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Edited byFiki Ariyanti23 March 2022

Buying a car is considered to help a person save on gasoline or transportation costs. In fact, not necessarily.

Even poly people who actually experience financial difficulties after buying a four-wheeled vehicle due to no preparation or careful planning. Finances become messy, and interfere with the smooth payment of installments of four-wheeled vehicle loans.

So, how to be able to keep buying a car without disturbing financial conditions? The most appropriate answer is to buy a used car.  

For those of you who want to have a car, but permanently financially secure, here are tips:

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Buying a four-wheeled vehicle

Choose the One According to Needs and Abilities

Make sure to find a suitable car using your needs and financial abilities. Not obeying prestige or desire.

He wants to have a new four-wheeled vehicle such as a neighbor. The hood or roof can be opened. Such four-wheeled vehicles, usually priced at a high price.

While your finances, mediocre. It’s just enough to buy a used car. The need is only that it can only be used for work and can accommodate many family members.

Therefore, find the appropriate one using financial needs & conditions. Why force buy a new four-wheeled vehicle that has advanced features, but you don’t need it. Wasteful, a waste of money.

Make Sure the Document is Complete & Original

Checking the mount documents, both BPKB & STNK become a must when buying a used four-wheeled vehicle. The absence of such documents can build up a much worse risk. For example, the car seller said the error of one of his documents was missing, whether it was his BPKB or STNK.

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So what happens if it turns out that BPKB is still guaranteed to financial institutions or financing and has a history of bad loans? Not impossible, the four-wheeled vehicle you buy will be withdrawn unilaterally the financing forum at any time. 

In addition, there is another possibility if one of the documents in question does not exist, it can be a vehicle tax dies. This is capable of causing new problems when driving on the highway. 

Broadly speaking, the purchase of a four-wheeled vehicle that does not have official documents alias bodong can categorize into a criminal act. So do not be surprised, if later there is the potential to be entangled in criminal rules.

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Buying a four-wheeled vehicle

Buy Cash or Cash

There is a relatively strong reason why it is highly discouraged to buy a four-wheeled vehicle on credit. Some of them are because they are able to trigger swelling monthly expenses that can disrupt previously stable financial conditions. 

Because, this kind of installment is likely to form passive expenditures in each month. So, inevitably you have to have special rules to pay the installments of four-wheeled vehicles.

If forced to buy a four-wheeled vehicle using a credit system, make sure that the age of the four-wheeled vehicle is not more based on a year of use. 

The goal is to avoid all risks such as sudden replacement of spare parts. In addition, make sure the installments are no more based on 35% of the total monthly income. It can also be calculated according to the total debt in arrears no more than 50% of the overall value of assets. 

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Do a General Check Up using the Car Owner

Checking the condition of the vehicle to be purchased is not only seen from the outside view. But also based on the requirements of the engine, interior, & others.

If you do not understand the requirements of the car, there is nothing wrong with inviting the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle to check with the official workshop.

However, before that it’s good to put a down payment or indications so first. Only then do a thorough inspection of the requirements of the four-wheeled vehicle.

The results of the examination can be used as a reference for conducting price negotiations with car owners. 

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Pay Attention to The Vehicle Tax

It is possible, used four-wheeled vehicles that are sold cheaply experience delays in paying taxes. So make sure in advance about the tax conditions of the vehicle to be purchased. So that later there is no need to bother paying taxes on arrears whose costs can be very expensive.

After buying a car, you should also think about protecting the vehicle based on risks on the highway, such as accidents, damage, riots, and so on. All of this can be covered by the car premium.

In order not to burden finances, choose a four-wheeled vehicle contribution product that synchronizes the needs and ability to pay coverage dues.

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