Types of Cars: SUV, MPV, to Station Wagon. What’s the Difference?

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The types of cars are increasingly diverse along with the development of global automotive. Usually, each type or type is named after a specific word. Some of the terms for the types of cars that are relatively often heard are SUVs, MPVs, City Cars, Hatchbacks, Sedans, and Station Wagons. You who are automotive enthusiasts may have understood the meaning of the term earlier and can easily distinguish the types of cars available. However, not all consumers have the same knowledge.

If you are among those who do not understand the meaning based on these words and have not been able to distinguish the types of four-wheeled vehicles that exist, do not be upset or worried. Caroline has summarized it in the following article so that you can help you get to know the various types of cars and determine which ones are most in sync with your interests and needs. Types of Cars: SUV

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SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. This term is used as a name for the type of four-wheeled vehicle that is a combination of Jeep, Pick Up, & Sedan. Suv type cars are usually characterized by a high ground clearance design, complete features, sturdy but soft suspension, a tough but still elegant exterior and interior, large body size and body, and a strong and large-powered engine. This kind of design and features make the SUV suitable and comfortable to carry across various terrains, both off-road and on-road. With a relatively large luggage capacity and a relative seat capacity for seven to eight people, SUVs also include a type of four-wheeled vehicle that is able to carry a lot of passengers and goods. Examples of four-wheeled VEHICLE TYPES of SUVs that may be quite familiar to you are Terios, Rush, Fortuner, or Pajero.

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MPV stands for Multi Purpose Vehicle. This type of car is claimed to use the word Multi Purpose because it has a seat with a capacity of seven seating sites that can be folded and turned into a loka to put or carry goods when they are not in use. The main function of a car that can carry many passengers and this item makes MPV also known as ‘family car’. Some popular MPV type four-wheeled vehicle models in Indonesia are Xenia, Avanza, Mobilio, and Ertiga.

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As the name implies, City Car is a word or name for a type of four-wheeled vehicle that is only suitable for use in the city. Types of urban four-wheeled vehicles are generally small in size so that they can move agilely while saving fuel. Cars like this are very useful to penetrate the requirements of traffic jams in urban areas. City Car cars can be used to travel far or out of the city, but passengers will generally feel uncomfortable and sore. The engine may also be not powerful and hot fast. Some city car models are Sirion, Brio, or Kia Morning.Hatchback

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Hatchback is the word for a sedan-like four-wheeled vehicle that has a shorter rear. In other words, hatchback is a sedan car without a ‘tail’ or ‘tail’. This type of four-wheeled vehicle is now used by the four-wheeled vehicle to enhance the design without damaging the functional side. The trunk door of a Hatchback four-wheeled vehicle can be opened upwards as a result of which it makes it easier for users to enter items into the luggage space. Although the luggage space is minimal, the baggage capacity can be large if the back bench is not used and folded. Swift, Yaris, Jazz, & Fiesta are some of the hatchback models.

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One of the most common types of cars is sedans. Sedans generally consist of 2 rows of seating lockers that can fit or have a capacity of up to five people with room for luggage or goods on the back of the vehicle, except in some four-wheeled vehicles whose engines are on the rear such as Renault Dauphine, Tetra T613, Volkswagen Type three, and Chevrolet Corvair. This type of four-wheeled vehicle is widely used as a direct mount, service vehicle, and taxi. In Indonesia itself, sedans are the fault of one type of four-wheeled vehicle that is best sold after MPV or minibus. Some sedan car models are Honda Civic, Honda City, Honda Accord, Toyota Vios, Toyota Corolla, & Toyota Camry, BMW Three & Five Series, and Audi A4 & A6. Station Wagon/Estate

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Sedan type car whose rear roof is extended to the top of the trunk is claimed with a Station Wagon. In some countries, this type of four-wheeled vehicle is also known as Estate, Kombi (in Germany), or Break (in France). In this type of car, the passenger room blends with the luggage space. The trunk door of a Four-wheeled vehicle type Station Wagon usually has a luggage door that opens upwards like a Hatchback type car, but there are also those that have a trunk door open down and ventilation that can be opened separately. When compared to using a Hatchback type car, the Station Wagon has a longer rear overhang so that the luggage space is longer and wider. That is, the baggage capacity is also greater. An example of a Station Wagon that is currently still on sale and many enthusiasts are Mazda 6 Estate.Find & Buy Used Cars You Need on Caroline

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