of the four-wheeled vehicle. Yes, the wheels of the car are located on the four sides of the four-wheeled vehicle and the bottom must be able to support all the weight of the four-wheeled vehicle. No matter what the weight of the car, the wheels will try to support it. But you should not forget that permanently there is a limit of endurance to support according to the work of the wheel. If you do not pay attention to the weight of the car, especially when carrying enough poly goods, then the wheels can experience problems until it is damaged until it cannot be used.

Another function according to the wheel is to absorb vibrations. With its location that must be in contact about the road surface, there must be a lot of vibrations during your driving vehicle. Actually, there has been a shock absorber that is useful for dampening vibrations. But the wheels are more useful for absorbing vibrations, then only passed to the shock absorber until the time of reaching the car cabin, it will not be too pronounced.

The ability to absorb the vibration of four-wheeled vehicle tires due to the material made of rubber and containing pressurized air. The results given based on this function are comfort and enjoyment as long as you drive the vehicle.

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Car engines can work aporisma to provide great energy until it can run all day. But without wheels, the energy of the engine will be able to reach the road surface.

Engine power & wheels work together until you can drive the vehicle using well. In addition, the wheel must also have good contact with the road. What’s because? Of course, to avoid cases such as slipping or slipping. Your safety will be maintained according to this case when using the best wheel quality. Therefore, do not forget to always check the tire requirements regularly along with official workshop services.

In addition to moving engine energy, the wheels must also be able to channel braking efforts to the road surface. So not only for the acceleration work system, the wheels must be able to carry braking energy until it can reduce speed or stop.

The last function according to the wheels is to support the performance of the car’s steering system. With the presence of wheels, you can steer or turn the car very easily. Just have to turn the steering wheel in the direction you want.

It seems obvious that the wheels are very helpful for every car work system. Starting from engine energy, braking, to the steering system. So now you can put a more poly answer when asked about the function of the wheel. In addition, you also have to check all the condition of the legs of four-wheeled vehicles, including wheels, on a scheduled basis. With its personal position facing using the top of the road, the car’s foot-to-foot system must be permanently in top condition throughout its use. (Raju)18 Jun, 2021 Sell your car at the best price

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