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Here we will tell you how to take care of the car CVT so that it lasts. Because CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) itself is a part of the mount that is not less crucial than other car components.

According to Daihatsu Indonesia on its official website, it is said that the way CVT works in a car is to utilize two main components, namely puli and steel belt. Each puli will be driven by the fluid pump system as a result of which the energy is channeled more perfectly on the wheels, adjusting the change in speed and torque appropriately.

The work system that causes the acceleration of the mount will be more continuously free according to the alarm. As a result, driving becomes comfortable.

Well interesting information, Daihatsu said that the CVT transmission is shorter than manual transmissions that rely on planetary gear sets and torque converters (fluid coupling). This was also approved by Mechanic Rizki Auto as a specialist workshop for dead four-wheeled vehicles, Supriyanto.

“Cvt has an age, normally 150 thousand km or 5-8 years, if up to 10 years it is rare, especially for four-wheeled vehicles alert 2015 here,” said Supriyanto or familiarly called Ucup.

This makes sense, because the more sophisticated the technology of a transmission, the more complicated the device, the lighter and smoother. In addition, the belt in cvt is also risky to delay excess torque in the vehicle.

Although there is an age, but CVT is not unable to be treated. Mainly to create this transmission remains optimal, while extending the service life.

You see, if the CVT is damaged, the repair costs are expensive. According to Ucup, cvt needs to be replaced by a set that can cost tens of millions. “Cvt Nissan Livina is Rp 47 million, Honda Mobilio Rp 60 million,” said Ucup.

Well, in order to always be optimal you must do treatment. Do you know five ways to take care of a car CVT? Here’s the full story:1. “The most sporadic thing the owner realizes is the time the car uses various variations such as roof rails or iron bumpers, then the weight of the mount will be heavier.”

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How to care for cvt the first four-wheeled vehicle is based on the conduite fattening, such as transporting loads that are too heavy.  Inner vehicles generally have a maximum carrying capacity that has been affected by the original factory. So according to that, so that cvt durable owners of four-wheeled vehicles before carrying luggage pay attention to the payload based on the vehicle.

How to measure it is able to see according to the empty weight and maximum of the car that has been listed in the manual of each car. For example, for Toyota Kijang Innova which has a maximum weight of 2,130 kg and an empty weight of 1,525 kg. This means that if reduced the maximum carrying capacity of four-wheeled vehicles recommended by the manufacturer only weighs 650 kg, either in the form of people or goods.

The most sporadic realized by the owner is when the car uses various variations such as roof rails or iron bumpers for example, the weight of the vehicle will be heavier. In addition to the durability of CVT, this can also have an impact on fuel consumption more wasteful and the engine becomes quickly damaged. Diligently Change CVT Oil & Periodic ServiceTherefore, immediately consult using a trusted workshop if there is a case of using transmission so that it is quickly handled properly.

How to take care of the cvt of the next car is to diligently change the transmission oil, so that it is always maintained quality. Usually, oil changes in CVT transmission are recommended by the Ucup at each multiple of the travel break reaching 30,000 kilometers.

However, the multiple of the distance of 30,000 was for daily use just like an online taxi. It can also be used for vehicles that bear other heavy loads.

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If your four-wheeled vehicle is not for daily, and does not pass through a road that is too heavy, it can still be tolerated cvt oil change time for a limit of 50,000 Km. Then no less crucial, use a special CVT oil, because the content is not in line with other automatic transmission oil.

Regarding the price, CVT transmission oil is generally more expensive. Take models for four-wheeled vehicles Toyota for example the latest Toyota Yaris, Toyota Alphard, etc., the range is Rp 580 thousand per 3.five liters. Compare with conventional automatic transmissions that cost Rp 480 thousands per three.five liters.

Routinely changing CVT oil also produces transmission so it is always checked on a scheduled basis. As a result, if there is minor damage, it can be repaired immediately and not spread to other components. Do not often go through steep terrain if forced to pass through heavy terrain roads, make sure cvt transmission is in good health.

Vehicles using CVT transmissions are made to pass through straight and smooth terrain aka urban. So try not to bring the vehicle too often to pass through steep and uphill areas.

This is because tolerance delays the torque load and power is not as strong as conventional transmissions. If forced to pass through heavy terrain roads, make sure cvt transmission is in good health conditions. Also overload the car load to reduce the impact of the pressure load to the pulley set cvt transmission. Do Not Drive Aggressively I drive smoothly without the mandatory speeding with a high level of acceleration will create a cvt transmission as more durable & stay primed.

How to take care of the CVT of the next four-wheeled vehicle is to drive it aggressively. Because the typical character of CVT is by pivoting on a double puli. The way it works is flexible, which requires the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle to control his car using an orderly, unhurried, even rude.

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The smooth driving style of the vehicle without having to drive using high-level acceleration will make the CVT transmission more durable and permanently primed.

“Too often the kick down also creates a CVT chain easily saggy, because it is crushed. So kick down has a rule, it should not come suddenly step in until the accelerator runs out, but slowly,” Ucup said. Carefully Placing Transmission Position The importance of positioning the transmission well. For example, when it is mandatory to pass an uphill road with manual mode, try to use low gears.

Cvt transmission also has a manual automatic mode. For those who want to specify the manual can shift the transmission lever according to position D (drive) to position M (manual). It also comes with a sign (+) for an upshift & a sign (-) for a downshift.

The manual mode presented in this technology can be responded to by the personal computer transmission system and torque converter contained in cvt transmission. This is where the importance of positioning the transmission uses well. For example, the mandatory time to pass through the uphill road using manual mode then try to use low gear. Once the time is at high speed, avoid directly lowering it to a low gear position.

“Then if from the reverse gear or R, to D, it is mandatory to step on the brakes first. Make sure the car is completely stopped. And so is the opposite,” Ucup explained.

Then the time to lower the transmission should not be arbitrary. For example, when the medium speed is high, it should not be moved exclusively to L or lower gear. It can also interfere with cvt.

Thus the review related to how to care for a car CVT. Presumably this review is useful for you if you are planning to do a CVT service mount.

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