Replace New Tires in the Car, Good to Install in front or rear?

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When we want to change the car tire partially, you should first bsn rear (Photo: Carmudi/Dimas)

Jakarta – Tires include fast moving components in cars. This black rubber has a maximum use age and will wear out with use. We need to replace the tires of four-wheeled vehicles if the tread is worn out or the tire age is old.

If the tread has been bald, you certainly have to change with a new one because it is related to comfort and safety of driving time. Well, what if the time changes tires but money is limited?

You can actually not change the four tire grains on the car. Alternatively, you can change a pair of tires first to save porto. Another question is, where should the new tires be installed?

The installation of these tires is related to using car control. According to experts according to tire companies, the installation of new tires must be installed on the rear wheels. This installation depends on the type of drive of the car, whether front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

The tires of four-wheeled vehicles have a heavy job of bearing the load of mounts and rotate hundreds of times every day. The tread part is exposed to poly hard surfaces and elements such as sunlight, heat, cold, chemicals and rubbing against the top of the asphalt. Installation Position When Replacing New Tires

Many types of radial type tires, choose according to your needs. Photo/GT Radial.

If installing new tires on the front wheels is obviously risky, because letting the tires on the rear wheels condition is thin. The reason is, the new tire has a very amazing waste of water.

You need to know if a four-wheeled vehicle needs the most beautiful traction on the rear wheels. Because, the front wheel can still be controlled through the steering wheel. If the rear tire is not good, the risk is even exposed to large discharge from the front wheels as a result prone to aquaplanning or slippage.

The rear tire will be overwhelmed to throw water that is run over at once plus using a water splash based on the front tire. New tires can actually complete the disposal of devolved water based on the front tire.

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If the rear tire uses a beautiful tire then the discharge when passing through the puddle is better. Symptoms of slippage can also be avoided because the tread is still thick. Installation of New Tires on the Back Avoids oversteer

Bias & Radial Car Tires (Photo: Carmudi)

The rear wheels need the most traction. Bia wears tires that have begun to bare, obviously traction is drastically reduced.

We analogize, the four tires of the car have begun to be bare, then the owner of the four-wheeled vehicle instead changed to 2 front tires first. Loss of traction or oversteer is more prone to occur in the rear wheels due to less biting tires.

The reason for car owners is to deliberately put the front tire first to be replaced for anticipation when breaking the tire. Even though the reason just now was actually not perfect.

In anticipation of a broken tire, it would be ideal that the wind pressure of all tires is in the ideal condition in sync with the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the tire is in a state of less visible wind is more at risk of breaking, even if it is a new tire. Even if the condition of the tire groove is only 20% left, it is still conducive if the air pressure in it is appropriate. Tire Rotation After Using New Tires For So Long

Bias Tire Rotation (Photo: Kiosban)

Speaking of tire requirements, then the level of tire wear is not entirely evenly distributed. So according to that, it is necessary to rotate the tire to level the level of wear. if you want to rotate do not be careless, because there are procedures.

Tire rotation needs to be done especially when facing the change of fever issue from heat to rain. The front wheels need better traction when turning, ad interim heat trend time 2 front wheels are undoubtedly quickly eroded asphalt, especially for cars with front rods.

Tire rotation is done every 10 thousand kilometers. In fact, for four-wheeled vehicles with four wheels (4WD), the rotation is accelerated to every 6 thousand kilometers. This way of rotation uses swapping positions based on all four tires from front to back crosswise.

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Tire rotation also includes spare tires when using full size types such as primary wheels. The manual also lists the rotation of 4 wheels in the car using spare tires whose dimensions are not the same, such as installed tires.

In cars whose tires have directions (directional) or writing outside and inside. The exchange is only able to front-back, unable to cross.

Rotation in tires without directional can be done crossed. That is, based on the right rear tire on the front left pair and vice versa.

Don’t forget to install the spare tire on a single shaft error for the full size type. If the first new spare tire is used, it means that it is on the front right.

Cars that use the size of the front tire that is not aligned using the rear tire, such as a sports four-wheeled vehicle does not need to rotate because it will even be dangerous. Fill The Wind With Pressure According to Manufacturer’s Recommendations

It is important to check the tire wind pressure once every 2 weeks (Photo: Yongki/Carmudi)

When you have rotated evenly, adjust the tire wind pressure again. Do not be too hard, because the slamming of four-wheeled vehicles becomes unpleasant.

The wind in the tire will serve to support the load of the four-wheeled vehicle and the load inside. Therefore, studying the wind pressure of this tire is very important, especially in traveling long distances and carrying heavy loads.

Do not be too lacking because the car becomes heavy, wasteful of fuel and at risk of breaking tires. To find out the ideal pressure, you can read on stickers that are generally pasted on the door pillars. Don’t Shine Too Often On New Car Tires Replaced

Polishing tires is beneficial to prevent the tire wall from getting brittle

Tire polish products are countless brands out there. The problem here is which maker if not has quality for tire conditions in the long run.

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It cannot be denied, poly jua brand that only makes good products for review. They don’t have consequences in the long run.

The impact or side effect of using tire polish products with tires is a question that must be asked of who created the product. Impact of Use of Polish Products in Tires

The tire polish product scenario is capable of causing tire damage, and this is really terrible. You better try using ‘natural’ tire polish products such as stale tea, rather than products that are loaded with chemicals.

For an easy way to find out the tire polish is beautiful or non-purpose, it can be seen as completed a while after the tire is polished. Bad tire polish has something in common yawning.

It can cause problems with the tire because it has the potential to cause brittleness. However, when there is no evaporation & tires are always shiny, you get the best benefits based on silicon.

There are also water-based tire polish products that are quite perfect in building shields, as well as silicone-based ones. The weakness is only during heavy rains, which may still cause the coating to disappear. How to Safely Polish Newly Replaced Car Tires

Polishing tires must be smart to determine quality polish products

Tires that are still newly replaced need to also be polished so that they look shiny and fresh. Polishing tires also aims to prevent tire walls from getting brittle due to exposure to heat. The important thing when polishing tires is that tires must be hygienic before polishing is done.

Again, you have to determine a quality product. Then you also need to have the perfect brush to clean the tires.

When using tire polish, it is recommended to apply it on a sponge and then just apply it to the tire. This way, you avoid any effect on your tires. After being polished, it undoubtedly becomes a pleasant sight that tires look always hygienic and shiny black.

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