Karimun Wagon Car , Little Chili Cayenne at Affordable Price

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Suzuki Karimun car is an error of one type of LCGC four-wheeled vehicle that is quite dominating the country’s automotive market. The price of a new Karimun car that ranges in price of Rp120 million makes this four-wheeled vehicle fairly affordable.

Not only competing in terms of price, cars that compete with products such as the Honda Brio is also worth considering in terms of its modern and sporty design.  Suzuki automotive market and the beginning of karimun

Long before lcgc four-wheeled vehicles boomed, Suzuki had actually earlier developed the lcgc four-wheeled vehicle concept. First present in 1998-1999, Karimun cars rolled out in the Indonesian market.

At that time, Karimun cars were still assembled in Japan which was introduced by Indomobil Group. Unfortunately because Indonesia was hit by the monetary crisis in 1998, the existence of this ‘four-wheeled vehicle’ was shipwrecked and only boomed in the 2000s, a year before Karimun Kotak began to be produced domestically.

At that time, karimun four-wheeled vehicle box with a small body and engine specifications 970 CC

It can form a power of 55 sk. At that time it was only available in the five-speed manual transmission option. The price is approximately Rp69 million for OTR DKI Jakarta.

The price at that time was relatively ‘not bad’ and could not categorize it into a cheap four-wheeled vehicle. But the presence of Karimun Kotak as the forerunner of LCGC cars in the early 2000s.

Moreover, at that time, the market welcome was relatively good with the sale of cars in the market. Price of new and used Karimun four-wheeled vehicles

As mentioned earlier, the price of Karimun four-wheeled vehicles is quite affordable. Moreover, with the presence of LCGC cars karimun wagon type creates this mini cayenne pepper as an option especially for urban urbanites.

How much is the new Suzuki Karimun worth? Here is a table of prices plus the price of used Karimun four-wheeled vehicles from a lot of years of output.  Types of four-wheeled vehicles New year New price Year Used prices range betweenSuzuki Karimun Wagon R GA Airbag 2021 Rp122 Million2014Rp62 million Suzuki Karimun Wagon R GL Airbag2021 Rp135.5 Million2016Rp78 million Suzuki Karimun Wagon R GL AGS Airbag2021 Rp144.5 Million2017 Rp87 million Karimun 50th Anniversary Edition M/T2021 Rp150, five million2018 Rp86 million Karimun 50th Anniversary Edition AGS2021 Rp159 Million2021 Rp122 million Karimun DX – 2002Rp51 millionGXCareers – 2003 Rp58 million Specifications of Karimun Wagon four-wheeled vehicles

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After knowing the transformation of Karimun for more than 20 years since 1998, now the latest version of karimun Wagon R & Wagon R 50 is the one that dominates the LCGC suzuki market.

While the predecessor is no longer produced & if you have it can buy a second or used version.

Interested in owning a Karimun Wagon? Here are the specifications of this mini cayenne pepper that you need to know: Karimun Wagon R

This car can accommodate 5 passengers, as a result of which the car feels more relieved than the Estilo model. Karimun Wagon R has four types, namely: Karimun Wagon R GA, GX, GL plus one blind van for commercial purposes.

Karimun Wagon R is formed more sporty seen according to its wheels, unfortunately the wheels of four-wheeled vehicles are fairly small. For the maximum level of efficiency of four-wheeled vehicles accommodate 35 Liters. So it’s pretty economical yes.

Well, because the Karimun Wagon R car was indeed created for wara wiri in the city so that the engine power was also adjusted. Dohc’s 1.0-liter (998 cc) 3-cylinder mechanical heart.

Its peak power reaches 68 hp at 6,200 rpm and zenit torque of 90 Nm which is already available at 3,500 rpm.

The exterior of Karimun Wagon R does have shortcomings in terms of wheels that are fairly mini. But in design is very latest because it is coated by a variety of chrome. Going into the interior, the design is even quite glamorous.  Karimun Wagon R 50

Commemorating 50 years of Suzuki in the Indonesian market, the Karimun Wagon R 50 was presented. This new type of car is an addition of several modifications according to the previous one.

The model also goes home in karimun’s characteristics, namely a box car. There are seven hues offered karimun Wagon 50 with the most prominent color is white.

Then there are other hues namely Silky Silver, Burgundy Red, Cool Black, Graphite Grey, Pearl White and Radiant Red. More attractive with a stylish front look in the front grille. Then, the wheel wheels use the type of alloy wheel.

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Because the Karimun Wagon R 50 is special, then there are still more things based on its predecessor where the trunk is wider. It even allows the chair to be folded.

What about the machine? Karimun Wagon R 50 is promised to have efficient and powerful performance. It can even be regarded as a favorite mount choice because the engine is fairly the new generation K10B uses 998 cc of energy.

Having an auto gear transmission is equipped using a gear shift indicator facility that gives the driver understanding the mandatory time to change gears. The issue of safety is also a concern Suzuki uses presenting airbags on the Karimun Wagon R 50 and additional security on the rear door through Child proof door lock.  Advantages & disadvantages of Karimun four-wheeled vehicles

More confident to buy Karimun’s car? Wait a minute. Make sure you have read the follow-up news about the advantages and disadvantages of Karimun Car so that it is more steady when buying it.

Karimun who transformed until now has advantages in terms of being the following. The price is fairly competitive even though it looks fragile because the tires are less wide This car has a control that deserves a thumbs up. So it can be said that even though the mini engine is quite responsive. Its small size is very suitable when passing on the streets of Jakarta whose lanes are narrow alleys. Even when you want to park, it is also easier to do. This car is fairly efficient for exploring urban streets such as Jakarta.

In addition to the advantages, the shortcomings of the following Karimun cars are also worth considering. AMT automatic transmission is not the best transmission option so the displacement is rough. The wheels are too small so you have to change the wheels if you want wider tires. The design is too boxy & nir too common to make this four-wheeled vehicle much complained about. However, it depends on the preference, yes. Differences between present and previous Karimun

Suzuki continues to transform with its various automotive products. With the boom of LCGC four-wheeled vehicles, Suzuki then made Karimun and presented Karimun Wagon as a replacement based on Karimun Kotak which has gained a place in the automotive market.

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Then, what are the differences between Karimun boxes using Karimun at this time? Here’s a summary!  Karimun First Generation Karimun Estilo Karimun Wagon Year of presence 1998 & began to boom 20002007 – 2009 2013 Body Shaped round box shaped and more recent Box shaped but slimmer Engine Has cubication 970 cc, 4-cylinder 8 valve SOHC. The power generated is 55 Hp. 970 CC Engine coded F10J, capacity of 1,100 cc 16 valve injection and microprocessor 32 bit with a power of 65 PS. The K10B engine has a capacity of 998cc. Types of vehicles four-wheeled Manual Manual and matic Manual and matic Type vehicles four-wheeled VEHICLE DX & GX Castilo & New EstiloWagon R & Wagon R 50 Interior Already available digital clock, drawer under the front passenger. More latest and stylish because it targets the 18-year-old generation – 35 years sportif and the latest that has been equipped using SRS airbags, immobilizers, child proof door lock, three points elr safest belt, keyless entry, and security alarm.  Origin of LCGC cars in Indonesia

As developing countries use more and more middle-class citizens, the need for people to have mounts is getting higher. Data from the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry Association (GAIKINDO) sales of four-wheeled vehicles throughout 2015 to 2020 are always getting higher.

Although in 2020 car sales dropped dramatically due to the implementation of restrictions on community activities or PPKM due to Covid-19. But reflecting in wholesale car sales (distribution by factory to dealer) is relatively high.

That’s new, new car, you know, not yet the used car. Here is more details on the sales of four-wheeled vehicles that continue to rise from 2015 to 2020 summarized by Lifepal based on GAIKINDO data: No Year sales units 120151.03 million units 220161.06 million units 320171.07 million units 420181.15 million units520191.03 million units 62020532,027 units

Well, reading the data earlier is certainly able to conclude that the automotive industry in Indonesia does have a large market. Especially with a population of 230 million, penetration of sales of four-wheeled vehicles still has the opportunity to expand.     LCGC car sales are getting higher

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