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See three Cool Honda ADV150 Modifications directed by Honda Dream Ride Project

See three Cool Honda ADV150 Modifications directed by Honda Dream Ride Project ADV150 is an object created from the creative hands of modifiers through the Honda Dream Ride Project program. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) this time challenged three modifiers who won the Honda Modif Contest (HMC) to modify the Honda ADV150. Alexander Rudy Darmawan who is the national winner of the MaticCub category of modified Honda ADV150 using the Low Rider concept. Imran Syukri the national winner of the sport category determined to modified the Honda ADV150 using the Futuristic Racer genre. Meanwhile, Agus Ficdiyanto, the national winner of the Free for All modified Honda ADV150 category using the Motorescue modification concept.In this Honda Dream Ride project, the winners of HMC will get a form of appreciation for their creativity, namely the modified motorcycle unit that will belong to the HMC winners. The Honda Dream Ride project lasted for 4 months from November 2021. In the process, they are mentored by reliable modifiers abroad such as Toshiyuki Osawa da

Mar 29, 2022

Gran Max Pick Up Modifications, Who Says You Can’t Style?

Gran Max Pick Up Modifications, Who Says You Can’t Style? – Who says modifications cannot be made to pickup vehicles such as theGran Max Pick Up? In fact, modifications in four-wheeled vehicles like this are not too difficult & nir eat poly porto. Although identical to being a freight vehicle, not a few car owners who modify theDaihatsu Gran Max Pick Upini. Because the body surface is too much, modifying this type of car is evaluated relatively easily compared to using other car examples. Well, for owners who want to make modifications to the Gran Max Pick Up car here are some moneysit to modify this car! Check it out! Before we discuss about some modified modelsDaihatsu Gran Max Pick Up, let’s discuss first about this four-wheeled vehicle. Daihatsu Gran Max Pick Up is an error of one pick up car model that is quite widely used in Indonesia.

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Feb 6, 2022

Mitsubishi Horse Modification, Old MPV Show Off Style

Mitsubishi Horse Modification, Old MPV Show Off Style – Feel free to make modifications to yourMitsubishiKuda. Because using so old MPV is able to look back in style. The name Mitsubishi Kuda had filled the MPV car competition in Indonesia in the era of the 1990s to the early 2000s. Mitsubishi presents him as a champion to fight Isuzu Panther and Toyota Kijang which are relatively dominating. Unfortunately, compared to the two rivals, the age of Mitsubishi Kuda is much shorter. Recorded this car is only marketed for seven years which automatically makes its population below its rivals. Like the four-wheeled vehicles of the same era, the appearance of mitsubishi kuda today can be said to be outdated. Therefore, modification steps can be done to keep its appearance up to date. But before discussing further modifications of Mitsubishi Kuda, it’s good to see the history of this four-wheeled vehicle first. Mitsubishi Kuda’s history The first generation ofMitsubishiKuda launched in 1999. At that time this car was offered on three types, including

Jan 17, 2022

Honda Brio Modified Concept Ideas, Which Cooler?

Honda Brio Modified Concept Ideas, Which Cooler? Brio is a city car that is quite famous today in Indonesia. With a price that is undoubtedly affordable for the younger generation, Brio also became a dream four-wheeled vehicle to accompany daily work or travel with his small family. In the city car segment, both for satya and RS types, Honda Brio is the most popular city car today. That is evident from Honda’s sales output in the GIIAS 2021 arena some time ago which was dominated by the Honda Brio.PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) recorded a sales figure of 1,511 units of four-wheeled vehicles during the GIIAS 2021 exhibition. Honda Brio sales are divided as 245 units for Honda Brio Satya and 216 units for Brio RS. Selling beautifully as a small hatchback four-wheeled vehicle at a fairly affordable price, Honda Brio is also an error of one creative object for modification enthusiasts. Honda Brio poly is favored by car enthusiasts from among children m

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Jan 16, 2022

Mix and Match Car Alloy Wheel Color Solution so Interesting

Mix and Match Car Alloy Wheel Color Solution so Interesting Alloy wheels are components in the legs of four-wheeled vehicles whose usefulness is important, namely supporting the weight of four-wheeled vehicles while creating a running car. In addition to vital, this one component is also a mistake of one part of the car cosmetics, which when replaced using a certain color will make the appearance of a four-wheeled vehicle becomes more awesome. Moreover, at this time the choice of car colors is increasingly compound. Starting from dark, light colors, even the manufacturer has dared to present a four-wheeled vehicle using a whiming hue. Therefore, it is expected that mix and match related to what example alloy wheels are used, & what hue is applied. Because if it is a mistake, as a result the appearance of the car even becomes tacky, you know. MobilHmm Alloy Wheels Color, fret, right? Therefore, we guide to choose an amazing alloy wheel color to be applied to the car, which is in sync using the color of the car body. 1. Choice of Color Of Black Car WheelsIt can be said, black as the most favorite hue applied to the body of a four-wheeled vehicle. The color was indeed men

Jan 15, 2022

Choice of Modification Daihatsu Taft Gen two for Maximum Cool

Choice of Modification Daihatsu Taft Gen two for Maximum Cool Daihatsu Taft is an off-road type of four-wheeled vehicle that is relatively legendary in Indonesia. No wonder, currently the price is compound even though it is already in used conditions. In addition to having the ability to explore off-road terrain, Daihatsu Taft is also cool to be modified to make it look cooler. Present in Indonesia in 1974 ago under the nickname Taft Badak, the four-wheeled vehicle operated for 10 years, and was replaced using the next generation in 1986 which is commonly known as Taft GT. Uniquely, these two generations have a clear difference in terms of appearance. In terms of appearance, the first generation Taft looks very classic, using a model that almost looks the same using the Suzuki Jimny, or Jeep CJ which is between the front fenders with a separate engine bay. However, the 2nd generation looks more boxy. Daihatsu Taft second generation which has also been plotted into a reliable four-wheeled vehicle, it is most suitable to make modifications to make it cooler and more capable. Here are some modifikas inspirations

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Jan 13, 2022

Variety of Modification Options for Sedan Cars, Choose Which?

Variety of Modification Options for Sedan Cars, Choose Which? Sedan is a type of car that offers comfort and an aura of luxury for the owner. However, there are still many sedan owners who are less sreg with a standard look, then want the modification of permits to be cooler. Here are a variety of modification options that are suitable for sedan four-wheeled vehicles. But before that, it’s a good idea to enrich the certificate about the history and products of the sedan that we have first. For example, for example, car specifications, type variants in other countries, even the use of the sedan itself in racing activities. If you already have a poly certificate, then we just choose which flow if it is suitable to use our personal. Of course, to make sedan modifications, it is expected that a capable modification site so that it looks cool, but it is also conducive and comfortable when used. VIPS an elegant thing is indeed a congenital born from a sedan-type four-wheeled vehicle. However, poly who wants to maximize it using making modifications to several exterior sectors, m

Jan 13, 2022

Simple Toyota Avanza Modifications for Daily Use

Simple Toyota Avanza Modifications for Daily Use

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