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In developing countries such as Indonesia, examples of 3-line four-wheeled vehicles using a burly look are in fact still popular. Many automotive manufacturers are launching car models for example this and receiving a good reception according to the public.

The Honda BR-V was the only error. Honda said, the name BR-V is Bold Runabout Vehicle. “Bold” which means “bold” emphasizes the naming that is not equally synchronous function to be an entry-level vehicle for family four-wheeled vehicles for sports or outdoor activities.

Honda BR-V is Honda’s answer to the needs of family cars using high ground clearance, has a capacity of seven seating sites, and affordable prices. Interestingly, Honda is always the last to enter the market, after previously as if observing what competitors do in the class they are after.

Can’t believe it? Let’s see when Honda Mobilio enters & pound the low MPV market? When consumers in this class have begun to be saturated with the choices available, mobilio and personal presence excites the market home. The same goes for the BR-V, which is geared towards entering the low SUV/crossover market.

But now it seems that they are struggling. When the competitors improve the design, BR-V for example stagnates. In the span of one year, br-v is given minor changes. It’s really minor. The first is the addition of side body molding. Second, it was done in IIMS 2019. Br-V has a little refresher on the face. New grille, new bumper, & headlights.

It is not difficult for Honda to present this car. Mobilio put a beautiful base to develop as BR-V. The Brio platform, an existing L15 engine, was its initial capital. Design, being another thing that must be focused on. After all, by taking the form that is not far out of sync from Mobilio, with a little touch of gallantry, br-V can stand more macho based on its brother.

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Perhaps because it has poly similarities based on technical aspects, many do not believe that br-V, using the price that is more expensive according to Mobilio, has more poly advantages than its brother. Indeed, in terms of interior, the material & shape is not much different.

As a family car, of course, do not expect performance like a four-wheeled vehicle ready to race on the circuit. However, this four-wheeled vehicle can give a sporty feel in some circumstances. The L15 engine used is indeed ordinary when teased. But the performance of the transmission that adheres to the CVT type, can provide a sensation of solid engine rotation. Unlike CVT generally which feels ‘ngempos’, where the engine rotation peaks first, then the speed follows.

Cvt BR-V transmission can put a rhythmic engine rotation using speed. And this creates a crossover that feels like putting another sensation based on a car using a CVT transmission, although again, when measured when the acceleration is undoubtedly ordinary, like a family car.

The L15 engine is the same 4-cylinder configured drive used by the Honda Jazz, City, Mobilio, and even the modern Honda Civic Turbo also uses this engine base. The power generated is 120 PS in the engine rotation of 6,600 rpm. While the maximum torque spewed out is 145 Nm in a rotation of 4,600 rpm. A number that is enough to form a four-wheeled vehicle with a ‘relaxed’ performance for the means of driving a family vehicle.

The compression ratio of 10.3: 1 requires this car to use fuel with RON above 90. Although we are confirmed, the sellers will say it’s okay to use Premium, but this is not recommended if you want to maintain the long life of a four-wheeled vehicle.

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As an entry-level family, the Honda BR-V has great potential for capital modification. The modified style chosen is also wider than its predecessor, Honda Mobilio.

Why is that so? Because the Honda BR-V has a strong accent to be a reliable vehicle through its side body molding line from front to back. Therefore, the modified style is halal-halal only when directed to the styles of cross country or rally cross cars.

If the soul modification flows more towards the appearance of the receding using emphasis in the rim game or identical to the stance style, yes it is not prohibited. The side body molding accessory serves as a built-in ornament that replaces the wide body function or widens the fender for the need for space for grand and wide dimension rims.

In fact, these two modified styles are the most generic done by honda BR-V owners in Indonesia. As a result, these two styles are both still delicious to see and safe to use into everyday use, derived from all modifications made validly or properly.

The interior side can also be touched to make modifications, but it needs extra attention. Avoid excessive modifications on the side of the cabin to make the cabin permanently airy. Replacement of upholstery materials with better quality is legitimate only, from nir interferes with the flexibility of the cabin.

Even so, make the installation of additional audio devices that aim to improve the quality of sound tidying. Flexibility remains the primary if the vehicle is still used as a daily vehicle.

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The modification system that must be set on the Honda BR-V is permanently maintaining its function as a family four-wheeled vehicle. This means that however, the final result of the modification must permanently uphold calmness & security when used as a sense of family movement.

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