The dangers of damaged car wheel bearings and their characteristics

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Wheel bearings or not infrequently claimed by the wheel laher, is a crucial component that serves to make the wheel can rotate using smoothly, safely, and in sync using the speed of the mount speed setting made by the driver.

The task of bearing this wheel is very crucial, in addition to smoothing the rotation of the wheels, it must also be powered to delay the load of four-wheeled vehicles exclusively and must be strong against the collision received by the wheel when the wheel passes through potholes and uneven roads. Therefore, regular checks on the requirements of this wheel bearing must always be done to prevent the danger of the impact of damaged four-wheel bearings.

Before severe damage in bearings occurs, generally in the car there will be characteristic characteristics and signs that we can recognize due to damaged four-wheel bearings.

Well in this article ombro will reveal what are the characteristics of damaged wheel bearings, the following use the dangers of damaged four-wheel bearings that may occur if not immediately repaired. Curious, check out the info below… Characteristics of damaged car wheel bearings

Damaged car wheel bearings will generally appear signs and signs that are quite clear and can be felt based on the steering room. What are the signs / characteristics of damaged vehicle wheel bearings? Here are the characteristics that often exist when the car wheel bearing is damaged. There was a rumbling sound in the wheel.

The first sign that will be there and can be heard according to the sound of the driver’s cabin when bearing the wheel is the exit of the rumbling sound on the wheels. This rumbling sound will be heard faster as the speed of the four-wheeled vehicle increases. two. Rocking wheel & feels oblak

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The next characteristic that as a sign of damaged car wheel bearings is the wheels as rocking and feeling oblak. This will be seen when the wheel does not touch the road surface (lifted with a jack) then the tire is shaken towards the top down & right left. Tires that shake when moved in all directions indicate that the car’s wheel bearings are damaged.

Please read in the article How to check the components of the legs of the car including about how to check the laher and wheel bearings of four-wheeled vehicles that have been ombro posted before3. Uneven tire surface wear

The next sign is the uneven wear and tear on the top of the tire tread. Oblak bearings will hypnotize the corners of the steering wheel as a result of hypnotizing the tire area that treads into the road. As a result wear in the tire surface as flatless4. Alloy wheels feel hot during the four-wheeled vehicles are used

The next thing that is able to be a characteristic / bearing sign of damaged four-wheeled vehicles is the wheels of four-wheeled vehicles that feel hotter according to the general, especially in the middle of the wheels.

Although it cannot be ascertained before you check the brake conditions (stuck or not), this could arise the impact of carving wheel bearings that are increasingly often to cause heat.

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So what is the danger of damaged four-wheeled vehicle wheel bearings if the damage done to the bearing you delay the repair? Here is the impact of the danger that may occur when the wheel bearings of four-wheeled vehicles are damagedThe danger of wheel bearings of four-wheeled vehicles is damaged1. The steering wheel is less stable when driving

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Damaged wheel bearings of four-wheeled vehicles can be dangerous if not repaired immediately. One of the dangers of damaged car wheel bearings is that the steering wheel becomes less stable when driven, especially when through bumpy roads or when we will maneuver.

Steering instability can cause four-wheeled vehicles to become stretched and difficult to control so as to make it in an accident. two. Tires can erupt due to overheating

The danger of the next damaged car wheel bearing that can occur is that the tire can erupt due to overheating. Damaged car wheel bearings often become stuck.

If forced continuously, gradually there will be heat that can interfere with the components around it such as alloy wheels, brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, and until it spreads to the car tire and create a four-wheeled vehicle tire erupt. three. Brake blong

Damaged car wheel bearings can also create problematic brake conditions even blong. The heat generated by the impact of jammed bearings can affect the brake fluid contained in the brake caliper.

Hot brake fluid is able to evaporate and cause wind in the brake system. As a result, there is a vapour lock that is able to make the brakes of four-wheeled vehicles become not even blong. 4. The wheels can be detached from the car

Damaged car wheel bearings can also cause the wheels to detach from four-wheeled vehicles. Although sporadic occurs but quite reasonable because the wheel is connected privately with the hub in which there are still wheel bearings.

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Damaged wheel bearings can be detached using themselves, as a result of which the wheels are also detached based on the four-wheeled vehicle impact hub bearing that is detached and attached to the alloy wheels. 5. Damage that spreads in the legs of four-wheeled vehicles

The last thing that becomes a danger of bearing damaged four-wheeled vehicles is the occurrence of damage to the foot components of other four-wheeled vehicles such as ball joints, bushings or shockbreakers.

As a result porto restoration that you have to spend the impact of procrastinating the repair of wheel bearings of four-wheeled vehicles will become bigger and bigger.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to immediately check the foot of your car when there have been signs of damaged car wheel bearings for safety while driving and prevent swelling the cost of restoration.

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