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Posted on, JAKARTA – Buying a used four-wheeled vehicle is one of the options for residents mainly because of limited funds. With a limited allocation of funds, residents can also receive used four-wheeled vehicles using amazing specifications.

However, buying a used four-wheeled vehicle is not an easy problem if you are not careful. The reason is, because of the requirements of used cars, prospective buyers must study in detail the condition of the four-wheeled vehicle & the completeness of the vehicle file.

Prospective buyers of used cars need to be extra careful to make sure a number of things so as not to plug. Currently, there are few sellers of used four-wheeled vehicles that deceive consumers at low prices but there are many problems later on.

Here are simple tips to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle that is safe and comfortable. Ensure The Completeness of Used Car Letter

Ensuring the completeness of the used four-wheeled vehicle letter to be purchased is the first step and very crucial.  Ensuring the completeness of the vehicle letter aims to ensure that the used car to be purchased is not a stolen output car or other crimes.

There are two important letters for cars, namely Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK) & Motor Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKB). This STNK & BPKB must be ensured completeness when buying a used four-wheeled vehicle.

If the used four-wheeled vehicle to be purchased is not there is BPKB, it is possible that BPKB is still in the financing company (leasing). If the vehicle is still in credit status or in arrears, there is a possibility that the used four-wheeled vehicle purchased will be withdrawn by the debt collector.

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In fact, BPKB can be taken care of home. However, if the previous owner does not want to take care of, there is a possibility that the car is still under the condition of credit insurance.

The same thing for STNK which is a document that must always be carried when driving. If this does not exist then you must be suspicious, if the car you buy can be a stolen output car.

STNK & BPKB is proof of ownership of your mount. If it is lost it can still be taken care of, but try sine qua non one of them. The goal is to show that you are indeed the rightful owner based on the vehicle. Check Used Car Tax Status to Samsat

After the completeness of the mount letter, also check the tax status of the used car to Samsat. Tax status can also be a clue to the car is not the result of crime or vehicle theft so that it does not have complete files.

For that, do not be easily tempted using a cheap price. If you don’t have the technical expertise to evaluate the specifications of a mount such as flood marks, collisions or others, invite friends or relatives who understand the mount.

Furthermore, if you want to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle using complete documents, choose a trusted used car dealer. One of the recommended used car dealers is mobi88.

As a used car dealer, mobi88 ensures that used cars sold are not carved, flood-free, original odometers, validity and completeness of documents are guaranteed, as well as frame and engine numbers in accordance with vehicle documents.

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Currently, mobil88 also has the latest digital platform mo88i (read: mobi). You can check the stock of four-wheeled vehicles or sell cars online through this mo88i platform, because this is a digital platform managed exclusively by mobil88.

If you want to buy a used four-wheeled vehicle by way of credit, mo88i also currently provides special offers such as light installments and affordable DP, plus there are bonuses of millions of rupiah electronic money and additional personal grants.

For those of you who make purchases in cash, mo88i love additional free TLO insurance and if you want to upgrade from TLO coverage dues to All Risk mo88i love again car detailing voucher bonus worth Rp5 million.

This promo is not only valid for cash purchases, but also applies to credit purchases. Just choose which one is appropriate using your funds.

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