Here’s An Interesting Example of Car Advertising So That Cars Sell Quickly!

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There are several examples of four-wheeled vehicle advertisements that you can imitate because it is quite interesting and can attract potential buyers. Only later you add other creations in sync with your preferences.

When going to market goods or services, of course you need to make advertisements. The goal is so that others know if you provide services or market certain goods. Likewise, if you want to sell four-wheeled vehicles, either new four-wheeled vehicles or used cars. Of course, you need to create ads that interest potential buyers.

Although it seems trivial, it turns out that creating interesting ads is not easy! It takes a certain trick so that the four-wheeled vehicle you market quickly attracts buyers and then sells. Then how to create an interesting car ad?

Calm! this time will show a good model of advertising a four-wheeled vehicle and certainly interesting. So it is expected that many people are personally interested in what you market earlier. Examples of Car Rental Ads

As previously reviewed, advertising is not only to market goods, but also in the form of services. For example, some interesting models of four-wheeled vehicle advertisements for rent are here. The advertisement certainly aims so that residents who are looking for a four-wheeled vehicle rental site for exclusive needs can use the services of the advertiser.

Pay attention to the model of car advertising terms for the following rentals or rentals are:

Examples of car rental advertisements on Pekanbaru

From the example earlier it can be seen if the words used by the car rental service company are relatively obvious and brief. The title used is also interesting, namely “PEKANBARU CHEAP CAR RENTAL”. Advertisers use the terms “Cheap” and “Pekanbaru”. So the target is clearly the people around Pekanbaru who need cheap rental four-wheeled vehicles.

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Then in the advertisement is also clearly emblazoned the name of the car rental service provider company, namely “N2 Rent Car Pekanbaru”. Then the form of service is relatively clear, namely there is a Car Rental Off Key, Car Rental besert Driver, Car Rental to Pick up to the Airport, and rented to individuals or companies.

Then some types of four-wheeled vehicles provided by the rental service are also clear. Namely there are Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Avanza, and Toyota Yaris. Maybe the unit may not be exactly the same using the one in the picture. But at least represent if this car rental service provides cars type SUV, Low MPV, Medium MPV, and Hatchback.

Next is a used or new car advertising model that either uses images, or an example of a four-wheeled vehicle classifieds. Some models of advertising the sale of four-wheeled vehicles like this you can imitate to attract the interest of potential buyers.

If you pay attention to the new car advertising model, residents will exclusively know if this advertisement is to give Toyota’s new four-wheeled vehicle. Because in the advertisement it is clearly visible about the sales event for all new Toyota four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, advertisers also write interesting terms. Among other things, the amount of installment simulation for each example of a four-wheeled vehicle earlier. For example, using the words “Light Installment” or Cheap DP”. This trick will attract residents who are looking for a new four-wheeled vehicle but have limited funds.

Example of classified ads for daihatsu new cars

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The next example is an example of a new car classifieds. In the ad, it was not using images or photos, but the words on the ad were made as attractive as possible as well as brief. This is due to the limited advertising space provided by the advertising site media displayed.

What is interesting according to this ad? That is, the title is short and dense. By writing “The Cheapest Daihatsu” it will be able to attract prospective buyers of Daihatsu cars who are looking for units at the most affordable prices. Then there are also words that reveal the installment scheme of four-wheeled vehicles with the lowest installments. Next followed the terms “No Indent!! Super Fast Poll!!” then there is “Can Exchange Add All Brands!!”. This will certainly make it easier for prospective buyers who want to buy Daihatsu’s new four-wheeled vehicles but the hassle of selling used four-wheeled vehicles.

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Creating car ads is not just for sale or rent. But some services related to car maintenance also need interesting advertisements. Well here are examples of car wash advertisements and examples of car paint workshop advertisements that are interesting and you can imitate.

An interesting example of advertising for a place to clean a four-wheeled vehicle

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The example above is a form of promotion for a place for a four-wheeled vehicle washing service provider. This advertisement is very interesting because what is highlighted is the price of the car wash service as well as outdated car cleaning work. Through the words “Car Wash Only 15 thousand Minutes” then advertisers want to inform if in its place, the washing service of four-wheeled vehicles is only charged a rate of Rp15,000 with a time of work only 15 min.

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Then in this advertisement also explained what work was done by the car wash service team at the place earlier. That is, starting according to washing the body & glass of four-wheeled vehicles, washing the undercarriage of four-wheeled vehicles, washing the engine area, and so on. Then there are also other interesting words in the form of the opportunity to get a car wash service perdeo after you wash the car 10 times in that place.

Examples of advertisements for car paint workshops

An example of advertising a four-wheeled vehicle is an advertising model for paint service providers or body repair of four-wheeled vehicles. There are several things that Peru reviewed based on the advertisement of this four-wheeled vehicle paint workshop. Namely the words “Car-Body Repair-Restoration-Cat Lightning Paint”. This is news of the form of service in the workshop. So that if there are people who are in need of restoring the body of a four-wheeled vehicle either for major or minor damage, even until the car restoration process can be done by this workshop.

Then there are the words “Receiving Calls At Your Home/Office”. This is certainly very useful if prospective consumers cannot afford or do not have time to go to the workshop earlier because of its busyness or location that is quite far away.

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