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How to Care for Car Paint To Always Be Shiny – Many people say that the vehicle reflects the owner. Even a person’s personality can be seen based on the car he rides every day. For the sake of receiving a good image, there is nothing wrong with you starting to pay attention to the state of the four-wheeled vehicle. Not only engine performance, the exterior of the car must also be polished every day. There are several ways to take care of four-wheeled vehicle paint so that every day looks shiny. It is a compliment if your four-wheeled vehicle as a center of attention.

Caring for car paint does require perseverance & norms. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take good care of car paint . As a result, cleaning time even causes scars and even scratches. Actually, to maintain the quality of paint of four-wheeled vehicles is not always mandatory to be done in the workshop. There are several ways that can be done in the residence using simple senses. The most important thing before listening to how to take care of car paint is to make sure you drive using conducive. If there is a severe carving then you have to pay to repair it. Tips and How to Care for Car Paint

How to Care for Car Paint to Always Be ShinyKeeping your car from extreme weather

The exterior of the car is indeed the most vulnerable part when it comes into contact with extreme weather problems. As a result, the paint of a four-wheeled vehicle that was originally smooth can fade and even peel off. There are several ways to avoid this. Tips for caring for the first new four-wheeled vehicle paint is not to park the four-wheeled vehicle under the hot sun directly. Try to determine the location of parking in the building or under the tree. If it is difficult to find, there is no harm in closing using the cover of an amazing four-wheeled vehicle.

Likewise when it rains. Try to drive a car with no fault for too long exposed to rainwater. If forced to drive when it rains, do a little maintenance when you get home. Immediately wash the rainwater with clean water. Likewise at night. Do not let four-wheeled vehicles are too often exposed to dew. Rainwater and dew can cause four-wheeled vehicles to rust faster. The solution to how to care for the best car paint is to cover it with a quality four-wheeled vehicle cover.Washing your car regularly

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On the streets, four-wheeled vehicles are often exposed to smoke and dust containing millions of chemicals. It can also affect the durability of car paint. How to take care of car paint so that these chemicals quickly disappear is to wash them regularly. To wash the car, you should do it at least twice a week. Even if it already looks dirty, there is no harm in cleaning every day. This is done to prevent dust from accumulating too thick.

Washing a four-wheeled vehicle does require specific diligence & expertise. Therefore, it is not sporadic that people are more decisive to take their vehicles to the car salon. But if you want to try it yourself at home, be careful with soapy water. How to take care of used car paint is to avoid washing under the hot sun directly. Soapy water that dries will leave patches on the car body.Do Not Use Detergent for Washing

Each type of soap has a different function. No exception soap used to wash the car. Never wash with soap containing detergent. How to take care of new car paint so that it does not fade is to wash the four-wheeled vehicle using a special shampoo. There are already many brands of four-wheeled vehicle shampoos spread in the market. But if you still have trouble finding it, there are still other solutions. You can use regular soap or shampoo using a note that it does not contain detergent.Adjust the Water Output Power From The Hose

Stubborn four-wheeled vehicle dirt is indeed easier to clean with a strong water current. However, you need to know that this also endangers the paint of four-wheeled vehicles. How to care for four-wheeled vehicle paint so that there are no exclusive stains is to also regulate the flow of water when washing. Do not let the water come out too heavy. This water pressure can damage the paint arrangement until it finally causes a mark. It would be very ugly to see if there were traces in the exclusive parts. When washing, relatively use water using medium strength. In addition to spraying using a hose, it can also be done by pouring. This is of course more conducive because the body of the car will not get friction.Immediately Dry the Car After Finishing Washing

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When it is felt that all parts of the four-wheeled vehicle are hygienic, immediately dry the four-wheeled vehicle. This is also one way to take care of car paint to keep it shiny. Do not ignore the water too worn wet the car body. Do not rely on sunlight to dry it. This can cause the car body to imprint on the parts affected by water. Clean it as quickly as possible so that there are no patches on the paint of your four-wheeled vehicle.Pay Attention to How to Wipe And Wipe Material

Tips for Caring for Car Paint

It has been explained above that after washing, drying the car must be done as soon as possible. Drying this four-wheeled vehicle can be done by wiping it. To wipe the car, of course, there are several things that must be considered. The first is about the rag material. Choose a material made of leather or kanebo so that water is absorbed faster. Do not use a rag from cotton because it often stores small particles. These mini particles can greatly harm your car paint. The 2nd thing that must be considered is to be careful when wiping. Make sure the wipes you use are hygienic. Also check that there are no mini particles attached to the car paint. If you are not careful when wiping, these particles will cause a collision. Caution when wiping the car is also one way to treat car paint so that it is not easily damaged.Use Polishing And WaxIng Drugs To Make Car Paint Shiny

For some people, a hygienic car is not enough. There are several ways to take care of car paint to make it more shiny. Before doing this step there are several materials that must be prepared. These materials are wax, polishing drugs, foam, & soft cotton cloth or if there is a microfiber. The first step to making the paint more shiny is to put polishing medicine. The trick, make sure your car is in the shade so that the drug does not dry quickly. Administration of polishing drugs can be done using pouring them in foam. Then rub part by part of the car in a twist. Do not rub all car bodies directly. Do this method gradually so that each polishing medicine easily dries. Wait about 10 min. When it is dry, wipe the former polishing medicine using a cloth or microfiber.

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How to care for the next car paint to make it more shiny is to use waxing techniques. In fact, waxing is coating car paint with a wax-like material. This method is considered the most powerful to create car paint like a new back. The method is almost the same using giving polishing drugs. However, make waxing certainly lighter because it does not need to rub into the paint of a four-wheeled vehicle. Simply flatten and when it has been coated all parts, clean the wax residue with microfiber. Take these steps so that the car paint always looks shining.Make Repairs Immediately If There Are Sharp Scratches

The body of a four-wheeled vehicle is indeed forever smooth. If at any time you are unlucky until your four-wheeled vehicle is sharply scratched, immediately make repairs. How to care for car paint this one does require quite a cost. However, if it is too left unchecked, it will spread to other parts. As a result, porto spewed out will be more and more.

Those were some ways to take care of car paint so that it looks always shiny. If done regularly, it does not actually require porto poly. Just compare it if it is mandatory to take it to the salon of a four-wheeled vehicle. Of course the cost will soar very high. By following the above methods, it takes the paint of a four-wheeled vehicle will last longer. Also Read Tips on Caring for Car Tires & How to Wash Car Tires.

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