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Sedan Car Modification – Beautifying the car uses modifications as an exciting routine for some people, especially those with money. Hobby modification is not a cheap hobby, because it requires a lot of money to change some parts of the car also add additional accessories that are relatively expensive. All cars can also be modified, but the easiest is a sedan four-wheeled vehicle.

Already from there the sedan four-wheeled vehicle has an elegant and sporty look. With a little touch of modification, it will certainly look even cooler. Types of sedan four-wheeled vehicles are also very many, ranging from old sedans to new sedans. For those who like classic cars, of course, it is more decisive for the old sedan to be modified. The cost of modifying the old sedan is certainly very large, because it is mandatory to rejuvenate the engine so that its performance is always optimal.

Modifications of sedan cars can be adjusted using the type of sedan owned. Usually the owner of an old sedan prefers to do rejuvenation or restoration on his four-wheeled vehicle, so it looks like a new car. Meanwhile, new sedan owners generally add a variety of additional accessories, such as Bumpers, Spoilers, or kit bodies that surround each side of the four-wheeled vehicle to look like a race car.

Alloy Wheels & Exhaust as one of the parts that must be replaced when modifying the new sedan car. Owners of old sedans also often renew the built-in exhaust of four-wheeled vehicles using racing exhaust so that the sound output is more jarring. The interior also did not escape according to modifications, such as adding a subwoofer, renewing the head unit, to the seat skin. Well for those who are wondering if you want to see a modified sedan four-wheeled vehicle, please see below. COLLECTION OF PHOTOS MODIFICATION OF SEDAN CARSModification of Civic Sedan Cars

Honda Civic as one of the most popular four-wheeled sedan vehicles in Indonesia. This car still exists until now and there has been a new type that has a newer design and more sophisticated features. For old Civic owners do not need to be disappointed, because they can modify their car to look fresher and no less cool based on a new four-wheeled vehicle. Moreover, the Old Honda Civic has a sporty design, as a result it remains cool when modified.

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Honda Civic as one of the most popular sedan cars in Indonesia. This car still exists until now and there has been a new type that has a more up-to-date design and more advanced features. For owners of old Civics do not need to be disappointed, because they can modify their car to look fresher and no less cool than a new four-wheeled vehicle. Moreover, the Old Honda Civic has a sporty design, as a result it remains cool when modified.

You can apply various styles of modifications to the Honda Civic. If the budget is enough, you can order a kit body that makes the outer appearance of the Honda Civic more sporty. Modifications of the Civic sedan four-wheeled vehicle can also be made simply by changing the legs using grand-sized racing wheels and lowering the suspension slightly to make it look more fast. Tua Sedan Car Modification

Older sedans such as the permanent Corolla DX have a high selling value. Many people are hunting for old sedans to be modified. The classic and elegant design makes the old sedan even cooler and more cool to finish modified. The difficulty of modifizing old sedan cars is generally looking for spare parts that are generally rare and difficult to produce. Sometimes old sedan modifiers are obliged to import based on the outside if they do not receive the desired spare parts.

Most old sedans are used cars. The use of decades using a gap of hundreds of thousands of kilometers certainly interferes with some parts of four-wheeled vehicles, especially engine parts and legs. As a result, we must prepare an extra budget if we plan to modify the old sedan. The exterior condition of the old sedan is sometimes lacking maintenance, as a result it must be repainted which automatically requires a fairly large porto. Toyota 86 Sedan Car Modification

Actually, the design of the Toyota 86 is very sporty even though it is not modified. Even so, generally Toyota 86 owners feel tempted to use a lot of modified accessories available specifically for the Toyota 86. The body part that has been sporty from there was finally changed by wearing a kit body and adding spoilers in the back. Sometimes this car is also modified to become a ceper by using air suspension.

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The use of Air Suspension has been commonly found in the modification of ceper cars. Air Suspension allows the car’s suspension to be able to go up and down automatically in sync with the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle. The interior of the Toyota 86 can also be modified using adding racing seats and a more capable audio system. The usual modification of this sedan car is certainly very large. Moreover, Toyota 86 is one of the most expensive Toyota cars in Indonesia.

Timor is an Indonesian original four-wheeled vehicle. This car was made in the era of President Suharto and had to stop production due to the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia. Until now, the registrants of Timorese four-wheeled vehicles remained grand. One of the reasons for buying it is that it has a very cheap selling price. We only need to spend 30 million to 40 million to receive a unit of Timorese four-wheeled vehicles from 1996.

Considering its age is very old, of course, the design of timorese sedan cars is far behind according to the new sedan. Well for this car to permanently look cool, then you have to modify it. You can see the image above as a certificate of modification of timor sedan four-wheeled vehicles. Modifying this car is easy. You just need to add a kit body and change the alloy wheels, then the outer look of Timor will look more sporty. Lancer Sedan Car Modification

Since obsolete Mitsubishi Lancer is known as a sedan four-wheeled vehicle that has brilliant engine performance. The engine used can emit power and torque is very large, so it is often used as a race car. Not only that, the modification of the Lancer sedan car can also be used to participate in the modification contest, because in terms of permanent design it looks sporty even though the modified sedan is an old Lancer.

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The Mitsubishi Lancer has ceased production since 2017. Mitsubishi explained that the interest in the Lancer Evolutin was evaluated too low compared to other Mitsubishi four-wheeled vehicles. This car also has an emission content that is believed to be too high, as a result it is not in accordance with Mitsubishi’s philosophy that prioritizes environmentally friendly cars. As a result, we must buy a used Lancer if we are interested in modifying it. Ceper Sedan Car Modification

One way to squander money is to use creating a fast car. Well, the modification of a ceper sedan four-wheeled vehicle does require a very large budget. The biggest outburst is to buy Air Suspension which can cost up to 30 Million if you buy the best & most advanced Air Suspension. Car maintenance with Air Suspension is also not as easy as caring for a standard four-wheeled vehicle and must be supported by experts in installing it.

In addition to using air suspension, modification of the ceper sedan car can also be done by cutting the suspension to make it lower. The modification of this sedan four-wheeled vehicle is more suitable for those who live in the city. If you live in the village, then you must be prepared for the car body to break when passing through the police or damaged roads. Various types of sedans can also be made ceper, but will slightly reduce comfort when driving it.

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So that’s the news about the modification of the sedan car that we conveyed this time. It can be said that sedan cars are the most perfect choice for those of you who plan to buy a car to be modified. We recommend buying a used car so that you don’t feel affectionate when modifying it. Also prepare a budget exceeding 10 Million so that it can produce modifications of sedan four-wheeled vehicles that are cool and out of sync from other cars.

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