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Every year it is certain that there will always be the latest releases according to automotive vendors, both from Japan, Korea and Europe. This is what encourages Indonesian people to be interested in buying. One of the classic ways that people can accept the error of one modern-release car is to use selling their old cars.

There are people who are more decisive to sell their outdated four-wheeled vehicles in others directly, there are also those who sell them to dealers selling used four-wheeled vehicles. This is what makes the used car market still quite crowded. For you used car buying and selling business owners, you need some tips to make your business smooth and successful.

Well before selling and buying a car, try to always learn the condition of the four-wheeled vehicle. This aims to minimize the lack or damage that is missed. It could be in terms of appearance such as car paint, interior, to the engine & components of four-wheeled vehicles.

For the seller, if indeed if there is something that needs to be replaced or repaired, then it is better to fix it first. This is done so that prospective buyers are interested because there is no need to bother repairing four-wheeled vehicles. You can also avoid based on buyer complaints.

Make sure the completeness of the document

Before you set to buy a car according to others, make sure that the completeness of the documents is an absolute buying and selling condition. Selling a four-wheeled vehicle (without BPKB or STNK or without both) will get you in trouble.

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In addition to because consumers will be reluctant to buy your car without complete documents, you can also deal with the authorities because it will be considered to be a stolen goods depositor. You certainly don’t want this to happen, don’t you?

For sellers, it is crucial for you to always maintain the cleanliness & beauty of four-wheeled vehicles. Although the age of four-wheeled vehicles is no longer ‘young’, but if the terms of display and engine are still excellent, then it is not difficult to attract buyers. Because the impression of the first person is through view. Clean your car every day, wash it thoroughly and cover the four-wheeled vehicle when the dealer closes.

Always update using market prices

Both the seller and prospective buyers of used four-wheeled vehicles, try to understand in advance what the market price according to a car. The price of this used car can afford to change along with when, each region will be out of sync. Do not set the price of used four-wheeled vehicles that are too high is also too low. Buyers should also suspect that if the price of a used car is too low, there could be other shortcomings that are not stated by the seller.

There are many ways to promote goods, including used cars. For business owners of second car buying and selling dealers, you can also place advertisements on print mass media and online to increase promotion and sales. So that your dealer becomes easier to know others.

Avoid dealing with using a realtor

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Using the services of a realtor to make it easier for you to get a used car using easily is not the best idea. In addition, because later the price of four-wheeled vehicles becomes more expensive because brokers must find profits first, you also do not understand how the actual condition of the car, for example if you buy a four-wheeled vehicle directly based on the person.

Provide the type of four-wheeled vehicle that is only in demand by the market

Not all used four-wheeled vehicles are sold on the market, such as in Indonesia for example, Japanese automotive manufacturers such as Toyota & Honda are more in demand than other Japanese automotive plants such as Suzuki or Nissan. Even the original American and European factories are still less in demand than the original Japanese automotive plants.

Business owners buying and selling used four-wheeled vehicles, you must always update the price of used four-wheeled vehicles that exist today, with the aim that you do not sell four-wheeled vehicles at too expensive or too cheap based on market prices.

In any business, including buying and selling used four-wheeled vehicles, honesty is very important. As a seller, you are obliged to convey with trust what are the advantages & disadvantages of the car you sell. This aims to avoid complaints according to customers and so that you are also a buyer equally benefited.

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