Driving a Car Gak Pake Duit? It Turns Out Easy, Males People Can!

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Even though you are an exclusive who does not understand the engine and only receive it when servicing the car, you are permanently obliged to know five ways to care for this simple four-wheeled vehicle. As much as you are, you can do this.

Five ways to care for a four-wheeled vehicle that we will discuss this, will not change the car oil. But, some of the steps do require you to open the hood.

What is the tiring way? For men, it is possible. If males-males mager, undoubtedly males will also open the hood for fear of the hand being the entire item. 5 Tips on how to care for a four-wheeled vehicle

Believe me, these five ways of maintaining a new car should be understood & done by even lazy people. Because if you don’t understand, yes mending sold just the car continues to take an online taxi every day.

If you want to understand in more detail what the treatment looks like, let’s, you can read the full review below. 1. Change tires and check the pressure Change tires

The function of tires for a car is indeed very crucial, and is able to determine the safety of driving a vehicle. Then it must be legal for car owners to understand how to renew the tires of four-wheeled vehicles.

If you just remove the tire can not, yes what if suddenly the tire leaks in the middle of the road? Masa yes want to ask people to install spare tires.

In the process of removing tires, you also have to understand how to use a jack. For those who are not able to, it’s okay, there is when to investigate how to drive a four-wheeled vehicle. Check wind pressure

In addition to unloading tire pairs, you also have to understand the ideal car tire wind pressure. Be sure to know the raw pressure of your car tires in the manual.

After that, try kicking your car tire with your feet. If the sound obtained is loud and the reflection is strong, then it can be said that the pressure of your tire is too high. But if it is even the opposite, yes obviously your tires lack wind.

So, remember to check the pressure. Especially if you run out of going home, touring, or traveling far hundreds of kilometers.2. Check engine oil

Changing engine oil is routine when your car has taken a gap of five thousand KM. But sometimes, there are times when changing molor oil considering the busyness.

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As the owner of a four-wheeled vehicle, you have to dong the law to be able to check the engine oil itself. Actually, how to check the oil is very easy, you just need to start the engine. If the oil indicator on the dashboard has died, then your oil is still in good condition.

But to be more careful, then you must do the following. Here’s how it goes. Turn off the car engine and wait for approximately 10 min Open the hood and pull the oil stick (on top of the engine chunk) Clean the end of the stick using a rag Put the stick in again & pull it again Look at the oil stick, you are able to read your oil content through this stick, low, normal, or mostly. If it is in the L or 1 part, then the condition of your oil is reduced. In position 2 is normal, & if it is above the number 3 or F then the sign of fullness.three. Caring for batteries

There are 2 four-wheeled vehicle batteries, namely wet battery types & maintenance free types aka dry batteries. The function of a four-wheeled vehicle battery is very important, namely related to the electrical system. The treatment of these 2 batteries is not the same. Here are the details. Wet battery

Many mechanics say that wet batteries are more durable, but in terms of maintenance must be a little hassle yes. You need to fill the electrolyte fluid if it is reduced regularly. Dry battery

If this one does not need to be filled with electrolyte water, but the service life is generally aporisma only a year. The point is, don’t let your car not be heated for days. Heat regularly. And if the sound of the starter begins to weaken, take it to the workshop to check.4. Increase wiper water supply, how to care for the most practical four-wheeled vehicles

The main function of this one water is to clean the top of the glass. You can fill it using plain water or additional washer fluid.

If it is never filled, it is obvious that the supplies must be exhausted. Of course it is very annoying if the drizzle goes down.5. How to take care of the car yes routine car wash

Do not know how to rinse and wash the car properly, yes wassalam every week must pay Rp 30 thousand to the steam washing workshop. Car wash is mandatory once a week even though it rains. It can’t be fun, it can’t be too sporadic.

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Washing a four-wheeled vehicle must be done to be an error of one black car maintenance that must be done. If the excitement of the car body will be damp, the car is also easily exposed to mold that will interfere with the black paint.

Meanwhile, if sporadically washed, stain spots are easy to get on your black four-wheeled vehicle. The stains can also make some components rust.

Use four-wheeled vehicle shampoo to wash the car, & other four-wheeled vehicle maintenance products to beautify the look of your favorite vehicle.

Have you been able to do these five things yourself? Or not yet? It’s okay if you can’t. There is still a chance to learn.

Anyway, do not forget these 5 ways, and look for car care products that suit your favorite vehicle. Complete guide to car maintenance by brand

In addition to these five tips, this article will also discuss a complete guide to the maintenance of four-wheeled vehicles for several brands. BMW four-wheeled vehicle maintenance

Some origins agree that the maintenance of BMW four-wheeled vehicles is cheap and not expensive. But there are 3 things that should be considered by the owner of a BMW four-wheeled vehicle, namely:Follow the routine service guidelines in the manual book of four-wheeled vehicles. Do regular oil changes according to the manual book instructions. Always use fuel with a high octane value. This can result in bmw car engines are much cleaner and more durable. If you accelerate aggressively, you should not personally turn off the time machine has arrived at the destination site. So that the piston ring is not easily worn out.Xenia and Avanza car maintenance

Because Xenia & Avanza is 2 “twin” four-wheeled vehicles, it’s no wonder that the maintenance tips are similar. Here are some suggestions for the maintenance of Avanza four-wheeled vehicles & also Xenia cars: 1. Routinely change gear oil and gardan oil

Make regular changes of 2 types of oil, gear oil & gardan oil, every 6 months to 12 months.

Oil changes are done once every 6 months if four-wheeled vehicles often travel far. If sporadic four-wheeled vehicles are used, make changes to these 2 types of oil once every 12 months. two. Routinely learn tie root, wheel laher & ball joint

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Check the tie root, ball joint, and neck parts of the wheel regularly. Because if these three components have problems, it can cause annoying sounds. If these three components experience a problem, immediately take the car to the repair shop so that it can be repaired. 3. Routine service

Perform regular service for your Avanza & Xenia car, every 1000 km to 20,000 km. Take a four-wheeled vehicle to an official Daihatsu workshop or an official Toyota workshop, or you can also go to the nearest auto repair shop. 4. Take care of the cabin interior

Also do maintenance for the interior of the Xenia and Avanza cabins. You can use a layer of leather upholstery for your favorite Xenia & Avanza. Also clean the Avanza and Xenia dashboards regularly, using dashboard-specific four-wheeled vehicle maintenance products.

If you are lazy to do it yourself, you can take your favorite four-wheeled vehicle to the salon of a four-wheeled vehicle to receive thorough cabin maintenance and at the same time check the exterior if there is a car beret.

Do not let the cost of repairing your favorite four-wheeled vehicle actually burden expenses. Take advantage of the premium of all-risk four-wheeled vehicles to receive collateral compensation for the cost of repairing four-wheeled vehicles thoroughly at the best workshop.


Do not let the cost of restoring your favorite car actually burden expenses. Take advantage of all risk car coverage dues to receive collateral compensation for porto thorough restoration of four-wheeled vehicles at the best workshop. Ayla car maintenance

There are several things that must be considered by the owner of a Ayla four-wheeled vehicle to take care of his vehicle, namely:Make regular engine oil changes Buy fuel based on official gas stations, not from retail fuel sales Routinely wash & polish the car, to take care of Ayla’s four-wheeled vehicle paint Use coolant radiator fluid or hygienic water to fill the radiatorManual Mobilio Maintenance

Almost similar to other four-wheeled vehicles, here are some things that try to be considered in terms of manual car maintenance, namely:Change the oil regularly, after the odometer touches the figure of 3000-5000 km. Always check the radiator fluid. Cleaning the carburetor filter. Do it using a fine brush, or take it to an official workshop.How to maintain a Hijet 1000 four-wheeled vehicle