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Do you want to buy a new car? Buying a new car that is in sync with your passions & needs is not easy, there are many factors to think about before deciding on a type of four-wheeled vehicle. Because, buying a new four-wheeled vehicle also requires no small amount of funds. Therefore, it is crucial for friends to do several ways before determining the virtual four-wheeled vehicle to be purchased. Here are some tips before buying a new car, including:Choose the model that suits your needs

Friends must have a virtual four-wheeled vehicle that you want to have immediately. However, the virtual four-wheeled vehicle is sometimes not necessarily in sync using the needs of friends today. Therefore, it is crucial for friends to consider the needs & abilities before buying a new car. If you currently need a four-wheeled vehicle using a capacity that can be filled by the family, then choose a car with adequate capacity, you should avoid four-wheeled sedan vehicles because it is not in sync with needs. 

Determine the budget (budget)

When intending to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle, Friends must have chosen how much funds must be prepared to take the car away. Determining the crucial spending rules or budget is done so that friends buy a new four-wheeled vehicle according to ability and not exceed the budget limit. Because, if it exceeds the limits of the rules, it is likely to drain the funds expected for other crucial needs. 

Check market price

Currently it is easy to find various kinds of coverage, one of which is information about the price of cars in the market. This is important to do before buying a new car in order to get a price certificate and prevent the occurrence of buying a new car using a very high price compared to the market price. 

Read the reviews of the four-wheeled vehicles earlier

The next tip before deciding to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle is to read reviews or reviews about the car. This review or review is generally from users of four-wheeled vehicles or automotive lovers about the advantages and disadvantages of a type of four-wheeled vehicle. 

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It is important for friends to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the car so that you are not disappointed after buying. The opinion of the review is certainly able to be a reference for friends because buyers or automotive lovers already have experience trying the car earlier. 

Pay attention to the cost of maintaining the car

No less crucial thing to note when buying a new car is to know the maintenance costs that will be spent on the type of car you want to buy. Every four-wheeled vehicle certainly has different maintenance costs. This depends on the factors of spare parts, gasoline, monthly service, and so on. 

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Choose a recommended dealer

Before setting out to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle and arrive at a dealership or showroom, first determine which dealer the destination. This is done because there are many dealers or showrooms that are present in several cities, as a result it can create confusion to determine the right dealer.

Therefore, choose a trusted four-wheeled vehicle dealer. Friends can ask for recommendations based on friends, family, or neighbors who have bought a new car at a dealership. Moreover, it is also useful if your friends know closely using the owner of the car dealer earlier, so it is likely to be able to receive special prices and attractive incentives.

Set the perfect time

Make sure to choose the right time to buy a new car and arrive at the dealer who has been affected. This method is crucial to do especially if there are seasonal promos at exclusive times, as a result of which you are able to get special prices when buying a new car. Usually the best times to buy a new car are at the end of the year and at the exhibition of four-wheeled vehicles. At these times, generally the seller puts various promos & attractive discounts. However, it does not rule out the possibility that outside at that time there are also interesting promos that can benefit friends. Therefore, it is important to monitor the market price of four-wheeled vehicles and ongoing promos. 

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Complete with premium

If you have a confirmation to choose one type of four-wheeled vehicle, you should complete the new four-wheeled vehicle using the best coverage dues. The selection of this premium can be adjusted using the needs of friends when carrying out activities using the four-wheeled vehicle.

Buy a new four-wheeled vehicle by way of credit

Friends want to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle, but cash or funds in savings are not enough? Now you don’t need to worry again, because you can afford a new or used four-wheeled vehicle by way of credit. Four-wheeled vehicle loans are a way to buy a new or used car using a payment method that is paid in installments or paid to financial institutions that provide these services. Credit makes it easy for anyone to receive a dream car using quickly & easily. There are payment schemes, such as the percentage of down payments and installments that have been determined in sync with the tenor or payment period selected. 

So, what are the requirements to apply for a four-wheeled vehicle loan? To apply for new and used car loans, there are several requirements specified by the financial institution. Usually the requirements for applying for four-wheeled vehicle loans for new consumers are divided into four categories, including employees, self-employed, professionals, and companies. Each category has specific conditions. For new consumers, the general requirements include:

Indonesian Citizen (WNI)

Minimum age of 21 years and aporisma 60 years in paid credit time

Have a steady income

When you apply for a credit to buy a new or used car, later the financial forum needs original evidence about the data of prospective consumers who will apply for new and used car loans. There are various crucial documents that must be fulfilled by consumers, generally these documents are in the form of photocopies of ID cards, family cards, home ownership, savings accounts, NPWP, and others. 

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You need to know that choosing a four-wheeled vehicle credit service must be done carefully because at this time many people actually harm consumers. For friends who want to apply for a four-wheeled vehicle loan, choose a financial forum that is safe, trusted, and has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Make sure the financial institution provides convenience services in every submission and payment process with competitive interest rates, so that it does not burden consumers when paying installments every month. 

One of the financing companies that provide new or used car loans is Adira Finance. By using a four-wheeled vehicle credit service according to Adira Finance, Sahabat is able to receive a new or used dream car with easy credit requirements, a long tenor, and accompanied by a credit simulation calculation that makes it easier for you to know how much funds and interest must be paid each month. Adira Finance also has two financing systems that friends can choose from, namely conventional financing and Islamic financing. Different from using conventional financing, Islamic financing is a type of financing in which according to sharia principles and provisions becomes the basis for the preparation of its products and services. Sharia financing consists of several types, one of which is financing for motorized rides using murabahah contracts. Come on, it’s time to apply for a business capital loan using multipurpose credit here. Apply for Multipurpose Credit

In addition to multipurpose credit, Adira Finance also provides motor credit services. For friends who are looking for a motorcycle with light installments and the process is fast, directly apply for a motor loan.

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