Load a Lot of People, These Are the 5 Coolest Station Wagon Cars in Indonesia

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Indonesian people like four-wheeled vehicles that are enough to transport many people so that family cars such as MPVs are in great demand in Indonesia. People are also willing to ignore the calm for the sake of carrying people and goods that are many because it is more useful when going home or traveling far.

But there is one type of car that has the typical comfort of a sedan but also has the same passenger capacity as the MPV, namely a station wagon car. This car is based on a sedan but in the rear trunk is spiked with a passenger seat until a total of 7 passengers will fit or use additional empty space to accommodate the goods on the back.

Different from using MPV four-wheeled vehicles that lag between the car and high ground, the station wagon has a distance between a four-wheeled vehicle and a low ground typical of sedans so that it has an attractive design as well as comfortable to use.

If you are interested in using a station wagon type car, IDN Times summarizes five four-wheeled station wagon vehicles that you can consider buying! Peugeot 407 SW

This French car issued a station wagon variant for its 407 series. This car with special European luxury and comfort is worth considering for you to have. With an elegant design and capable features such as panoramic sunroof, electric seat & 6 used airbags for 2004 has only stayed Rp 60 million aja.

The car with an engine capacity of 2,200 cc is suitable for traveling far and away with a grand family because it can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Highly recommended! Mercedes Benz C-Class Wagon

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Mercerdes Benz E-Class is one of the luxury cars that are the choice of many people because of the impression of prestige and quality that is very capable. The C-Class in Mercedes Benz includes this sedan, coupe & estate or station wagon.

This car has the luxury & comfort typical of Mercedes Benz, using capable features such as a mode regulator driving a vehicle to a capacity of 1,991 cc. The car intended for the upper class is priced at a used price of Rp 600 million to Rp 800 million while the new price reaches Rp 1.4 M. Wah, horrors are delicious yes the price!

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One of the four-wheeled vehicles that are a favorite of poly people in Indonesia is the Mini Cooper. There are so many people who result in the Mini Cooper becoming a dream four-wheeled vehicle because of its attractive design and popularity. This time mini also has a variant of the station wagon beamed Clubman Estate.

There are two series based on this four-wheeled vehicle, namely Mini S Clubman & Mini Clubman, the difference is from the engine thing. Mini S Clubman carries a two,000 cc engine using 4 cylinders while Mini Clubman has an engine capacity of 1,500 cc using 3 cylinders.

For exterior and interior design there is no doubt, because Mini Clubman presents funky & retro design for its fans. The price of this new Mini Clubman starts from Rp 680 million to Rp 850 million. Chevrolet Estate

One of the American brands that have enlivened the Indonesian market until now is still relatively poly milling around on the streets of Indonesia, namely Chevrolet. The Estate version based on chevrolet is already cheap, which is approximately Rp 65 million to Rp 85 million for the output of 2007 to 2009.

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This car you can choose as a family car with an attractive station wagon-style design. The Chevrolet Estate’s design is based on the Chevrolet Optra sedan. With a 1,600 cc engine and features such as airbags, power steering, tilt steering to a spacious trunk, this four-wheeled vehicle is worth considering. Mazda 6 Estate

The forerunner of the boom of station wagon cars in Indonesia originated based on the Mazda Vantrend in 1993. Now Mazda is much developed, presenting the latest version of its station wagon car, the Mazda 6 Estate.

This luxury car from Mazda can accommodate up to 7 passengers and still has a relatively spacious luggage to carry goods. The exterior that is undoubtedly cool with the superior color of soul red also has a luxurious interior, let’s call it a leather seat, a comfortable leg room to a touch screen equipped with a camera, ready to pamper you when driving a vehicle. With a two,488 cc engine, the price of this car starts at Rp 554 million.

Those are the five coolest station wagons or estate cars that are ready to accommodate family members and your luggage for a walk out of town. Which station wagon are you most happy about?

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