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Used Car Exchange WTC Mangga Dua. ©2015 – Not a few people are disappointed after buying a used four-wheeled vehicle. Many people are deceived because it turns out that the car purchased is not in top condition. How to be disappointed to buy a used car?

It is not easy to buy a quality used four-wheeled vehicle. Especially now that the more poly ways to change used four-wheeled vehicles of good quality as it looks good. Starting according to the car sold but flood marks, scratch marks, until the documents turned out to be fake. As a result, poly buyers were finally disappointed even though they had spent money using a number of not a few.

The difficulty of identifying prime-quality used four-wheeled vehicles is also justified by Mobil88 General Manager Fischer Lumbatoruan. “Identifying beautiful used vehicles is difficult. Now the workshop, the car salon, has become more sophisticated. Cars that have been flooded for a week, can be transformed into a beautiful look. Buyers must be observant, at least buy it in a trusted place, “explained Fischer, Thursday (26/2).

Fischer added that the most risky used four-wheeled vehicles are those that have been flooded. Especially in Jakarta, generally after the flood there will be many used cars sold. Unfortunately, the four-wheeled vehicle is a flooded vehicle. Cars are now poly that use electrical components. If flooded the components will be easily short-circuited.

“For example, ICU components that have been damaged are flooded. If replaced expensively, generally the naughty player is just brain-fiddling. While nir looks but long-term buyers have to pay a heavy price,” fischer added.

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Because it is not easy, buyers must be more vigilant. Do not be disappointed & lose millions of rupiah because of being deceived. Irawan Kusumo, a used car seller at WTC Mangga Dua, North Jakarta, suggested that buyers are not easily tempted by cheap prices.

“Usually in poly newspapers that show used cars using oblique prices. Cheap mobkas are generally nothing. It can be a bodong car, carved marks, flood marks,” Irawan explained.

Although he has been buying and selling used four-wheeled vehicles for more than 8 years, but Irawan has also been deceived. He admitted that often offered used cars turned out not to be in top condition. Fortunately, Irawan can check the condition of the four-wheeled vehicle he will buy. “I have to buy a good one because the car will be sold again,” he said.

Based on advice from Fischer and Irawan, there are several things to consider when buying a used car:

As Irawan said, currently poly ads in the media that show used cars at low prices. You should not be tempted by the oblique prices offered. Most of the advertisements in the newspapers were disappointing.

two. Buy in a place that is considered

Do not buy used four-wheeled vehicles at any site. Especially on illegal and non-official sales sites. Buy it at a place of sale that already has a brand and can indeed be trusted. Places that already have a brand (name) will try to maintain their good name as a result they do not want to be complained by buyers. Places that can be trusted also usually dare to provide guarantees, even up to 100 percent of the money back if a four-wheeled vehicle is purchased it turns out to be stigmatized. They are also not perfunctory to play cars for sale. Usually they are supported by companies that make four-wheeled vehicles that have been grand.

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A buyer at the used vehicle exchange WTC Mangga Dua said try if you buy a used car do not bring a wife. According to him, women generally choose cars emotionally. Practically fascinated using an awesome look. Even though what looks good can be just outside it.

“I if I buy a four-wheeled vehicle can be questionnaire 2-3 times. In the beginning, at least it was only 500 thousand. Let’s not be dazzled,” said the buyer who has twice bought a used four-wheeled vehicle at the Mangga Dua WTC.

Pay attention to the parts of the car body that may have been replaced. The way can use checking on Google the condition of the new four-wheeled vehicle. Then compare using used four-wheeled vehicles sold. Check starts according to the inside & outside of the four-wheeled vehicle. For example, the door of a four-wheeled vehicle is ever replaced, make sure the width of the grout between the door and the frame is the same width around the door. If it is different, it may be that it was carved or broken.

To check the requirements of the machine is expected to be qualified technical ability. Cars that are flooded are generally louder than normal cars. Or you should invite a technical to check. Currently, the workshops of four-wheeled vehicles are increasingly sophisticated and use computerized systems.

Currently, many used car documents are fake aliases. You should be observant of the vehicle letters that are available. Before making a payment, check the STNK, BPKB, and other letters. You can photocopy documents and check them at the nearest polda. [has]

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