Car Foot Service: Costs and Components in It

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Service of the legs of the car is usually done when the car already feels uncomfortable, such as vibrations that feel unnatural, the legs of the car sound, and other damage. In fact, the service of the legs of four-wheeled vehicles does not need to wait for damage, you know, it can be done into routine maintenance. Car Legs Components

As the name implies, the legs of a four-wheeled vehicle means the unity of the component system located under the car. The legs of this four-wheeled vehicle are the parts that receive the most grand pedestal as a result there are several crucial components that must be maintained in condition to remain excellent.

Let’s first recognize the components that are on the legs of the car. Ball joint

Ball joint is a component that serves as a binder and axis of the lower arm wheel when the car will turn. So that the four-wheeled vehicle will be permanently stable and balanced. Ball joints also connect the knuckle wheel with wings or arms.

The problem that is generally experienced by the ball joint is that there is a sound or the wheel feels swaying. This vibration can propagate to the circumference of the steering wheel. This generally happens because four-wheeled vehicles often run on roads that are not homogeneous or damaged.

You can check the requirements of the ball joint using how to jack the four-wheeled vehicle and then press the tire up and down. If there is friction or tires up and down with a long distance then it is a problematic four-wheeled vehicle.

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Furthermore, you can do the service of the legs of a four-wheeled vehicle in the nearest workshop. Shockbreaker

Shockbreaker serves to dampen shocks when the car is driving. This shock occurs when the car passes through a pothole, uphill, or homogeneous non-road road. Shockbreaker is formed from steel that is usually corrosion resistant & assisted by springs to support the weight of the car and its load.

The durability of the shockbreaker can be reduced if the car often carries a hyperbole charge. Especially if you are speeding the car will feel limber.

How to check the condition of shockbreaker is to use pay attention to noise when the four-wheeled vehicle is driving at high speed on straight roads. if the car feels limbung, then immediately check to the service workshop of the legs of four-wheeled vehicles. Bushing arm

Bushing arm shaped iron sleeves supported by rubber. The legs of this four-wheeled vehicle play a role in the fulcrum of the wheels and the arm of the wheel gripper. Bushing arm also plays a role in dampening vibrations that occur in the connections between suspension components.

Bushing arm that suffers damage generally causes discomfort when driving. The direction of the car’s speed can deviate to the right or left without touching the steering wheel. So, immediately fix the bushing arm of your four-wheeled vehicle, yes. Bushing stabilizer

The way bushing stabilizer works is almost the same as bushing arm. It’s just that this component is in the stabilizer link that balances between the right and left suspensions.

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If there is a squeaking sound when the car is running or the rumbling sound of time stepping on the brake pedal, then it is likely that your car’s bushing stabilizer is problematic.

The way to check for damage to the bushing stabilizer is to drive a medium-speed four-wheeled vehicle on a straight road. If the four-wheeled vehicle feels off to the right and left which feels very heavy, then there is a possibility that there is damage to the bushing stabilizer on the legs of your car. Bearing

The components of the legs of four-wheeled vehicles that serve as bearings on the wheels are bearings. This component greatly affects the rotation of the wheels as a result of which it also affects the stability of the car’s speed.

How to check the damage of bearings is that you can jack up the four-wheeled vehicle and then pay attention to the rotation of the four-wheeled vehicle one by one. If there is a noise or rumbling, then this is a sign of damage in the bearing as a result must be replaced using a new one. Tie rod

Tie rod is connected directly using the steering wheel of the car so that if this component is damaged, then the car is able to deviate to the right and left without renewing the steering wheel. If the tie rod is damaged, it generally sounds quite loud than when the ball joint is damaged. Peer

Peer is indeed one of the components of the legs of four-wheeled vehicles that sporadically suffered damage. But peer damage is difficult to detect. Damage to the new peer will be detected when the thread per conch or per leaf is broken. Peer damage can be caused by eroding or breaking bushings or peer pillows or there is a hose wrapped around the spiral peer. Car Foot Service Fee

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The cost of service of the legs of the car is generally quite affordable. For example, for Toyota Avanza alone enough Rp277 thousand for the right & left rear shockbreaker workmanship services, while for the front approximately Rp382 thousand.

Meanwhile, the unit price of Avanza’s front shockbreaker is around Rp850-950 thousand. The price for a rear shockbreaker is around Rp450 thousand per item.

Next is the price range of service legs of four-wheeled vehicles. Component Cost ServiceBushing armRp300 thousandTie rod Rp340 thousandBall jointRp90–150 thousandLink stabilizerRp40 thousandBearing behindRp80 thousandBearing frontRp160 thousand

Well, that’s the component and service price of four-wheeled vehicles. If you are looking for a workshop for four-wheeled vehicle service, you can install the Otoklix application. Otoklix is a car service booking that has been collaborated using 1,000+ public workshops throughout Jabodetabek.

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