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OTOSIA.COM – For those who have a limited money deposit, maybe buy a used four-wheeled vehicle as an option rather than a new car that costs more. But is it perfect to buy a used car on terms for example now?

It should be understood, although it can save money, there are a number of challenges when buying a used four-wheeled vehicle. Buying a used car must certainly be full of caution. The rush on buying can cause financial losses in the future.

“The health of used four-wheeled vehicle components is certainly not for example new four-wheeled vehicles that can be said to be still excellent. It does not rule out the possibility that the post-purchase maintenance costs incurred reach 1/2 or exceed the purchase price of four-wheeled vehicles,” said Dila Karinta Head of Public Relations lifepal Technologies Indonesia.

According to Lifepal there are several things that are a concern when buying a used car so as not to eat away at your kuangan. Here are the things that must be considered when deciding to buy a used car:1 of 8 Pages

If you decide to buy a used car, it is recommended to find a unit that is in sync using the budget and daily operational needs that do not drain the contents of the bag.

For example, time has a desire to buy a branded four-wheeled vehicle? A? because of its attractive design, or branded four-wheeled vehicles? B? What looks elegant, or a car? C? Very agile in their maneuvers. But unfortunately the price of used cars A, B, and C is quite high.

Therefore, before choosing to ask yourself, are the features really must-have? To support daily movements?

“If indeed the feature is not too needed, then choose another four-wheeled vehicle with a well-known brand and good quality, and a more affordable price,” he added.

Also pay attention to how the availability & price of spare parts, the availability of official workshops, and things that are common obstacles according to the car.two by 8 Pages

This one is important. Buy a used four-wheeled vehicle that has complete letters. Buying a four-wheeled vehicle without a Motor Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKB) and or Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK) is very risky. Because to take care of these documents will cost money & when.

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Other impacts, the absence of car documents can pose a more severe risk. For example, the seller can say that BPKB is missing. But what happens if BPKB turns out to be deposited in leasing because there is a credit problem?

“So the four-wheeled vehicle purchased can be withdrawn by the financing or leasing company at any time,” he explained.

Likewise, if BPKB exists but the STNK does not exist, it does not rule out the possibility that the tax on four-wheeled vehicles is dead.

If it remains reckless, the problem that will be faced is dragged by the law. In fact, buying a four-wheeled vehicle without documents or bodong is able to categorize it into a crime. You also have the potential to be entangled in Article 480 of the Criminal Code regarding the Transfer of Stolen Goods.3 by 8 Pages

three. Think back to buying on credit

There is a powerful reason why it is recommended to buy a used car in installments or credit. The reason is because our monthly expenses can swell even more.

“Car installments certainly give rise to passive expenses that must be paid per month. When the car we credit also requires a change of parts, then it is certain that our monthly expenses swell,” he said.

According to him, there are 2 ways to measure the ability to buy a four-wheeled vehicle. First, just make sure your emergency fund is not used to buy it, and 2 make sure the time to buy it in cash, the amount of your current assets is still in the range of 15 percent to 20 percent of hygienic wealth.

What is meant by an emergency fund is a deposit cash that is used only in emergency conditions, such as if there is a termination of employment or an error of one family member having an accident or serious illness.

“So, it is very wise to sacrifice emergency funds to buy a four-wheeled vehicle,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the ratio of current assets to net worth is obtained based on a comparison of the total value of current assets such as savings, cash, & cash equivalents, and hygienic wealth, namely total assets & total debt.

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“If you have to credit, just make sure the age of the used four-wheeled vehicle you want to buy is still one year of use. This aims to avoid the risks of changing spare parts in the future,” he explained.

Think about the monthly installments. Also make sure the monthly installments do not exceed 35 percent of monthly income, and your total debt in arrears does not exceed 50 percent based on the total value of assets.4 by 8 Pages

4. Over credit using the right way

Over credit can briefly be interpreted as the process of buying and selling cars that have not been paid off alias still in the installment process. This purchase is valid only done as long as it is not under the hands, namely without the help or knowledge of the crediting institution.

Over credit under the hand does look faster, but it is very weak in terms of rules. This action is also an act that cannot be punished by law.

This law over the credit of four-wheeled vehicles is bound by the Fiduciary guarantee agreement in Law No. 42 of 1999 concerning Fiduciary Guarantee (Fiduciary Law).

In Article 23 paragraph (2) of the Fiduciary Law states that the Fiduciary Giver is stopped from transferring, pawning, or renting to other parties objects that are the object of fiduciary guarantee that is not a supply object, except with prior written consent according to the Fiduciary Recipient.five based on 8 Pages

five. Take it to the official workshop

Before buying try to check the condition of the four-wheeled vehicle. Of course, it is only from the exterior or outside appearance. The interior, engine, and legs must also be checked further.

Is it enough? If not, then take the seller to an official workshop. Pay a down payment to be a sign of your seriousness in buying the car, and do a general check up at the official workshop to find out which spare parts to replace.

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“The report from the general check up can certainly be a consideration for us to negotiate prices to the owners of four-wheeled vehicles,” he concluded.Don’t spend the budget6 out of 8 Pages

6. Not spending the budget to buy a four-wheeled vehicle

This is also what must be thought of. Don’t spend your budget just on a used car. Let’s say, you have a budget of Rp 120 million to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle, so don’t spend it entirely to buy the car.

Use Rp 100 million only, or even below Rp 100 million if possible.

“The purpose based on leaving this fund is to be on guard if there is a change of used car parts or components that we will buy,” he added.7 by 8 Pages

7. Ensure biological tax

Many used cars are sold cheaply because of late taxes. The question is, are we ready to pay taxes and fines later? What if there are tax penalties and repair costs incurred?

“Of course this creates more and more spending will become more and more grand,” he added.

Explained, the calculation of motor vehicle tax penalties is PKB Fine = PKB Fee x 25% x n /12. Letters ?n? indicates the number of months of delay. You can calculate the fine from that month of delay.8 based on 8 Pages

Although used, the car purchased should be permanently covered by the insurance. The reason is not necessarily used four-wheeled vehicles purchased are protected by car coverage dues. Therefore, as a new owner you must provide protection for the car to avoid financial losses for the risks involved.

Choose the contribution of car coverage type all risk & total lost only (TLO) according to using needs. All risks will bear whatever risks that occur, including abrasions on the body, originating according to the applicable budget.

“While TLO only covers the cost of coverage when the four-wheeled vehicle is lost or damaged until it is completely damaged which is worth up to 75 percent of the price of the mount,” he concluded.

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