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September 28, 2021September 28, 2021by Firdaus Ali

Car brake maintenance must be done periodically, because the brakes are a crucial part of a four-wheeled vehicle. The function of the brake is to slow down the speed of the vehicle when needed for no accident to occur.

Still poly owners of four-wheeled vehicles who pay less attention to the condition of the braking system on their cars. Brake system pads have several supporting components, including disc discs, brake pads, brake fluid hoses and brake masters and brake pistons.

Various supporting components in the brake system are certainly obliged to receive treatment so that their function is optimal and avoid cases or damage. Because if there has been a problem, of course, it can endanger the owners of cars and vehicles in the vicinity.

In some cases, accidents on the highway occur the impact of brake function that does not work and consequently can cause fatalities.

“Car brake maintenance must be considered because one of the brake functions is to avoid accidents,” explained Aris Triyono as Daihatsu’s Service Advisor.

To avoid this, car brake maintenance must always be considered and done in a planned manner. Well, how to care for car brakes? Here’s the full discussion: How to care for car brakes1. Routinely renewing the brake fluid of a quality four-wheeled vehicleMinyak brakes must be replaced periodically or every 20 thousand Km

One of the car brake treatments is by routinely replacing brake fluid patterned. Brake fluid has the task of lubricating disc components and pads. The two will rub against to stop the car. Well, while the function of brake fluid is to relieve heat due to collisions between discs using brake pads.

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“Ideally renew the brake fluid every 20 thousand kilometers and drain every 40 thousand kilometers. This was useful so that the performance of brake fluid functioned optimally. In addition, check the volume of brake fluid in the tube, not to be empty to avoid the entry of air into the brake fluid channel that can interfere with its performance, “added Aris.

In addition to changing the brake fluid in a smooth manner, the selection of brake fluid is no less important. Use brake fluid that is in sync with the manufacturer’s standards, of course with synchronous specifications using the characteristics of the car.

“To be able to adjust the brake fluid that fits can be observed in the car manual. For example, daihatsu Sigra uses DOT 3 brake fluid. So do not replace the brake fluid that the DOT is higher because it can even cause problems in the braking system, “explained Aris2. Cleaning disc parts

The next maintenance of four-wheeled vehicle brakes is to use cleaning the disc parts & brake pads of the car. It is a bit difficult indeed, because it needs to open the wheel.

Then clean the disc disc using a specific liquid (disc cleaner), spray it on the disc part evenly. Let stand for a few s. Then continue to use cleaning with a washcloth evenly.

“The disc disc is positioned below and outside the four-wheeled vehicle, so it is susceptible to dirt & dust. If it is cleaned, it is able to create a rusty disc and cause problems in the braking system,” added Aris.

If you are struggling, be able to do this at the auto repair shop using mechanical donations. Do disc brake cleaning along with the oil change time or service of the four-wheeled vehicle engine. Check the feasibility of the brake camp remilusration camp has run out

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Brake pads are one of the crucial components in a braking system. The shape is like a bearing attached to an iron plate. The function based on these bearings is to reduce the rotation of the disc to slow down the speed of a car.

If the brake pads have thinned or even run out, there will be friction between the discs using iron plates according to the brake pads. This caused the disc disc to be damaged and the brakes could be blong. For porto replacement brake pads range Rp 300 thousand.

“Check the feasibility of brake pads, if they are thin immediately replaced do not let the campas run out. In addition, use quality brake pads, do not just come from cheap but the quality is not good, “explained Aris.

If you can’t check the brake pads yourself, you can ask for mechanical help at the workshop. Try to check the thickness of the brake pads every car service. Check car brake caliper requirements

Although rarely damaged, checking the brake calipers of four-wheeled vehicles is one way of maintaining the brakes of four-wheeled vehicles.

If the car brake caliper experiences a case usually the brakes will feel choked when used. This was because the brake calipers had shifted or oblak.

If the brake caliper has experienced a not too severe oblak, it can generally be repaired using service in the braking system in the workshop.

This is also relatively difficult for the general public to do. So according to it, it is able to ask for the help of the mechanic in the workshop when changing engine oil. Avoid doing rough brakingHow to care for this car brake can be done alone

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One of the car brake treatments that can be done by the owner itself is to do braking smoothly. Because this activity does not require the senses of tools. It is enough to use changing the way to drive the vehicle.

“Do the cementing slowly, if braking is done roughly as a result of brake pads and discs will be easily eroded. Although braking subtly will also erode the brake pads, but at least the scraping was not as much as rough braking. Therefore, when on the highway, it is better to keep a pause using the car in front of it so that it can brake smoothly, “added Aris.6. Pay attention to indications of braking system problems

The next car brake treatment is to use pay attention to indications or indications on the braking system. This you can do yourself to be the owner of the mount.

If the brake sounds or squeaks, it can also feel the brakes falter, including the brake pedal has been stepped on. You have to be vigilant, therefore the whole is a sign where the braking system there is a problem.

Immediately take your favorite car to the workshop to check the components of the braking system so that the problem does not become more direction and of course for the safety of driving the vehicle.

Moladiners, that’s a review of car brake treatment. make other interesting automotive coverage monitor continuously Moladin.com.

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