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Tips on buying a car is very crucial for those of you who want to buy a new car! Buying a four-wheeled vehicle for the first time is an exciting moment, but the cost of buying a car is not a little bit, loh. Before determining your dream vehicle, there are 5 crucial things that you should consider so that you don’t choose errors. Arbitrary? Take a look at the five tips for buying a car below! Adjust to the budget

Tips for buying the first four-wheeled vehicle is to make sure the price of the mount suits your pocket. No prestige! Remember, there is a price there is quality. If you specify more expensive four-wheeled vehicles, surely they show more attractive features and calmness. However, there is no harm in determining a cheaper vehicle when it is in sync with your needs!

Don’t forget to compare the price of the car by searching for information on the Internet or asking the people around you.

After that, don’t forget to learn to save if you want to receive your dream car. You can separate payday money, avoid buying consumptive items or make special savings. 2. Fuel used

Tips for buying a second four-wheeled vehicle is to pay attention to the fuel used by four-wheeled vehicles. As quoted above, make sure the car’s fuel is in accordance with your budget. Each type of car has different fuel using various prices. Expensive fuel will undoubtedly increase spending, right?

Here is a model according to Gadoga that states some types of cars have fuel that is not aligned. The price quoted according to Pertamina’s website resides in West Java. An example is the following:Daihatsu Ayla uses Pertalite (Rp 7,650/liter)Daihatsu Grandmax using Pertamax (9,000/liter)Daihatsu Taft, Terios, Xenia using Premium (6,450/liter)Daihatsu Charada using V Power (12,070/liter)3. After sales & porto care

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Quoted based on Medcom, you also have to pay attention to after sales service & maintenance costs. Make sure you buy a four-wheeled vehicle from a factory that has an extensive network of official workshops. Why? So that if you want maintenance or repairs, you don’t need to bother finding a place to consult your vehicle.

Then, pay attention to the expected care porto. In addition to the price of fuel, you also have to pay attention to the price of spare parts or porto maintenance that needs to be met. You can search for this coverage according to the official website or ask the dealer exclusively. If you want to be economical, you can also buy a bundling package that includes porto care or after sales package if there is one. Quoted from cintamobil, cars based on Daihatsu Cirebon have advantages, namely efficient fuel consumption, spare parts that are easy to find and very affordable prices. 4. Pay attention to the selling price

Everyone can feel bored. If you get tired of using your car, you can sell it to someone else. Therefore, tips on buying a four-wheeled vehicle is very crucial. You must pay attention to the selling price of the used type of four-wheeled vehicle that you are interested in so that you are not interested in making it lossless when you want to sell later.

You must pay attention to the ups and downs in the market price of your target car. Make sure the type of car you want to sell there are poly enthusiasts so that your car sells well at a price that is not too attractive.

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If you want to see the selling price of the car, you can visit the cintamobil site. Here is a model of the selling price of used four-wheeled vehicles quoted according to the site:Daihatsu Terios selling price: starting from 95 millionDaihatsu Luxio selling price: starting according to 78 millionDaihatsu Sirion selling price: starting according to 65 million5. Test drive

Tips for buying the last car is a test drive. Trying before buying is mandatory before buying a new vehicle. After considering porto maintenance, fuel and others, do you match using your dream car? Feel free to go to an authorized dealer yes to test drive your dream four-wheeled vehicle. Mendingan tried rather than already purchased but not suitable.

If you are often on the highway, then try a test drive on the highway. If you often park in a narrow place, you must do it too. If you can, do a test drive on the area or route you miss every day. In addition, you can also test drives on winding roads, sleeping positions, climbs / descents or in congestion areas.

Feel free to test drive to various sites and routes to find out the ‘character’ of the car before buying. Is your driving style suitable to use the four-wheeled vehicle you choose?

Do you understand the tips for buying a four-wheeled vehicle according to the above? Buying a car is not an easy thing, so you must choose it using caution. The car must be in accordance with budget & needs, but remember to pay attention to the selling price so that you can sell a four-wheeled vehicle quickly later. So many tips on buying a car according to the Daihatsu Cirebon team, see you at other automotive tips! Don’t forget to stop by our Facebook and Instagram!

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