Buying a New Car In Cash Is Not Complicated! Check out 4 Steps

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Buying a new car in cash turned out to be more profitable than on credit even though it was a glimpse of the weight of cash because it had to prepare more funds.

But in a prolonged way it is much more efficient that cash because you become a car owner is already unencumbered using his monthly installments.

Then what about the procedure of buying a new car in cash, more complicated or easier huh? Let’s look at the information one by one below. Steps to Buy a New Car In Cash pictured buying a new car in cash

Buying a car may be an easy thing for those who are experienced.

But what happens if you first want to buy a four-wheeled vehicle? Of course, there are many things that must be considered for novice buyers.

Buying a new four-wheeled vehicle there are still two kinds, namely credit and cash (Cash) systems.

At this time poly once done using the credit system, it was because of the attractive offers and cheap DP Promos.

Before you decide to buy a four-wheeled vehicle among the 2 options above try to pay attention first if you want cash or cash:

This time it will be discussed more about buying new four-wheeled vehicles in cash. Buying a new car in cash means you buy the dream four-wheeled vehicle by cash, without installments or installments.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to when buying a car for cash. Well here are tips on buying a new car in cash that you can do. Make Sure the Budget & Type of Car You Need

The first thing that is crucial for you to do is to make sure in advance the budget you have. This is relatively important considering that you will buy it in cash.

In addition, by ensuring the budget later you can associate with the type & example of the car you need.

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The type and example of a four-wheeled vehicle that you buy must be in sync with your needs.

For example, you need a four-wheeled vehicle that is suitable for the family, then the choice of MPV type four-wheeled vehicles with spacious cabins is the best choice. Survey and Collect As Much Info As Possible

Tips to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash for beginners is to use the most news possible about the info of four-wheeled vehicles and dealers of four-wheeled vehicles.

Do not rush to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle, it would be better if you do general news to get the perfect type of car with the best price choice.

Not only understand the type, you will also be able to find out which type of four-wheeled vehicle has quality and how the maintenance and advantages and disadvantages of each car.

To find information such issues are not difficult at this time, you can search the internet or visit exclusive car exhibitions that take place.

And another thing that is no less important is knowing how the selling value after the use of four-wheeled vehicles in the market. Do not let later you get a four-wheeled vehicle that is difficult to resell. Prepare Funds for Booking Fee

In tips on buying a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash, it is important to pay attention to the booking fee which is a sign according to the purchase of a four-wheeled vehicle that you will do.

Usually the range of this booking value is between 1 million to 5 million Rupiah, depending on the policy on each dealer / showroom.

After you give the indication money so then later you will receive a SPK or Vehicle Booking Letter.

But before, you negotiate first on the dealer of four-wheeled vehicles to be able to receive the best offers such as bonuses, discounts, accessories that you get and various other promos.

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If you are relatively satisfied using what will be given later, you can put the money sign so.

This booking fee payment can be done in cash as well as transfer. But it would be better if you give cash personally to the car dealer or when there is an event / exhibition of four-wheeled vehicles.

So that later the transaction you do feels more conducive and without any worries. Pay Attention to Vehicle Booking Letter (SPK)

As explained earlier, the completion of paying your booking fee will receive a SPK or Vehicle Booking Letter.

There are several crucial points that must be considered and still in the letter, including:

Booking date, must be in sync with the release where you give the booking fee

The price of new four-wheeled vehicles, this is very important if the price of four-wheeled vehicles increases in the future.

The color of the new four-wheeled vehicle, whether this is binding or still able to renew other color requests after booking.

Discount on a new car, if there is a bonus then of course it must be synchronously agreed.

Accessories, if the dealer of the four-wheeled vehicle promises to put accessories then it must be written clearly.

Bonuses, if there are still incentives or promos, it must also be written in sync using what is obtained.

Read SPK using clearly, starting according to the conditions and conditions written on it. Understand carefully, but if there are things that are not understood then you can ask the sales or car dealer.

The SPK will be signed by both parties. And make a customer sheet is a sheet that must be held by the buyer as proof of booking fee.

Another problem is that if there is a cancellation that comes from the consumer, then make sure if the money can be returned 100%.

Or if there is a cancellation based on the dealer then make sure the solution is given again so that it is not a case in the future.

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You also have to complete the conditions provided by the dealer to buy a new car in cash.

Not without reason, because it was aimed at the 2 parties to trust each other and increase security during transactions.

Buying a new car in cash or cash does provide poly profit compared to buying on credit or eviction.

There are many profits obtained, ranging from the possibility of receiving a grand bonus, avoiding based on credit interest, not having debt.

Even when you think you will resell the new car for some reason you can use it easily to sell it home quickly.

Invite your family or closest people to come to the dealer / showroom when you will make a transaction to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash.

The goal is to help you when you find it difficult to make decisions about the type, price, color of the new four-wheeled vehicle.

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Thus, a brief description of the matter of Buying a new four-wheeled vehicle in cash.

Hopefully, this information still results in you continuing to be optimistic to make new car purchase transactions in cash at your trust dealer or showroom.

And if the facts above are useful to you or those around you, please share the information home.

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