7 Ways to Care for Safe Car Paint to Keep It Shiny

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Not only the interior, the exterior of four-wheeled vehicles is also important for us to take care of. In order to avoid the risk of damage and peeling of the mount body, here’s how to care for safe car paint.

Today, four-wheeled vehicles are no longer trusted as the sense of transportation alone. More based on that, this type of mount is even a symbol of wealth, social status to be able to tell the identity of the owner.

Therefore, it is not surprising that car owners are willing to spend their money to take care of the appearance of their mounts. Although in fact how to care for car paint we can do ourselves at home. How to Care for Car Paint Without The Need to Salon1. Clean the Car Body with Special Shampoo

How to take care of car paint personally is actually just a matter of norms. If you want the appearance of the mount body always look primed, make it a habit to clean the car with a specific shampoo.

Special shampoos of relatively poly wheeled vehicle bodies are sold on the market. The price also varies from tens to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Although relatively expensive, this shampoo is very effective in taking care of your car paint. two. Directly Clean the Stains That Stick

The habit of procrastinating on cleaning the body of a four-wheeled vehicle can have an adverse impact on the durability of its color. Therefore, immediately clean the mount body if exposed to stains or dirt.

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No need for everything, relatively clean the body of the four-wheeled vehicle that is affected by stains using clean water and a little shampoo. Wipe with a soft cloth until the surface of the body is completely dry. three. Use Compounds to Remove Berets

If the body of a four-wheeled vehicle has been scratched, immediately use a compound kit to be a way to take care of your car paint. No need to go to the salon, the compound kit itself is relatively much sold at automotive tool stores.

The way the kit compound works is actually easy, using applying the liquid on more or less the former beret then the paint contained in the surroundings will melt until it covers the former body carving. 4. Pay Attention to Vehicle Parking Lots

Paying attention to the parking lot of the mount can also be a way to take care of powerful car paint, you know. That is, avoid open places & exposed to private sunlight when parking a four-wheeled vehicle.

Coating the mount body using a cover or holster of a four-wheeled vehicle is legal, but this step is only ad interim because some sheath materials are still able to be penetrated by sunlight. 5. Avoid Car Overtaking when The Vehicle Is Wet

Related to using the previous points, the habit of covering the body with a car holster turned out to be done correctly. Avoid covering your vehicle using a cover while it is still wet.

According to automotive experts, the humid air that exists due to covering the mount body when it is still wet can cause fungi and damage the appearance of the car paint earlier. 6. Cover the Car Body at Night

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You know, when is the most effective time to use a four-wheeled vehicle holster? Not during the day, the ornament is actually very useful when used at night, you know.

As already mentioned, some car holsters may not be designed to delay exclusive sunlight. It is actually useful to dispel dew water that can inhibit the paint of four-wheeled vehicles. 7. Use The Kit After Washing the Car

Finally, how to take care of four-wheeled vehicle paint that you can try is to use a shiny liquid or kit. Don’t be upset, the kit itself there are several kinds ranging from cleaners, compounds to lickers.

Choose a useful kit product as a rounder, this liquid is used for the completion of the holiest and dried four-wheeled vehicle. Apply the liquid kit to all parts of the body so that it looks kinclong and dagi.

Those were some ways to care for a conducive car body paint. To increase the comfort and safety of driving, complete the mount using a trusted four-wheeled vehicle coverage fee policy, yes!

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