5 Recommended Cheap Station Wagon Cars, Starting at Rp 20 Million

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November 26, 2021November 26, 2021by Firdaus Ali

There are several cheap station wagon car recommendation options in Indonesia. In fact, among others, it has a starting price based on Rp 20 million.

Station wagon cars or estates at this time again much hunted by automotive enthusiasts.  The station wagon car is actually sedan-based, but the roof closes to the trunk section.

In Indonesia itself station wagon cars have been around for a long time, but unfortunately this car is less desirable. Only certain people are interested in having it.

Not without reason, maybe because in that time the station wagon car was identical to a hearse. This is what makes consumers in Indonesia reluctant to buy it and prefer four-wheeled sedan vehicles.

In fact, some car brands resulted in station wagon models becoming their flagship products. For example, the Timor 1.5 Station Wagon national car. However, the prestige of the four-wheeled vehicle lost the boom using the Timor sedan version. This is what creates the current population is small.

The high season of automotive connoisseurs hunt for station wagon vehicles, but on the other hand the number is limited. Making the price of this type of mount soar high in used conditions.

However, there are still some recommendations for cheap station wagon cars aka friendly to the pocket. Call it Mazda Vantrend, Kia Rio LS, Volvo V70, to Chevrolet Estate. However, the population is not as much as other cars.

Well, wondering if you want to know the recommendations of cheap four-wheeled vehicles circulating in Indonesia. Here’s the review:1. Mazda VantrendMazda Vantrend

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The first cheap station wagon vehicle rekomendai is a Mazda vantrend. Currently Mazda Vantrend is priced in the range of Rp 19 million to Rp 22 million.

The Mazda Vantrend was first introduced in 1993. Characteristics according to Mazda Vantrend alert in 1993 is the absence of power window, power steering.

A year ago, precisely mid-1994 Mazda Vantrend was equipped using EPS (electric power steering), power window and rear seat position that is more backward so that the passenger space becomes wider.

In the 1993 version, the originally black interior color changed as ash. Then in the 1998 version until the last production Mazda Vantrend was equipped using viscofan and non sealed beam as a result of which the headlights could be replaced.

Mazda Vantrend carries a Mazda UC engine using a 4-cylinder SOHC 8 valve 1,400cc configuration that still adopts a carburetor to supply fuel.

This engine is claimed to be able to produce power as much as 70 Hp. Oh yes, this engine is exactly the same using the engine used in the Mazda 323 GLC and MR90 and Baby Boomer. To drive the rear wheels, a 5-speed manual transmission is used.

The Mazda Vantrend has dimensions of 4,146 mm long, 1,596 mm wide and 1,455 mm high. while that makes the wheelbase two,311 mm.two. Timor 1.5 Station WagonTimor station wagon

The next recommended four-wheeled station wagon vehicle is timor 1.5 station wagon. Yup, PT Putra Timor Nasional (Timor) once released an estate version of a four-wheeled vehicle under the name Timor SW516i.

Currently the used price based on this four-wheeled vehicle ranges from Rp 85 million to Rp 100 million. Expensive because many consumers hunt, but the unit is very limited.

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The same base uses the Timor S515i which is the sedan version. Only part of the roof is cut and changed in such a way that it is as a station wagon.

The dimensions are still the same, which is 4,360 mm long, 1,695 mm wide & 1,390 mm high.

At that time, Timor collaborated with PT Mekar Armada Jaya (New Armada) on realizing this station wagon version of a national four-wheeled vehicle. Regarding the engine, Timor Station Wagon carries a 1,500 cc DOHC 16 valve pacemaker using a 5-speed manual transmission. Kia Rio LSKia Rio LS

The next recommendation of cheap four-wheeled station wagon vehicles is the result of production based on the original South Korean factory, the Kia Rio LS Station Wagon. The used price at this time ranges from Rp 65 million to Rp 76 million.

Kia Rio LS first paved in 2000 using a 1,600 cc automatic transmission engine. It’s just that the unit is very rare. Volvo V70Volvo V70

The recommendation of the next cheap four-wheeled station wagon vehicle is according to mainland Europe, namely the Volvo V70. Currently the used price is priced at around Rp 80 million.

Volvo V70 officially paved in Indonesia in 1997 using a 2,000 cc engine with a five-speed manual transmission. Basically Volvo V70 uses the same base using Volvo S70 aka sedan version. Chevrolet EstateChevrolet Estate

The first Chevrolet Estate was introduced at the 2005 GIIAS event. It was officially sold in 2006. Currently the used price is around Rp 70 million.

Speaking of dimensions, this station wagon car has a length of 4,580 mm, a width of 1,725 mm and a height of 1,501 mm. while the wheelbase is 2,600 mm.

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Regarding the pacemaker, this four-wheeled vehicle carries a 1,600 cc 4-cylinder DOHC engine. Its maximum power is considered to reach 110 hp at five,800 rpm. While the peak torque reaches 150 Nm at 4,000 rpm engine rotation with a five-speed manual transmission.

“Station wagon cars are starting to be in demand home, for brands such as Mercy & BMW, the price is high and there are even dark prices. However, there are some whose price is still below Rp 100 million, such as Mazda Vantrend, Kia Rio LS or Timor Station Wagon. However, the unit is also polyless,” explained Jeffry, one of the staff of a used car dealership in Cirendeu on Thursday (11/25/2021).

Moladiners, that’s a review of cheap station wagon car recommendations. For more interesting automotive news, check out the Moladin.com.

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