Here Are 6 Ways to Maintain a Car That Is Easy and Can Save Costs

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Did you know car maintenance is actually easy? Let’s follow 6 easy tips on how to take care of a car.

Ow ya follow these tips to save on vehicle repair costs.

Cars Also Need to Be Cared for: 6 Tips on How to Care for a Car

In addition to fuel content, you also need to carry out regular maintenance of your four-wheeled vehicle. According to the research we did, it turns out that fluids in cars must always be checked.

Usually what do you make to take care of a four-wheeled vehicle?

Please write down your experience on how to care for a four-wheeled vehicle in the comments section below. Who knows the stroke of your pen can also be useful for readers.

In this article. Papa Ronald again discussed together with his son, regarding car maintenance. The name is a boy often interested in using automotive and wants to understand a lot about the engine and how to care for a four-wheeled vehicle.

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Let’s follow the discussion below:

Pa, Dylan wants to know how to properly care for a car?

You know, tumben Dylan really wants to know how to take care of a car?

Yes Pa, Dylan likes that.

Okay Dylan, this papa has 6 ways to take care of a four-wheeled vehicle that papa routinely does, you want to understand?

Papa Ronald 6 Tips on How to Care for a Car

Here are 6 tips on how to care for a car that will make your car more durable and economical porto maintenance.#1 Choose the Right Fuel

The condition of the four-wheeled vehicle will certainly be affected using the car maintenance carried out. One of the important things is to choose the perfect fuel. Currently at PERTAMINA gas stations there are still several options, such as Pertalite & Pertamax.

Select the fuel according to the octane value suggested by the original factory. What exactly is octane value?

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Octane value is a number that describes the amount of pressure that can be exerted before the fuel (pertalite, first & others) burns impulsively.

The higher the octane value, the slower the fuel burns. The benefit for your mounted machine is that combustion does not leave any residue (residue) on the engine that is able to interfere with its performance.

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For example, products at Pombensin Pertamina: Product NameRON / OktanPremium88PertaliteRON 90Pertamax92Pertamax Plus95

Fuel economy tips:Adjust the speed, keep the RPM (engine rotation) stable.If it is manual, wear perfect teeth.Don’t use the brakes too much.Turn off all air conditioners & electro devices when the four-wheeled vehicle is turned off.Avoid stopping in the moment of obsolescence, when the engine starts.Tune up on a scheduled basisFollow these 8 tips on how to care for a four-wheeled vehicle. will discuss how to save fuel in the next article.

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The Financial App can help manage & plan your finances.If you want to know how much you spend on your car for a month, #LangsungCatat in My Finance.If you want to save money to buy a new four-wheeled vehicle, let’s prepare the money first using the Financial Application. If it is not prepared according to now #UangDarimana?#2 Change Car Oil and Filter Oil According to The Time

Hayo, when was the last time you changed car oil? And four-wheeled vehicle filter oil? Try to check the service paper contained in four-wheeled vehicles. Dredged earlier there was a stroke of the pen when making the next oil change.

As we know engine oil has an expiration period. Engine oil has an important function, which is to lubricate the engine to reduce friction that occurs in the engine.

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If the oil is reduced, what happens in the engine of a four-wheeled vehicle is:Lubricate the engine components of four-wheeled vehicles when rubbing.Cooling the machine time goes the extra mile (generally at high speeds).Machine cleaners use dissolving dirt due to collisions or the entry of dirt according to the outside into the machine.

What impact does it have on your machine?The filter oil will be full and/or clogged, so the engine is full of dirt.Oil circulation is hampered & produce oil can not work optimally.The potential for permanent damage to the machine ends up costing expensive repairs.

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On average, how long do you change engine oil?

Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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In addition to engine oil, you are also required to change the filter oil (oil filter). Usually oil is changed per five,000 km & filter oil per 10,000 km. Approximately 2 times change the oil then change the oil filter.#3 Fill the Radiator Water using Radiator Fluid or Radiator Coolant

One of the crucial components of a car is the radiator. As we know, the radiator serves as the engine temperature cooler. If you just have a car, then you have to often check the radiator.

Do not let your radiator lack water, because it can damage the engine of a four-wheeled vehicle. Fill the radiator fluid using a special liquid (radiator coolant). #4 Check the Car’s Essential Fluids!

In addition to engine oil & radiator water, you also need to check some four-wheeled vehicle fluids such as:Battery water must be checked regularly (generally once every two weeks) if you use a wet battery.Brake fluid: make sure it is above the minimum limit. If your car lacks brake fluid at large amounts, it can result in a failure in the braking system (brake blong). Brake fluid is generally replaced every 50,000 km.Wiper water: fill the wiper water so that the wiper rubber remains slippery and works well. If the wiper rubber is dry, it will cause the wipers to interfere with the glass of four-wheeled vehicles.Power steering oil, very useful for power steering in your car. Power steering oil is replaced every 20,000 km.Gardan oil serves to lubricate the rubbing guard using other components. Gardan oil needs to be replaced every 10,000 km.The matic transmission oil is checked on a scheduled basis (once every 2 weeks) and replaces after reaching 200,000 km.#lima Check Timing Belts, Spark plugs, Lights and Signals

In the car there are always timing belts, spark plugs, lights and signals. If there is a malfunction (mall function), there will be signs that inform.

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To prevent damage, we recommend doing a synchronous replacement using the recommended workshop. When the car is entering the workshop for maintenance (e.g. oil change), ask everyone to check the timing belt, spark plugs, lights & signal-signal.#6 Always Heat the Car, Check the Condition of the Tire and Completeness of the Car

Lastly & most crucially is to heat the engine of a four-wheeled vehicle in the morning, check the requirements of the four tires & completeness of the car. Discipline on caring for four-wheeled vehicles will cause the car to be more durable and save the cost of restoration.

Pa, so taking care of the four-wheeled vehicle is actually not too difficult huh?

Yes Dylan, driving a four-wheeled vehicle is actually easy and not too expensive. If you are diligent in checking.

Okay Dylan. Thank you yes. Car Maintenance is Practical & Cheap, As Long as You Know How! Ready for Action?

Car maintenance is actually easy and cheap, the problem is are you ready to take care of it?

Here are six things that must be prepared for the maintenance of four-wheeled vehicles:Choose the Right FuelChange Car Oil & Filter Oil Accordingly using The TimeFill The Radiator Water using Radiator Fluid or Radiator CoolantCheck the Car’s Essential Fluids!Check Timing Belt, Spark plugs, Lights & SignalsAlways Heat the Car, Check the Condition of the Tires & Completeness of the Car

CONGRATULATIONS, you have understood how to properly care for the car.

Who knows if there are your friends in the WA group who just have a four-wheeled vehicle and don’t know the maintenance yet.

You will help them downsize, if you share this article. Thanks.

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