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Car Foot Components, Cars are not only as mounts that take us wherever we go home, but four-wheeled vehicles are also able to become our daily friends. Well so that our friend (car) is permanently loyal to incubating our journey, it’s good we know the car more. Surely you don’t want to donk being cool traveling with friends, family, girlfriends or together with your girlfriend’s family keep coming and suddenly the car just stops without knowing the cause because of what.

As we will discuss in this article, let’s get acquainted with the components of the legs of the car. Why we need to get acquainted with using the components of the legs of the car, because this component is very important and needs to be serviced regularly as well. Uneven roads or potholes can damage the legs of the car, can cause noise in the wheels, and others. What exactly are the components of the legs of the four-wheeled vehicle? (also read: Car Carburetor Components)

Here are some components of the car legs that you should know: 1. Car Tires

Car Tires are the primary Car Foot Component in the mount, whatever type of mount there must be wheels because if there are no wheels then the mount will not run donk.

There are several functions in the tires or wheels of four-wheeled vehicles:As a contrarian all the weight of the mountbecome a bearing that contacts between the top of the road with the mount.Tires can also regulate deep calm when walking at the top is not homogeneous and withstands shock on potholes.Tires themselves there are two types, namely;Outer tires, tires on, alloy wheels and pentilTires, Alloy Wheels & pentil (Tires that are also outer tires & tires on or commonly known as Tubeless).

For that it is very important in finding soft tires, good & anti slip. If the tire has experienced baldness, immediately replace your worn tire with a new one because it can cause the tire to be slippery, lose its way, difficult to maneuver. The cause of balding tires is due to less wind pressure on the tires, carrying too much weight, rarely cleaning tires and often driving vehicles using high speeds. (also read: How to Clean Car Wheels)two. Suspension or Suspension

Suspension is a Car Foot Component that serves to be a shock or vibration reducer that occurs on uneven road impact mounts that can increase the safety of driving and vehicle control.

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The suspension is located between the wheels and the frame body of the car, made to dampen surprises based on the top of the road as a result of which the car is as stable in driving and creates comfort for the driver and passengers and creates more snarling wheels in the condition of the road traveled.

In general, the suspension is divided into two types, namely rigid type and independent or free type. (also read: Causes of Cars Vibrating At High Speed)Type Rigid

In this type of non-wheel can move freely because the axle constituency is connected exclusively to the body of a four-wheeled vehicle & spring frame, on the uneven road surface or the hollow road to the 2 wheels will hypnotize each other so that it is very uncomfortable for you and especially passengers on the back.

Because the rigid suspension position is generally more in the rear or rear position based on the perfect car body under the rear passenger seat, but according to its simple and partially powered construction on the designation of cars that carry heavy loads such as buses and trucks.Type independent or free

This type of suspension is not the same using the rigid suspension type, the condition that the wheels can take a free run because between the right wheel and the left wheel is not connected to the axle as a result of which the two wheels are hypnotizing each other. Currently suspense type independent has begun to be widely used by new cars and certainly the price is more expensive and more complicated construction, because it aims to create a high level of calmness for drivers and passengers and stability in driving on any road surface.

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Objects that serve as a link between the steering wheel and wheel fasteners so that they can be turned to the kekiri and kekanan, the shape according to the tie rod is round around the size of the marbles.

The components of the legs of the car are equally important to maintain their connective power because in the event of looseness causes sounds in the wheels and creates the wheels as unstable.

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What makes the tie rod as fast loose is due to hard impacts and the age of use is quite long.

Signs of damage to the tie rod can be felt when walking on a damaged surface or a hollow road, besides that the alternative to detect it with the car in the jack and the wheels in the shake – shake to the left and to the right, if the wheel shakes, means there is a sign the tie rod is damaged.

Tie rod in the steering system of a four-wheeled vehicle or steering wheel is divided into two parts, namely:Inner tie rod or rack endtie rod end (in Indonesia commonly called Long Tie Road)

The size on the tie rod in the car slip is not the same, either the size of the length or the size of the thread for the connector. (also read: Causes of The Steering Wheel Shaking) 4. Ball Joint

As the name implies, such as a ball. With its position on the wheel mount and also becomes a swing arm link, making it easier to make the suspension gait that delays the wheel so that it does not date based on the chassis.

If you drive a vehicle using a speed of 50-60 KM / H then the wheels go into a mini hole or hit a small rock, then the steering wheel will be immediately difficult to control.

To check the damage, it is necessary to jack up the front of the four-wheeled vehicle and then place the crowbar between the ball joint and the other side that becomes a wheel seat.

Move the crowbar up and down, if there is leeway while the fastening nut is hard then this indicates the need to replace it using a new one. In addition, the damage can cause the tire as worn, bumpy, inrintic or curly. (also read: How to Care for a Car Clutch)five. Bushing

Rubber-shaped bushings that serve to dampen vibrations so as not to interfere with other connected metal components, the gait of the foot components of this four-wheeled vehicle affects the calmness in driving.

In general, bushings have 2 types based on their place, namely Bushing stabilizer as a fastener to the car chassis and balance to 2 suspense left and right, while bushing swing arm to dampen inner vibrations when the car runs.

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Bushing damage caused by the very hot engine temperature creates rubber conditions as brittle, the weight of the workload received by the component and also hard shocks due to frequent passing through hollow road surfaces.

The indication can be felt in the moment you drive at the top of the road that is not homogeneous steering wheel to change its own direction even though you do not move it, besides that there is a sound of decitan and engines that clash with each other at the bottom of the front seat even at the top of the road is awesome and also sometimes when speeding the car for example oleng or floating. To see the condition of the bushing is still feasible or needs to be replaced, you just have to look clearly after the cavity under the mobile house is resolved on the wash. (Also read: How to Care for an Old Car) 6. Bearing

Bearings or lahers that you know are components of the legs of four-wheeled vehicles have the function of being wheel bearings so that the wheels can rotate by reducing or minimizing the friction force that occurs in the rotary axis as a result of which the rotation becomes smoother and smoother.

Bearing is a factor of calmness & safety in driving a vehicle because it becomes a central component, if without bearing the wheels will quickly overheat, vibrate & rotary components in it as broken. Damage occurs according to several things, ranging according to the age of use, the quality of the goods to how they are used.

Although production based on popular brands with quality materials is proven to be strong still if the way you drive is not right or careless – but this component will suffer faster damage, but also due to damaged roads, rust and hyperbole loads.

Usually damage to this component can be felt in the speed of the car at a speed of 40-50km / h using the rumbling sound into the cabin that comes based on the front wheel bearings, increasing the speed of the car the more noisy the sound.

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