9 Trusted & Best Car Buying and Selling Apps 2022

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Want to buy a new or used car? If you generally have to look at an official dealer or through the exchange of selling four-wheeled vehicles, now you don’t need to bother arriving to the location because you can download the implementation to buy and sell used or new cars.

With the implementation of buying and selling these online four-wheeled vehicles, you will not be upset again about buying a trusted dream four-wheeled vehicle. In fact, the implementation also provides features to sell four-wheeled vehicles & advertise for free.

Well, this time there is a recommendation for a used and new trusted car buying and selling application version of the JalanTikus team. This recommendation is for those of you who want to buy or sell cars safely and quickly. Check out the list below! Auto2000

Auto2000 is an online car buying and selling application developed by PT Astra International. This application displays a number of products about cars from the latest Toyota, auto2000 dealer locations, to booking to perform services in four-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles.

In addition, Auto2000 is also claimed to use DigiRoom or digital showroom With this online implementation, you can see Toyota Avanza or other virtual brands anytime and anywhere. Download this car selling app now! DetailAuto2000DeveloperASTRA INTERNATIONALAndroid at least 5.0+ and aboveUkuran45MBInstall100.000+Rating3.4/5 (Google Play Store)

Download it here.2. Mo88i

Mo88i (read: mobi) is the sale and purchase of trusted used four-wheeled vehicles. This application is a one stop used car buying and selling platform with online payments.

In addition to selling four-wheeled vehicles, mo88i is able to help if you need consultation on the choice of four-wheeled vehicles, prices or financing & insurance information.

mo88i is also present as a solution to buy, sell, and exchange trusted used cars. The payment transaction process is secure and everything can be done only at the hands. Detailmo88iDeveloperPT Compatible AutorayaAndroid at least 5.0+ and aboveUkuranuran41MBInstall100.000+Rating3.4/five (Google Play Store)

Download it here.three. Carsome

Carsome is the largest integrated four-wheeled vehicle e-commerce portal in Southeast Asia. Present in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, & Singapore.

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The app provides end-to-end solutions to consumers and used car dealers. Starting according to the inspection of four-wheeled vehicles, transfer of ownership to financing on reliable, convenient, & efficient services.

In addition to the application version, Carsome can also be accessed through the official website. If you are looking for a quality used car, you can visit this application. DetailCarsomeDeveloperCarsomeAndroid at least 5.0+ and aboveUkuran39MBInstall100.000+Rating3.4/5 (Google Play Store)

Download here.4. Car123

The first application that Jaka recommends is Mobil123. This application provides more than 200 thousand new & used car sales.

You can search for family four-wheeled vehicles to sporty wheeled vehicles based on various brands in this application. The sellers are also trusted and can be contacted to do a test drive.

Interestingly, Mobile123 can also be claimed as a motorcycle mount buying and selling application because you can also find various types and brands of motorcycles in this implementation. DetailMobil123DeveloperiCar Asia Ltd.Android minimum5.0+Size19MBInstall1,000,000+Rating4.6/five (Google Play Store)

Download here.lima. Carmudi

Next is Carmudi that you can use to find a car or to sell four-wheeled vehicles using fast and safe.

In this trusted used car buying and selling application, you can find cars based on various brands sold by trusted sellers.

Not only buying a vehicle, the Carmudi application also provides news about the modern automotive world that you can read every day for free. DetailsCarmudiDeveloperiCar Asia Ltd.Android at least 4.1+Size1.8MBInstall1,000,000+Rating4.3/5 (Google Play Store)

Download here.6. OTO.com

OTO.com is an implementation version of the best used four-wheeled vehicle buying and selling site of the same name using more than 200 thousand car sales according to trusted sellers.

You can find used cars according to various brands at a low price. Not only used, you can also look for new cars that have just been marketed in the country.

It doesn’t stop there, the implementation of selling this car has a 360-degree image feature so that you can visualize the desired car. Cool, right? DetailOTO.comDeveloperTech CarbayAndroid minimum4.1+Size VaryingInstall500.000+Rating4.two/five (Google Play Store)

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Download here.7. OLX

As a used and new car buying and selling marketplace that was established since 2005, OLX is famous for using a complete collection of car sales until now.

You can also search for old or new four-wheeled vehicles using competitive prices. You can also track the location of the sale to see the condition of the mount exclusively. DetailOLXDeveloperOLX Global B.V.Android minimum4.1+Size22MBInstall10,000,000+Rating4.6/five (Google Play Store)

Download here.8. Trovit

Trovit is a used four-wheeled vehicle in addition to OLX protestis abroad which also serves to help you find a dream four-wheeled vehicle using practical thanks to a number of features provided.

Although the price in this implementation is in the form of US dollars, but you can receive poly interesting features and find cool cars according to various brands using very easily. DetailTrovitDeveloperTrovitAndroid minimum4.1+Size8.1MBInstall5,000,000+Rating4.0/five (Google Play Store)

Download it here.9. RajaMobil.com

Finally, there are RajaMobil.com that make it easier for you to sell and buy new or used four-wheeled vehicles using various cool features such as credit simulation & insurance.

Not only that, the products displayed in the implementation of buying and selling this car are also equipped with interesting images and crucial coverage needed by crucial candidates. DetailRajaMobil.comDeveloperPT King Of MediaAndroid Cars at least 5.1+Size21MBInstall5,000,000+Rating4.1/five (Google Play Store)

Download here. Trusted Car Buying and Selling Sites

In addition to implementation, you can also find used four-wheeled vehicles or new four-wheeled vehicles through trusted sites that display reviews, prices, types, to car specifications.

If you still have trouble finding the right and trusted site, please refer to the list of the best car buying and selling sites that Jaka reviewed in the article below:

10 Best Car Buying and Selling Sites, Sellers And Buyers Alike Profit!

Want to buy a new and used car but don’t bother? Check out the 10 lists of the best car buying and selling sites and guaranteed to be conducive.

SEE ARTICLE Tips for Buying a Car Online

Buying a car online is certainly difficult easy so you have to understand how to accept a dream four-wheeled vehicle conducively. For that, see the following description!1. Find Trusted Apps

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Not a few prospective buyers who feel risi to buy a four-wheeled vehicle online for fear of becoming a victim of fraud that is now increasingly happening.

For that, you must find a car on the site as well as a trusted application and see the four-wheeled vehicle personally to ensure the requirements of the four-wheeled vehicle that you will buy. Read User Reviews

Buying and selling apps always show reviews based on users. You also have to read the reviews given by other users before buying the car you have targeted. Spare Parts Availability

Although priced using low prices, rare parts can cause maintenance costs to swell. You see, the rarer the spare parts, the more expensive the cost. Tips for Selling Cars Online

If you use the sale and purchase to sell your car, then you must know some tricks so that your car can quickly sell at the best price. Know the Market Price

Don’t put a price! You also have to do research first to find out the market price of modern cars & prices priced at homogeneous cars. Show Photos Details

Every prospective buyer will certainly pay attention to the photos displayed in the implementation. For that, you must upload an original photo of your car using visible and more clearly. Add a Complete Description

In addition to photos, prospective buyers also need information about the cars sold. For this reason, you need to add a complete description of your car. List of Used & New Car Buying and Selling Applications version of The JalanTikus Team

That is the most complete and reliable four-wheeled vehicle buying and selling application for you according to the JalanTikus team. Now you don’t have to bother looking for a dealer of four-wheeled vehicles because you are able to see the car personally at the implementation.

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