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Type Modified Golf Car Car – Hello friends all go home again and we use my golf garage. Ok at this time we want to review the type of modification of golf car four-wheeled vehicles with its usefulness. With the surge in application for factory zones for area-friendly four-wheeled vehicles, until this golf car car car can be a substitute option as an oprasional sense of transportation in your factory zone area.

Currently the sense of transportation of golf car cars has an alteration of type and use that is not the same related to using desire and use. At this time of course we often look at poly golf car wheeled vehicles on observe not only in the golf square, but in various zones such as airports, lodging, resorts, villas, malls, factories, sick residences, places of tourism, housing, ministry buildings, and other factory zones.

Currently the majority of golf four-wheeled vehicles are allotments as the sense of transportation transfer in the factory zone that has a large zone. As an illustration of golf wheeled vehicles at the airfield, this four-wheeled vehicle is utilized as a means presented by the airport as a sense of transportation that is used to take aircraft passengers to boaring gate or to the cargo collection site.

Furthermore, the type of modification of the golf car car and its properties which can be a substitute option for you. Here we sell modified golf car four-wheeled vehicles such as selling golf car ambulances, selling golf car cargo boxes, selling golf car car vehicles for chakra benches, selling golf car security patrol cars, and selling golf car housekepping four-wheeled vehicles. Mobil Golf Car Ambulance

Golf car ambulance means the type of golf car that is more dominated in the utilization of factory zones such as hospitals. Currently there are already some hospitals in Indonesia that use golf car ambulances for the dream of transfer in the hospital zone. The shape of this golf ambulance four-wheeled vehicle has the use and efficacy to lift sufferers in the sick residence.

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Because the sense of transportation of this golf car is intended to lift patients based on the emergency room (dangerous part of the department) leads to the room space, to the modification of golf four-wheeled vehicles that are suitable to use efficacy and make it for patients in the hospital. The tried modifications are sort of completed using stretcher ambulances, infuse pillars, rotator lights, and benches for nurses.

Because this golf car is a type of electric car, until the golf car is listed as a friendly means of transportation area because it does not cause and cause pollution in the near zone, amazing it is air pollution or noise pollution. So this sense of transportation is very fitting if you use it in the hospital zone, where the activity of this means of transportation does not want to disturb other patients located in the hospital zone. Mobil Golf Car Cargo Box

Golf car cargo box or can be understood using flat deck is a modification of golf car four-wheeled vehicles that are made to carry people and objects. Because it is crucial for this golf four-wheeled vehicle to carry objects, until the dimensions of the format according to the cargo box you can note (request) suitable using the ideals of consumption on your site.

At this time the consumption of golf car cargo box wheeled vehicles has been utilized by various factory zones, one of which is a kind of resort, lodging and villas. This car is on the provision of senses and infrastructure served by the resort or villa as a sense of transportation to lift some luggage of resort visitors and Villa kind of cargo, suitcases and some other items.

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Not only that, this means of transportation has also been widely utilized by factories that still exist in Indonesia, where this golf car is generally used as an engineering part to bring the tools of the enginer’s dream activities. Golf Car Makes Wheel Bench

Golf car cars for chakra benches are indeed modified and made for people with stigma who use chakra benches. Because this golf four-wheeled vehicle is used for chakra benches, until this golf four-wheeled vehicle is modified so that the chakra bench can go up without the person having to go down based on the chakra bench. Of course, for how to go up and down the chakra bench so easy, because it has been distributed the base in the part of the golf car that has been modified.

Consumption of golf car four-wheeled vehicles for chakra benches has been used in some factory zones such as the Airport, Hospital as a special means of transportation that lifts stigmatized people who use chakra benches in that zone. Surely this golf car modified golf car modified chakra bench can be a replacement option that you choose for people with disabilities. Mobil Golf Car Security Patrol

Golf car security patrol is a golf car car that is modified for security desires that works to patrol the range for security in that zone. Basically, this golf car security patrol four-wheeled vehicle is only in the accumulation of rotator lights or strobes on the canopy of golf four-wheeled vehicles and mics that have been connected using speakers.

The efficacy of this golf car security patrol four-wheeled vehicle has been utilized at several airports in Indonesia as a sense of transportation that is utilized to patrol the range of the airport zone. Because this golf car wheeled vehicle is listed in a four-wheeled vehicle that is friendly area to the golf car’s four-wheeled vehicle can be utilized in a closed zone at the airport or open zone.

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This type of modified transportation tool has also been poly utilized by housing complexes that still exist in several areas of Jakarta and Tanggerang as a means of transportation oprasional langlang security squads working in the housing complex zone. Of course, this type of modification of a four-wheeled vehicle can also be an option for the sense of transportation sense of security forces in your zone. Mobil Golf Car Housekeeping

Golf car housekeeping is a golf car car that is modified to the ideal of carrying objects such as food, drinks, blankets, bedding and bed linen, as well as hygiene tools. Modifications of this type of golf car are generally made sourced in between clients to make the shape of the box placement of objects you can match with what kind of object asa to bring.

This means of transportation is widely used in factories such as lodging, resorts, villas that have a large zone to bring objects and food contained in the zone. Some lodgings, resorts and villas in the Bali and Batam areas have used this golf car housekeeping vehicle for the hopes of lodging employees who are again working.

That’s the post based on us about the type of modification of golf car four-wheeled vehicles and their uses. Practically, what we explained above can be data for you and a substitute option for moving equipment for area-friendly transportation equipment in your factory zone. If you want a part…

have the concept of buying a golf car ambulance, buy a golf car cargo box, buy a golf car for a chakra bench, buy a golf car security patrol, buy golf car housekeeping, can come to us for product data and order parts. Get love.

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