8 Tips for Buying a Used Car and Its Price Range

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For those of you who are considering buying a used four-wheeled vehicle, first know some tips for buying a used car. Because, buying a used four-wheeled vehicle is easy, difficult. If you choose errors, you can even use a used car that is not good that many things in the past.

Many still believe that buying a used car is easily damaged and will spend porto for maintenance more wasteful. Though all of it is not necessarily valid as long as you are smart when choosing and buying it.

The growth of the number of mounts that are getting higher every year makes the country’s automotive industry grow quite rapidly. It can be seen according to data on sales of new four-wheeled vehicles in 2018 which reached 1.15 million units or up more according to 7% from 2016 and 2017.

Not to be outdone using a new car, used four-wheeled vehicles also experienced a significant increase in sales in the first quarter of 2019. The figure reached 30 to 50 percent according to last year’s sales in the same period.

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Get financial protection based on the contribution of four-wheeled vehicle coverage so that you are guaranteed based on the high cost of service and restoration in the workshop. Thanks to four-wheeled vehicle insurance, your savings and investments remain safe.

That fact explains that used four-wheeled vehicles are still an option for some people.  Before you become one part according to them, let’s look at what things must be considered when buying a used four-wheeled vehicle permit not to lose. How to buy a quality used car

Choosing a used four-wheeled vehicle is a little difficult, it needs accuracy and patience in doing so.

Before visiting the nearest used car showroom, here are tips on buying a used car that you need to know.  1. Check service history

Tips to buy the first used four-wheeled vehicle is to look at riawayt service. By checking the service history of four-wheeled vehicles you can find out clearly whether the four-wheeled vehicle was treated periodically or nir.

In global automotive, this is called a service record, if the four-wheeled vehicle has a regular schedule for service, then it can be ascertained that the four-wheeled vehicle has good conditions and is roadworthy.

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Also make sure whether the used four-wheeled vehicles targeted perform routine service at official workshops or not.

Preferably, choose a four-wheeled vehicle that has a service history that uses official workshop services, because in addition to the guaranteed condition of the car to be purchased, by doing routine maintenance it can ensure the authenticity of the car odometer, in the sense of knowing how many kilometers have been taken by the car earlier.

Find out what are the types of services & find the latest car service porto.

If you are looking for a used four-wheeled vehicle that is quite guaranteed service, you can consider buying a used taxi vehicle. Usually, used four-wheeled vehicles ex taxis are more guaranteed maintenance. two. Don’t get stuck in a lopsided price

Buying a used car targeted using a sloping price is certainly tempting, but in economic law, there is a form of goods is a thing that must be emphasized properly.

Tips to buy a used car 2nd, do not get stuck with a price that is skewed according to the seller! Be careful and conduct an in-depth examination together using a workshop mechanic or a person who is an expert in assessing the feasibility and requirements of four-wheeled vehicles.

Because if the price of a four-wheeled vehicle offered is too cheap from the market, it can be a car that was a heavy accident or even a flooded container, or even there is also a skewed price is an effort to lure consumers to arrive at the showroom and give other four-wheeled vehicles.

Do not let porto to maintain or repair your car actually drain savings. Take advantage of sharia four-wheeled vehicle premiums so that you are guaranteed according to the high cost of repair bills at the workshop. Sharia car insurance gives you a guarantee of compensation using permanent prioritizing financial management in synchronised sharia provisions. three. Check interiors & accessories

Checking or checking the used four-wheeled vehicle to be purchased is a must-do, the easiest thing is to check the interior of the car starting based on the dashboard, seat leather, footwear carpet, audio, to cabin lights.

Make sure all these things work properly including air conditioners that have cold air, as well as safety features such as seat belts, handbrake, to hazard lights.

By conducting a thorough examination in the interior and accessories segment, it can find out whether the car was flooded or not, because generally flooded four-wheeled vehicles have traces of dirt that settles and crusts on parts that are difficult to clean. 4. Check the vehicle body

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Another important thing is to investigate the integrity of the body of a four-wheeled vehicle, this examination includes several primary parts of four-wheeled vehicles such as door panels, hoods, glass of four-wheeled vehicles, and also paint of four-wheeled vehicles.

If the car has an original body, main frame structure and car paint there are significant changes, while if you have undergone an overhaul, there will be changes in the hue of the paint and some parts that are not the same. Then make sure the used four-wheeled vehicle is in good condition, and it’s not rusty. 5. Check machine requirements

After checking the body and interior, the thing that should not be missed is to check the requirements of a used car engine.

Open the hood of the car and start the car to be purchased, pay attention to all car components and engine sounds, if there are components that vibrate improperly, it will cause other sounds when the four-wheeled vehicle is started.

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Check thoroughly if there is an oil leak in the engine block or other components. After that do a test drive if the showroom or seller asks prospective buyers to try the four-wheeled vehicle earlier.

When this test drive pays attention to using well, starting based on the speed of the mount, gas pull, brake requirements, transmission, up to the legs or per four-wheeled vehicle, using so able to judge the used car is still comfortable or not.

Tips on buying a used four-wheeled vehicle may be difficult for those of you who do not understand poly about four-wheeled vehicle engines. Therefore, it is important to invite friends or acquaintances of the mechanic who really understand about the ins and outs of the car. 6. Make sure the document is complete

In buying a used four-wheeled vehicle, the thing that should not be missed is to investigate the completeness of the vehicle documents, make sure the target car has a completeness of good and valid letters, check the motor frame number, engine number, match the Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK), and the Motor Vehicle Ownership Book (BPKB).

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Also make sure the frame number and machine number are synchronous using those listed in stnk and BPKB.

For those of you who live in the East Java area, find out how to check the mount tax & as well as how to pay using sahih on Lifepal! 7. when in doubt, bring a specialist mechanic

Then, if you have the ability to judge used four-wheeled vehicles either or not good, you should bring friends or mechanics who are experts in the field, the goal is obvious so as not to be deceived by sellers or showrooms.

This will certainly put greater confidence if oneself hesitates to do so, because by bringing an expert mechanic, it is able to ensure various advantages and disadvantages according to the used car to be purchased.

Do not let the error of buying a used four-wheeled vehicle so that it does not lose later because it can be an unhealthy engine. Don’t forget, the cost of getting off the engine of a four-wheeled vehicle is not cheap! 8. Be patient and conscientious

Buyers of used four-wheeled vehicles, sometimes impatient and tend to rush in search of four-wheeled vehicles targeted, when the good is to search stoically and thoroughly. This is so that buyers receive a healthy and excellent used four-wheeled vehicle.

Because in buying a used car requires time to compare in terms of quality, price, and others. Do not let the rush even make a loss of the impact of the car purchased in terms of healthless. Cheap used cars price list

As a reference, these are several brands and types of four-wheeled vehicles that can be purchased with a budget of approximately Rp50 million and Rp100 million in the market.  The selling price of used cars below Rp 100 million

For a family car that can accommodate up to 7 passengers you can buy a 1,300 cc G-type Toyota Avanza engine released in 2004 at a price of approximately Rp75 million. For the top there are types E and S launched in 2005 with a price of Rp80 to Rp100 million.

In the type of urban car using five seats you can determine the Honda Jazz engined 1,500 cc output in 2004 at a price of Rp85 million. Or peugeot 206 engine 2,000 cc output in 2010 and below with approximately the same price.