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Greetings to our blog readers. This time we want to discuss tips or ways to sell cars.Currently, competition in the automotive industry, especially four wheels, is very tight. Therefore, you need the right ways to win the competition. Car sales are targeted every month, this results in competition between sales and sales concerned in one office.

Experience is needed in the sale of new four-wheeled vehicles therefore continuous learning is needed. High flying hours are highly expected for sales that are still new. If new sales learn continuously it is not impossible to beat senior sales. Everything is possible in the automotive world.

I am writing this based on my experience of being an Auto 2000 sales person for about 5 years. My experience of first entering global automotive is minimal. Looking at the sales board where every sale of four-wheeled vehicle units is always recorded at the sales, it is aimed rather the entire seem transparent to sales. If there are sales whose sales are still a little bit will feel challenged to increase sales. This is good feud management to spur salespeople to compete on sales.

Primary capital becomes a four-wheeled sales that is mainly a spirit & soul willing to learn. Never be afraid to try and try. The thing that worries all sales the most is lost orders. Why? Karen is generally a prospect that has been followed up for a long time if it is lost it will consume time, energy, and thoughts. Lost orders for new sales will make a down. But realize that every lost order is a valuable lesson for the continuation of your sales career.

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The thing to note in the sale of new four-wheeled vehicles is to start from yourself. Things to note are appearance, how to speak, the weight of the conversation, and the way youclosing customers.A convincing performance is needed. Karen when the customer wants to put DP is a sign so the customer must be sure of you. Because based on the experience of gw DP valid and can enter SPK ranges from 5-10 million. What is meant by a convincing appearance here is how to dress, make it a habit to make sales dressed in bright colors such as white hue, young blue, etc. If you use patterned clothes choose a pattern that is not too complicated. Avoid hyperbole accessories, for example for men just wear watches and rings (for married people), do not wear accessories such as monel bracelets or monel necklaces commonly used by rockers. Our impression as sales should look neat & clean.

Product knowledge is also very crucial so that customers are confiden for the products we will offer. We recommend that four-wheel salesrs can also drive a car so if there is a new product launched we can try it and tell potential consumers.

Now we’re in the discussion of prospects. Prospective buyers are generally called prospects. The prospects we have to look for as much as possible. We can’t choose whether it’s hot prospects or low prospects.All prospects are potentially SPK. Prospects are generally obtained from friends, relatives, or acquaintances. Prospects can also be searched from canvassing, exhibitions, advertisements or incoming phones based on the workplace.For new sales2 it’s good the first time we enter & work to be an automotive sales immediately you inform the security, relatives, relatives or anyone you know, but remember not to force them to buy, just inform that you work in a car. There are long-term or low-end prospects. Usually dealers of four-wheeled vehicles often also hold exhibition events. Usually in malls or showroom events, generally the prospects obtained from this way are prospects that have great potential to buy or called hot prospects. Because prospective buyers who have taken when to arrive at the exhibition generally have the intention to buy. I happen to be a very reliable type of sales at exhibitions (karen generally every sales person has his own skills2, some are good at exhibitions, good at canvasing or advertising masters). I was even able to predict the possibility of customers coming to the exhibition and could distinguish which one was the intention to buy or still look at it. The specific characteristics of existing customers are most likely to buy are those who arrive exhibited with their families. Because if one family arrives with the same then it will be easy for them to set a purchase. The most beautiful prospect at the exhibition is in the opening of the exhibition or the closing time of the exhibition. So if you can keep the exhibition coming at the earliest and leaving the last. I often get hot prospects or even SPK in the night before the exhibition wants to close.

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Here are tips2 or things to note when we are looking for prospects through exhibitions:1. Prepare a lot of brochures. A good brochure is generally a brochure that explains the spec according to the vehicle & don’t forget to include your price & business card. Keep your exclusive name & phone number made clear can be in the highlighter or you photocopy your name & no phone on the price list. Remember the brochure you must prepare as much as possible this is needed for you to distribute to every visitor who arrives. Because the more brochures you share, the greater the chances of you getting prospects.

two. Your physical condition is good and healthy when maintaining the exhibition. This is very expected because it is useless if you keep the exhibition but you just sit or chat using your best friend or even sleep. In maintaining the exhibition we must be aggressive and the relative spirit of prospective buyers is also affected using your spirit. Your clothes and appearance should be prepared completely for the exhibition.

three. The condition of the mount on display should be on an open code. Doors & windows should be opened throughout. This attracts visitors to approach and ask questions about the four-wheeled vehicles you sell. That way you receive prospects.

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