Coolest Rush Car Modification Inspiration 2021, Lots of Styles!

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Need inspiration to modify your dream Rush car? Take it easy, here Jaka has served a variety of inspirations of favorite car design styles that are cool.

Since it was first launched in 2017, the All New Toyota Rush has always been targeted by poly people because of its sturdy and powerful design, considering that this car belongs to the LSUV (Low Sport Utility Vehicle) type.

No wonder, poly who wants to modify it according to the preferences of consumers, whether it’s the outside, upholstery, to not sporadically add cool stickers.

Well, it’s really lucky that Jaka has served inspirational recommendations for modifications to the latest and cool Toyota Rush four-wheeled vehicles in 2021. Curious? Check out the following review! Rush Car Modification Style

Toyota Rush car has a design that is not in sync according to its predecessor. No wonder, many consumers try to modify the appearance to make it look different.

It could be that in the next few years, this type of car can be used as a glamorous collection like artists. Here is a certificate of modification of Toyota Rush that you can apply to your car. Alto-Style Toyota Rush

Photo courtesy of

Who would have thought that the Toyota Rush could be modified in alto style (All Light Terrain Off-road)? For those of you who are tired of rush car design that’s all, this design advice you can try.

Rush car modifications that combine off-road style will make it look muscular and sturdy on all kinds of road terrain. Suitable for those of you who like to use an SUV with an off-road look.

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The secret lies in revamping the sides of the body, where later standard fenders can be made wider using over fenders. Guaranteed, this modification will look cooler using any body color. Toyota Rush with Roof Box

For those of you who like to bring a car for adventure or go home, do not only prepare the latest gadgets, but also additional equipment so that your car can transport a lot of goods.

One of them that can be done is to add a roof box on the roof of a four-wheeled vehicle. This modification is usually done by people who travel long distances using a car.

Coolly, Toyota Rush is very suitable for traveling far with heavy terrain though, considering its sturdy and grand body. Homecoming or your vacation becomes more comfortable, anyway! Toyota Rush uses Modified Wheels and Wheels

Toyota Rush has a rear-wheel drive configuration supplied by a 2NR-VE engine powered by 104 PS & 136 Nm of torque.

Some of the wheels and wheels that you can use are the type of HSR MYTH 04 R17, Rostock Euro JD85270 R18 HSR, to Taungoo 10383 R18 HSR which is smooth and sturdy on the road, for example, the example of a photo of a modified Rush four-wheeled vehicle above.

Not only that, the selection of wheels and wheels that are perfect can make your Rush car higher. Of course, this is very beautiful to make your path more comfortable and free from obstacles. Toyota Rush uses a Modified Grill

One part of the four-wheeled vehicle that can be modified is the grille. Given its usefulness to help the circulation of air in the engine room, you must be wise in thinking about the design.

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Do not let, the existing grill design even makes the circulation of the engine in a four-wheeled vehicle so bad, because it has the potential to make your car overheating. Remember that the grille also serves to enhance aerodynamics in the car.

In various offline or online stores, there are already quite a lot of awesome grills sold and meet the modification requirements. Your car can look better without having to endanger your engine. Toyota Rush Made Ceper

Photo courtesy of

Ever imagined a Toyota Rush car modified into a short ceper alias? In fact, this four-wheeled vehicle is usually changed to be more level or dashing like an off-road four-wheeled vehicle.

In this modification of the Rush four-wheeled vehicle, the wheels are deliberately made small so that the car looks shorter with custom legs, for example, a photo of a modified Rush four-wheeled vehicle on top.

Of course, this modification carries risks that must be borne, the other error is the potential for non-road to be taken to heavy terrain. Rush Car Seat Modification Inspiration

Not only the front design, you can also modify the seat of the Rush four-wheeled vehicle to be cooler, either using a new shape or color. Curious for example what? Here’s for example!1. Red Black Rush Car Seat

Photo courtesy of Bukalapak2. Black and White Rush Car Seat

Photo courtesy of Lazada3. Gray Rush Car Seat

Photo courtesy of Lazada4. Purple Rush Car Seat

Photo courtesy of Bukalapak5. Black Rush Car Seats with Red Accents

Photo source: BukalapakInspipipi Modified Rush Car Stickers

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You can also add or paste stickers on your favorite car. These stickers can make four-wheeled vehicles look even cooler. So based on that, here’s a new view of the modification of the sticker of the Rush four-wheeled vehicle black, red, & other colors. Rush ERC Car Stickers

Photo courtesy of Shopee2. Black Rush Racing Car Sticker

Photo courtesy of Blibli3. Cool Rush Car Stickers

Photo courtesy of Lazada4. White Rush Orange Car Sticker

Photo courtesy of Lazada5. Red Black Rush Car Sticker

Well, that’s a row of modifications of rush cars, both the outer body is also on the one you must try for your favorite vehicle. Which do you think is the coolest?

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