Easy Car Wheel Replacement Guide for Beginners

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How to Replace Tires – Tires are a special rubber containing air that is used as a cushion for a wheel or rims to connect with the ground. The function of the tire is to absorb asphalt vibrations & small vibrations according to the road so that the car will be smoother when running. Both are either tires or alloy wheels if put together then claimed wheels.Sometimes, we encounter a less pleasant condition where our car tires suddenly leak or deflate. If it’s just deflated, maybe it’s not too problematic we can take it to the tire patcher to increase the tire wind. But if the condition of the tire is leaking, then the choice is you can call the storing service or make a spare tire replacement.If your position is in the middle of the city, you may be able to use storing services to replace wheels. But, if the location is in the middle of the village or in the mountainous area then you are required to be able to replace the spare tire yourself.

Replacing the wheels of the car, it sounds easy. Moreover, the tool has been provided by the manufacturer when we initially buy a four-wheeled vehicle, so it remains how our ability to replace it. But, the wheel is a relatively crucial component, why is it so? because it can be reviewed the position of the wheel as the foot of the car. If it is released, it can cause an accident.For this reason, the replacement of the tire is only the date of the fastening. But there are things that need and must be considered either when removing the wheel or installing the wheel. This diartikel we will discuss in detail the procedures for changing the wheels of a leaking four-wheeled vehicle using spare wheels.What to Prepare for?Before replacing the wheel, first prepare the following things.A set of portable jacks, jacks used generally use a threaded system because it is stronger to withstand the load of four-wheeled vehicles.Wheel lock, this key is given by the original factory along with the jack.Spare wheels, these wheels are usually located under the rear trunk of the car. Due to the backup, the dimensions of this wheel are usually smaller. You can use this wheel to take the car to the nearest tire patcher.A. How to Remove The Wheels of a Car

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To remove the wheels of a four-wheeled vehicle, then make sure all car passengers get off according to the vehicle because otherwise it will increase the load of four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, make sure you have pulled the parking brake so that the car is locked. If you have, take the following steps;1. Loosen the Wheel Nut Using Wheel LockBefore we straddle a four-wheeled vehicle wearing a bicu, we need to loosen the wheel nut first. The reason will be easier to push the wheels when the condition of the car wheels is held by the load of driving. Compare the time the car lifts, it will be more difficult because the wheels will definitely turn following the commanding movement.But, what needs to be remembered when this scooping is not to overdo it. In a sense, loosen the nut up to 1/2 of a round only. If more than half a turn then it is feared that the wheel will be tenuous based on wheel bearing and will cause crooked wheel bolts.During this scooping, maybe you will encounter problems related to the strength of the nut especially if the wheels of your car are rarely removed. For that use the strength of your hand when you need to use a key arm lengthening pipe. The most important thing in the process of scooping is the position of the straight key with the nut.For the direction of scooping there are also rules, saggying the wheel nut using a transverse direction so that the wheels are not bent. This rule also applies when it comes to tightening the wheel nut.

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two. Ride up using a jackFor this step, first look at the jack point on your mount. Jack point is a special spot that is used as a focal point, or a place to boost the car. Different types of chasers, different jack points.For mounts that use chassis frames, then you can position the bicu in the frame / frame of a four-wheeled vehicle. However, this needs to be a high level of bicu. Other positions you are able to position bicu on axle housing on rigid type suspension.

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While in a monocouque type vehicle / fused using the body then you can put the bicu in the side of the body just below the door of the four-wheeled vehicle, there is usually vertical iron that is used as a jack lock. You can see the illustration in the top image.The next step is to turn the bicu using the handlebar provided until the wheels of the car to be replaced are lifted. In raising this wheel should not also be too high relatively until the wheel lifted even a little.3. Remove the wheels of the car

After the wheels are lifted, then remove the entire nut on the wheels of the four-wheeled vehicle that we have previously loosened. Use a wheel lock when the nut is still hard removed by hand. After the entire nut is released, then the next step is to remove the tire based on wheel bearing. To remove the wheel is exclusively capable of pulling if it is a bit hard, but generally when all the nuts have come off the wheel will come off using itself.What if the wheels stick? This situation also often occurs, where all the wheel nuts have been dated but the wheels are still attached using tight. The solution is in the article How to easily remove the wheels of a four-wheeled vehicle that sticksB. Wheel Mounting Steps

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