5 Ways to Buy Your Own Car Even If The Salary Is Only 4 Million!

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5 Ways to Buy Your Own Car Even If The Salary Is Only 4 Million! Having a four-wheeled vehicle is not uncommon as a virtual everyone as a child. The more grand and mature, of course you realize that to be able to have it, it is not easy.

The salary you get every month, is very mediocre. Come to think of it, it seems impossible to use the adequacy honor to have a four-wheeled vehicle.

Indeed, if you receive an honor of only 4 million every month, then it will take at least 5 years to be able to buy a car, but that is also if you can leave a salary of 1-2 million per month.

But it was hard, wasn’t it? Because you also have to meet the needs of life that are also not cheap.

Well but don’t worry, if reviewed poly also how come those who are able to have a four-wheeled vehicle even though the honor is only 4 million. Let’s see how to buy the following four-wheeled vehicles are & apply! Saving from Monthly Income

The key and how to buy the most powerful four-wheeled vehicle that you can do is to save money. Yes, if you plan to have your own car, try to save first.

Well, the purpose according to saving this is actually not to collect cash to be able to pay for a four-wheeled vehicle in cash but to collect a down payment.

That way, your installment burden will not be too burdensome because it pays a down payment using a grand amount.

Many argue that the savings money comes from the remaining salary at the end of the month, of course this is not entirely true.

Saving at the end of the month, making the value of savings become uncertain even you can not save using consistently.

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So according to that, it is better every time the payday allocates a personal amount of funds based on the beginning of the month.

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You can start to separate 25% of your income on the first day of payday.

For a year, you have earned Rp12 million if consistent. Not bad, isn’t it? Adjust the Car With Budget

If you have a car is indeed your need, rather than buying a new one you can choose a used car.

Currently, there are many offline or online dealers who offer used four-wheeled vehicles.

It doesn’t have to be new, the crucial thing is worth using and the quality is not too good.

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How to buy another four-wheeled vehicle, you can find a four-wheeled vehicle through relatives, or even close friends, of course the price will be much more friendly. Easy, isn’t it?

Well, if you still want to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle, before starting research first the dealer of a synchronous four-wheeled vehicle using the ability.

Choose a dealer that provides the best price, installments and synchronous down payment using your funds.

In fact, often you know, dealers who provide promos such as cashback. Of course, this can provide more benefits for you. Find a Side Job

How to buy a car next you can find an additional job to inject funds every month.

It is not mandatory to work hard, for example, you like to process cakes, try to sell them online.

In addition, you can also afford to be a freelancer or freelancer. Currently poly once an industry that requires this energy, you know. Especially according to the creative industry.

So, if you are indeed someone who has the ability to write, design, or a photographer, there is nothing wrong with trying to be a freelancer when you are free.

Not only the creative industry, some industries such as education also have date job opportunities. You can afford to be a private tutor for schoolchildren.

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Income every month that you get according to this freelance, can be saved with a note not to be contested for other fund needs.

If this is the case, owning a car is no longer a dream. Start Funding

Have you saved? Good, stay consistent on living that norm.

Once you’re consistent, try to start funding. At first glance, it is similar, but these two things are not aligned, you know.

Saving is securing your money so that its value is still maintained, while investing means adding to the value of your currency with its profits.

For those of you who want to have a four-wheeled vehicle in the future, even though you have a salary of only 4 million, try investing.

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It doesn’t have to be much, you can start using a mini amount. After all, when there are many investment alternatives that not only the capital is affordable, but the risk also tends not to be grand.

Start according to money market mutual funds, gold, term savings until KoinP2P or KoinRobo on KoinWorks, Super Financial App.

Here you can start developing assets using funding in Peer-to-Peer Lending, with just Rp100,000 or further multiples using an effective output yield of 18% per year.

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Keep quiet, because you have investments in other portfolios

Short-selling to prevent further impairments

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KoinWorks has also been licensed & supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and certified iso:27001 as a result more reliable.

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Don’t Forget the Emergency Fund

Even if you make investments every month to save or invest, never forget to always prepare an emergency fund.

This emergency fund is crucial, because it can help you if you later experience unexpected things that are emergency.

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