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Knowing the use of a valid car air conditioner will avoid your car according to damage

How to Care for Car Air Conditioner – How to care for car air conditioning must be done using correctly. The reason is, Air Conditioner (AC) can be said to be one of the most important components in a four-wheeled vehicle because this one component will affect the comfort of passengers and drivers in it. Especially when the trend is hot, the existence of air conditioning will be very felt to make the conditions in the four-wheeled vehicle still feel cool. Even when the permanent ac rainy season has a relative role to help the driver to run the mount more conducively because it creates an easily foggy glass. For that, it is very important how to take care of a good car air conditioner and valid, so that its function continues to run normally. The reason is, driving a four-wheeled vehicle when it rains using open glass will actually feel very disturbing because rainwater can enter the car through ventilation gaps. Although it does feel more comfortable, but four-wheeled vehicles equipped with air conditioning are also not separated according to the case. For example, have you ever shed sweat on a four-wheeled vehicle even though the air conditioner contained in it has been turned on using aporisma? Or maybe you ever smelled an unpleasant smell in the car room precisely when the air conditioner started? This could have happened because of the wrong way to take care of the air conditioner of a four-wheeled vehicle.

These are some of the generic problems that often appear in car air conditioners that can afford it because of the wrong way to treat car air conditioners. The cooling system in the car is a component that is often used does require special attention to stay durable and maintained. In general, problems with the car air conditioner will begin to appear when the car has entered two years based on the time it was first used. Problems may also occur if the air conditioner is not equipped using a cabin filter. The effect that is generally caused is air conditioning that is not cold or wind gusts according to air conditioners that are less strong. If the case for example arises, then it is likely that this is not a damage to the AC component itself but rather a way of treating a less valid car air conditioner. If the components in the air conditioner such as evaporators begin to be dirty or dusty, then the circulation of air contained in the cabin will be reduced and this also has an impact in the condensation process that is not optimal so that the air conditioner becomes less cold. Well, to make sure the air conditioner in your four-wheeled vehicle can function properly and maintain comfort on the inside of the car, then this time Mas Sena will give tips on how to care for the air conditioner of a four-wheeled vehicle to keep it cool using sahih.

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Causes of Problems with Car Air Conditioners

The following are some of the causes of cases in car air conditioners that often occur: car air conditioners emit odors.

The unpleasant smell that fills the cabin room when the air conditioner is turned on is a mistake that usually occurs in four-wheeled vehicles that have an air conditioning system. Of course, although the atmosphere in the car feels cool, but if it is also accompanied by a bad smell, of course this will also be relatively disturbing to passengers and drivers. The cause of the case in the car air conditioner that emits this odor is affected by poly factors. But basically, if you do how to take care of the correct four-wheeled vehicle air conditioner, the components in the air conditioner do not produce a musty or bad smell. But in reality, this thing is not rarely encountered. If you also find the same thing in your car, then there are several things that may be able to cause cases in the car air conditioner using the appearance of an unpleasant smell when the air conditioner is turned on, for example: Unpleasant odors caused by air conditioning generally occur the impact of careless use of four-wheeled vehicle fragrances. This is because not all car fragrances are formed according to quality materials. Room fragrances that are less reliable can be formed from materials that have low quality as a result of which a lot of materials actually make dirty evaporator parts as a result of how to care for car air conditioners become relatively difficult. Not only the use of perfunctory four-wheeled vehicle fragrances that can be the cause of cases in car air conditioners that emit a pleasant odor but also dirt and dust in the cabin. Dirty cabin conditions generally occur when the car is often used to drive a vehicle with the condition of the window that is opened. Passengers who ride by cursing sandals and shoes into four-wheeled vehicles can also leave dirt in the cabin. If not cleaned immediately, the dust and dirt will enter the evaporator and provide a site for the growth of mold that causes a musty smell and is not pleasant in the cabin when the air conditioner is biological. In addition to how to treat the car air conditioner error, the bad norm according to the driver and passengers in the car such as smoking can also be an error one cause of problems in the car air conditioner using this unpleasant smell. As is known when cigarette smoke has a very strong nicotine content. Nicotine is able to stick to the AC evaporator and create this part as slimy and emit an unpleasant odor.

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The air conditioner of a four-wheeled vehicle that is not cold when turned on seems to be the most complained about problem of car owners. But if we complain about this case to a less trusted workshop then they will assume that the cause of the problem in the air conditioner of the four-wheeled vehicle is not cold because it runs out of freon, so this case can be solved just by refilling it. Though how to care for a car air conditioner is only about freon, because freon will not run out quickly when it is worn out. Even if it runs out then this indicates the presence of damage or leakage in the air conditioner itself. So before filling freon is trying to check first whether this case is caused by running out of freon or other factors. There are several things that cause cases in cold car air conditioners, for example: The occurrence of leaks in the hose or pipe of the air conditioning system of four-wheeled vehicles. This condition usually occurs not because of the wrong way of caring for car air conditioning but because of age factors, the use of poor parts or non-genuine parts. Damage that occurs to the evaporator and condenser also due to having been used at a time that is quite obsolete can also be a cause of problems in the air conditioner of a cold car when it is turned on. Evaporators and condensers that are damaged in addition to being caused by age can also be caused by exposure to dirt and clogged objects such as gravel. The cause of cases in cold car air conditioners is also able to occur due to damage to the compressor. How to care for the right car air conditioner must pay attention to all its components, in order to stay durable. This is generally characterized by the sound of sounds from the machining part where this compressor is located.

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The cause of the case in this car air conditioner is able to be caused by poly things, be it damage to the AC components themselves as well as the maintenance of the ac of a less authentic four-wheeled vehicle. The bad habits of the passengers can also be the cause. So in addition to avoiding habits that can interfere with the performance of car air conditioners, you should check in the air conditioner to find out the problem and find the right solution to overcome it. Next Mas Sena will put information related to how to take care of the car air conditioner to keep it cool & durable.

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