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Posted on – Characteristics of Problematic Wheel Bearings & Ask to Be Replaced – Bearings or in Indonesia are often considered laher / klahar is a crucial component in rotating mechanical objects. Bearings can be found in every shaft of rotating objects, such as vehicle axles, electric motor axles, pumps, rollers, transmissions and so on. In cars or motorcycles, bearings have a very crucial role on all wheels, because the wheels are the driving component that is the end of all power distribution according to the engine.

The component, also called bearing, is actually long-lived, because it is formed from steel materials that are powered and lubricated by grease or grease oil. Bearings experience minimal scratches even though they support the weight of four-wheeled vehicles to the wheels with metal components that rub continuously.

For experts in the maintenance of four-wheeled vehicles, maybe knowing the indications of bearings starting to have problems or have asked to be replaced is very easy. By driving the car, experienced mechanics immediately understand, which wheel bearings are problematic either from the sound of tire buzzing, or according to vibrations or through personal inspection.

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The position of the laher in the wheel shaft of the car

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But for those of us who are common, of course it is not an easy case, because unlike driving a bicycle or a 2-wheeled mount that we can exclusively taste every vibration based on the wheels, the abnormal crunch on the wheels of four-wheeled vehicles certainly can only be tracked by those who are experts. This article gives tips to find out the characteristics of the wheel klahar has begun to be problematic, so that at least we can identify the case before as more severe. Understanding, How to Work & Types of Bearings

Quoting based on Wikipedia, the understanding of bearings that are easily understood is a component as a cushion to help reduce the scratches of rotating tools on the shaft / axle, which is generally round. Bearings on the car are installed in axles and in other rotating places.

Another definition is a machine element that serves to limit the movement between 2 or more engine components to always dabble in the desired direction. Bearings keep the shaft from always rotating against the axis of the shaft, or also keep a component that is linear so that it is always in its path. Laher plays a crucial role in stacking a shaft so that the shaft can rotate without experiencing excessive friction. This component must be relatively stable and wearless, to allow the shaft and other engine elements to work properly. There are several types of bearings that are generic in use in various applications of rotating objects, including:Ball Bearing (ball laher) – usually make a rotating object that supports a light load.Cylindrical Roller Bearing (Laher Roller Cylinder) – bearings formed in the form of a slightly long cylinder, generally for equipment that supports higher loads.Needle Roller Bearing (Needle Roller Laher) – longer and thinner cylindrical bearings.Tapered Roller Bearing (Tyre Roller Laher) – a cone-shaped bearing on the cone shaft, to support heavier axial & radial loads.Round Roller Bearing (Round Roller Laher) – Round online republican bearings using outer rings & round shapes inside. These rollers are thicker in the middle & thinner at the ends.

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The types of Bearings or Laher

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Not for example, other parts components that have a use age based on time or travel lag, bearings are components that have high durability, because they are made to support the load of mounts in a rotating wheel. Bearing replacement should be done only when the performance begins to deteriorate. So to know when the right time to renew the wheel bearings, we need to know the signs of bearings or laher that are starting to have problems.

Every four-wheeled vehicle will have a bearing age that is not the same, depending on how often the car is used, how heavy the load is not infrequently carried and how powerful the metal material of the laher earlier. Some four-wheeled vehicles may need wheel bearing replacement after 100,000 km, but some can last until a travel break of up to 250,000 km even if it is sporadic. Here are some signs of problematic wheel bearings:There is a sound of desing or like grinding, because there are bearing components that are no longer the same size so that the load is no longer distributed homogeneously.The buzzing sound continues to get higher as the speed increases, this is caused by wear and tear in the bearing components.There is a squeaking or squeaking sound, it is caused by the position of the bearing that has been loose.In four-wheeled vehicles with anti-lock braking system (ABS) features, abs warning lights that turn on the other error are capable of being caused by bearings that no longer function using authenticity. This was caused by an ABS sensor connected to the bearing tone ring, as a result when the sensor cannot read the movement of the bearing, ABS will be interpreted by the computer’s personal system in a state of non-functioning normally.How to Replace Car Wheel Bearings – DIY Tips

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